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Getting out of the map on Crash

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Despite popular belief it is possible to get out of the map on Crash.  I have done so using an old glitch referred to as an elevator.

The crouch elevators exist in several maps; just in-between where you can stand up, and where you can only be if you are crouched.

The actual sweet spot is only wafer thin, and your movements on CoD4 are comparatively coarse.


I have included here a picture of the location in Crash - on top of the dumpster.  Drawn in blue (approximated) is the wafer thin line you need to get your avatar to enable the elevator - you must be crouched to get there, but once in the exact spot you have to stand up and wait for a moment to activate the elevator.

You need to jump onto the dumpster bin, and be standing, then move forward towards the wall until you can go no further forward.

Then look directly up to the top ridge of the wall - where it meets the sky.  You are looking for the jagged edges; this is easiest if you turn the anti-aliasing setting off: (Cod4 -> Options -> Graphics -> AntiAliasing:  Off)

The jagged edge (or stair-stepping effect of the pixels trying to represent a horizontal line) is your best indication of the angle your avatar is facing compared to the wall.

When the line between the sky and the building is completely horizontal; you are exactly perpendicular to the wall.

But if you turn just a little to the right or the left (maybe 1 degree), you may get a jagged line with just one or two pixel steps.

At this point you could move left or right with normal coarse movements, but you would also be moving tiny amounts closer to or further away from the wall; because we are moving at a very slight angle to the wall.

To move in very small controlled amounts, you may also find it helpful to bind some simple left and right keys:

  • /bind KP_LEFTARROW ";+moveleft;wait 2;-moveleft"
  • /bind KP_RIGHTARROW ";+moveright;wait 2;-moveright"

These move you a fixed and very small amount to the left or right, perfect for use with a very slight angle to the wall to move towards and away from the wall in even smaller amounts.


To get into the correct spot to activate the elevator:

From on the dumpster bin, as close to the wall as you can move and facing the wall.

  1. Crouch down, turn to your right so the angle to the wall is at about 20 degrees from perpendicular.
  2. Move left using the bind (or just keys - but very short taps) so you are moving towards the wall.  Try to stand up - you are probably now prevented from standing, but if not, crouch and repeat from step 1 - adjust the angle if necessary.
  3. Adjust the angle such that your aliasing jagged edge between the sky and the wall is only a few pixel steps.
  4. Move right using the bind such that you are moving away from the wall.  Between each movement, try to stand up again.
  5. As soon as you can stand, the elevator might activate - you do not have to jump.
  6. In not adjust your angle to be even less pixel stairs (sometimes slightly more helps depending on your resolution)
  7. Crouch down, and move left using the bind. Between each movement try to stand up again.
  8. Repeat 7 until you can no longer stand up.
  9. Go back and repeat from step 3 to 8 until you either get very frustrated and bored, or until you snag an elevator ride.

This entire process can be very time consuming, and frequently unrewarding.  Even when successful and expertly executed; the manoeuvre leaves you very exposed to being killed for quite a long period of time.  The attached demo's make the elevator appear quite easy, but this is really not the case.  I only wanted to highlight that it is possible due to a glitch in the Call Of Duty engine.  The "out of map" on Crash is achievable even for mediocre player such as myself, but it will take a bit of practice.  At least you also now know how this is being done.

I have posted here a demo of player Stannis doing this twice (previously also released in the shout-box).  I asked people to let me know if they ever worked out how to actually emulate this feat.  Now that I have worked it out, I am sharing the information with everyone.

I have included a demo of myself getting out of the map on crash, and exploring potential out of map hiding places.  I have also included a video of myself executing the elevator part, with some basic instructions on what I was doing (or trying to do) at the time.




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So I have learned a little more about the elevators through experimentation and deduction, and wish to pass the knowledge along. 

First a little about Frames Per Second (FPS):

I originally suspected the FPS was important in activating the elevator glitch.  The elevator appears to work at any FPS setting; but how it works, and how easily it can be achieved depends on your current FPS setting .

