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We are having a small number of players starting to use names referring to the current COVID 19 crisis. I find them to be totally offensive and when people are scared of even going outside, to bring the subject to a gaming area is not on. Please be warned that anyone using such a name will be kicked and if they return and continue with it they will get official warning and then temp bans. Our servers are there to have fun, not worry.

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Wise decision. Duck, My wife and I are considered high risk. I see nothing funny about this virus. We are self quarantined. and are uncertain as to our future. Luckily, I have Ninja-Gaming and my office machine collection to keep me entertained. Thank you sir.

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Thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck
Although it might be a joke;  'you killed COVID-19' it is ok.
Problem is when the same player kills you or someone else, the joke changes to: 'killed by COVID-19'

Therefor, not allowed for me.

Thank you for bringing this on.


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