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Servers Rules

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Here is a list of rules for while you are playing in our servers

  1. No Profanity, foul or abusive language or names. This includes all forms of sexual activities, racism or any form of hate speech.
  2. No insulting other players or making threats against them or the servers.
  3. The game must be used in its original form without hacks of any kind. This also includes no alteration by using scripts, skins or scroll binds or any other means to gain an unfair advantage.
  4. Use of permanent UAV is considered cheating and is not allowed.
  5. No spamming the chat box or complaining about others for cheating, camping or using grenade launchers. All fair styles of play are allowed. If you feel they are cheating then make a record and report them on the forums.
  6. No pretending to be an admin, moderator or donator or having any such powers.
  7. No shooting from any location where you cannot be shot back. e.g. Most undermap locations
  8. No nade switching
  9. No abusing vote kick or spectator facilities
  10. No advertising  any non I-G related internet sites or servers
  11. No hounding of other players to change weapons or bothering teammates by throwing smoke or shooting at them.
  12. No coloured names or coloured chat comments are allowed. They can slow the server.
  13. No arguing with admin decisions or interfering with their work in any way.
  14. Any player banned from any of our servers will automatically be banned from ALL of them. e.g. A COD4 ban will also apply to WAW and visa versa.
  15. Use of VPN is not permitted on our servers

These rules are subject to change at any time. Please keep up to date on the rule list. Thank you and Happy Gaming.


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