You can display what FPS you are currently getting in CoD4 by running the following command at the console (use ` or ~ button to open the console):

                /cg_drawfps 1                                   (0 will turn it off again in case you don't like it yes there is a / at the start)


And you can set your FPS maximum limit to some value using the following console command:

                com_maxfps=250                                             (only certain values are valid – google for more information - no i didn't leave the / out by mistake)

Setting too high a value for your MaxFPS can cause horrible jerky disconnections all the time.  Note: this setting is a maximum FPS, whether you can achieve that many frames per second can depend upon your game settings (how much the game has to think about rendering), your connection speed, and your hardware. 

FPS is literally the number of animation frames shown on your screen per second.   The more frames, the smoother the animated image appears.  Games need to calculate what to draw to the screen for each frame. 

The frames per second is also used as a clock (of sorts), to ensure one player can't run or fall faster than another player does; regardless of their FPS setting.  The player can moves X number of unit spaces in 1 second, whether that's rendered over 50 frames, or 200 frames.  So each frame, the player moves a distance of X/FPS.  The game physics is programmed to work this way to keep things fair.

So why am I talking about FPS?

When you stand up inside of the wafer thin wall element (the exact same x and y co-ordinates as the wall), the elevator glitch lifts you up a little bit each frame.  Remember the elevator is a glitch in the game; so it is not bound by the intended game physics, and it does not operate fairly or at the same speed for all FPS settings.  So a little bit of lift each frame at 250 FPS, lifts you up much faster than the same little bit of lift each frame at 100 FPS. 

attached is a brief video of me performing the elevator at different FPS settings.  For comparison, all elevators are initiated at approximately the same time. 



At 333 FPS, it appears to take just over 3 seconds to get to the very top, at 90 FPS it takes over 10 seconds.  I therefore conclude the elevator consists of approximately 900 - 1200 little bits of lift.  (FPS * time - which appears to hold approximately true for the inaccurate timings I have measured).  I also tried one at 10 FPS, and it was painful to watch.

The FPS setting has another impact which I will explain now.  As already mentioned; the game physics keeps movements consistent regardless of your FPS setting.  So when you hold the "W" key down for a certain time, you move forward a fixed amount.  When you bind a few commands into a single key, a rather important command is the "wait" instruction.  The "wait" instruction pauses for a single frame, before continuing with the next instruction.   Since it pauses for a frame (instead of a time interval), then how long this "wait" command takes is dependent on your current FPS.

Consider a bind statement like:

                /bind [ ";+moveleft;wait;-moveleft;"

Which literally translates to:  When I press the "[" key: start moving left, then wait for 1 frame, then stop moving left.  (so it moves a tiny bit to the left)

Now this is dependent on the Frames Per Second as to how far it moves to the left.  At a very high FPS, you only move a short distance, because the time interval for each frame is very small (1/333 of a second at 333 FPS).  At a very low FPS, you move further because the time interval is large (1/50 of a second at 50 FPS);  the equivalent of holding the "A" key down for longer before you release it.

So our bind statements to move a little left and a little right look exactly the same, however the movements are ever so much more refined at higher FPS.  Refined movements make it easier to not skip past that critical point at which you activate the elevator by standing up inside of the wall element.

I have observed the elevator glitch is significantly easier to activate when your FPS is around 250, than at 90, because of these more refined movements.  At 333 FPS it is as easy as 250, perhaps even easier; however my hardware starts to experience disconnection problems at 333 and higher FPS settings. 


Why the elevator works at all:

Sometimes the ceiling would prevent you standing up inside a wall, as it would be blocked - depending on which surface overlaps the other:


My theory is that the wall surfaces only block you against the face of the wall.  So when the ceiling butts up to the bottom of the wall, you cannot stand up inside of the wall, because the face of the ceiling would prevent it. 

