Report of RondoTheGod

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  1. Name (Their Name) :- RondoTheGod

  2. Reason :- Aimbot, harsh behavior

  3. Guid :- (To obtain guid please send a call admin)  !calladmin (hacker name) report
    I don't know their GUID but i did call an admin using the described method

  4. Proof :- Please ensure minimum 3 X evidence shots  (Please upload .dm_6 file to HERE with hacker name as the name of the file.)
    The attached file provides plenty of evidence, including aiming while in chat. He broke rules 1,2,3,5 from what i can tell, making the game unplayable. votekicks do not work for him.
    I have provided 2 files. They are not copies of eathother as the name may suggest.

    Thank you


RondoTheGod (copy).dm_6

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Hi MR_SN0WY, Welcome to the forums. 

Guid:- 466624469 (Thanks for the admin call)

Plenty of proof in the demos for aimbot. Player has been banned!

Thanks for the report. 


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