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Greetings all

I would like to announce that I shall be stepping down from my position as trial administrator.

The trial period is an opportunity to assess the suitability of a person as an administrator, but it is also a time for the person to assess whether the admin responsibilities are a suitable fit for them.  In either case, I cannot claim to have discovered a perfect alignment.

I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given, and I would especially like to thank everyone that encouraged me to submit my application initially, and voiced generous support for my application.  It took me a long time between the first suggestions for me to apply initially, and my trial is only a few weeks in.  Yet this has been sufficient time to determine that i-G clan membership is not for me.

I will not be leaving the game servers altogether, I shall still be around, but I shall not be acting in any administrative capacity.  Nor will I be re-applying for clan membership at any time in the foreseeable future.  I shall continue to contribute to the betterment of i-G, in a similar way as I have previously.  I still love i-G servers and community dearly.

I sincerely hope that I am not disappointing or upsetting anyone by this decision, and I do humbly apologize to those I may have let down; but I believe this will be better option going forward.

I respectfully request to be returned to my status as an ordinary playing member on the i-G servers, and relinquish my membership to the clan.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in game.




The Moment

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You were always fair and that is an important quality for me. Best of luck. You can always come back as a gamer and you will be welcome on my team anytime.

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One more sad lost but I understand. 
You really did very well as trial member and that is very appreciated. 
I feel sorry it only last that short but I'm really happy you won't quit playing. I love the cheese guns and cheese chats.
Like i said, Hope to see you in game one of the days! You are a good bloke.
Please take care of your family and future. Take care of RedRose!


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2 hours ago, Headlice said:

Jazz, I have talked with hundreds of my fellow gamers and we have decided to bestow upon you the Ninja Meritorious Service Medal. We will miss you.


Unfortunately I cannot see the image posted; but I do appreciate the sentiments, and will perceive your comments at face value :)

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