SKDM007 wh and norecoil

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WH Norecoil

!admincall for wh. I thought he looked suspect earlier so I made the first recording. SKDM007 was shooting at people and pre-aiming when they weren't visible with no recon plane. Unfortunately I didn't catch this in a recording, but it looks like he doesn't have recoil either so maybe we can get him for that instead. I recorded the second after I cam back because of the admincall. 24h temp ban.




SKDM007.dm_6SKDM007 2.dm_6

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Hi xeph

First demo didn't have much in. He was blown up constantly by noobtubes :)

Second demo however did show the no recoil. It was clearest when he used the m1 garand and unloaded a full clip. I also noticed it when he used the ppsh with apeture sight. 

I have made your ban permanent (No-Recoil).


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