Many early jump and run platform style games would include some code to automatically move your character up a little bit if the game detected they were inside a floor element.  It's less drastic than making them drop down into the lava, or getting them stuck inside the floor; it is a common shortcut in the logic behind the game physics.  I believe CoD4 would include similar code to prevent you falling out of the map whenever the programmers had odd problems in the geometry of their map elements.  This same logic may be what activates the elevator, and may explain why you get multiple little bits of lift.

In certain cases, the wall is only "painted" up to the height of the building, but the wall surface plane extends above that (like an invisible pane of glass) to the top of the map.  This is why you cannot jump past that point normally.  This is why the elevator carries you up to the very top of the map (when you are in the glitch spot).  This is why you shouldn't move once you get in the elevator (although spinning around is ok).  This is why you have something to stand on when you reach the top.  You can actually walk on the walls top glass lines once you are up there (be careful - it's thin and invisible).  See attached demo of me getting to a tricky to reach building by balancing on the invisible walls at the top of the map (sorry its a little painful to watch).

walking on walls.dm_1

Enough Theory: how do I use this?" 

Set your FPS to 250 or 333:


Configure these 2 binds:

/bind [ "gocrouch;+moveleft;wait 2;-moveleft;+moveup;wait 2;-moveup;"

                /bind ] "gocrouch;+moveright;wait 2;-moveright;+moveup;wait 2;-moveup;"


gocrouch;            crouch down (if not already crouched)

+moveleft;         start moving left (or right)

wait 2;                  wait for 2 frames (however long that is in seconds depends on your FPS see above)

-moveright;        stop moving left (or right)

wait 2;                  wait for 2 frames

+moveup;wait 2;-moveup;          start standing up, wait a bit, stop standing up (a moveup when you are already standing will cause you to jump, this is why we crouch initially - just in case)

 How to use these binds:

You can use these same binds to get under the lip of the ceiling initially (as well as executing the elevator). 

  • When you are on the bin, face the wall, and press "W" to move towards the wall until you are stopped. 
  • Turn left about 30-45 degrees from the wall (towards the blue room)
  • then use the "]" key to crouch, and hopefully move just under the wall before you stand again.
  • If it fails on the first press (and it always does for me) just press "]" a few times.
  • As soon as you get under the ceiling (you fail to stand up again). 

It usually takes me 5-8 teabags before I get under the ceiling.  If you consider this to be too inefficient, you can make up another bind, or just perform the maneuver manually.  I find this method works well enough for me.  So if you see me tea-bagging on the bin, I'm trying to get under the lip of the ceiling.

The Elevator:

  • Then change your angle to be very slightly off perpendicular with the wall (just a few jagged edges in the line),
  • then use the "[" or "]" keys until you either get an elevator, or stand up.
  • If you don't get it, try it again;- it gets easier with practice. 

These 2 binds are pretty much all I use in order to execute the elevator successfully.  They will work to an extent at any FPS setting, but I highly recommend 250 FPS if you can.  You should also google how to get your MaxFPS up, there is a lot of prettiness you can turn off in CoD4 to get this FPS higher.  If you cannot get your FPS stable above 100, you might need to change the “wait 2” into a “wait” in the above binds.  This will move half the distance which may help you not to miss that critical lift point. 

Here is a handy bonus bind that lets you quickly change what FPS setting you are using just by pressing the "=" key.  It switches between a number of different FPS settings - be sure to add your own favorite and most playable and stable max FPS value to the list of numbers.  The less numbers you have in the list, the easier it will be to get back to your optimal playing FPS.

                /bind = "toggle com_maxfps 125 250 333"

You could use this is your hardware simply can’t play properly at high FPS, or if your elevators are too slow – once you are in them you can speed up, and then go back to normal quickly afterwards.  I leave mine at 250 now, but this bind has been handy during testing.

Executive summary:

Set your MaxFPS to something high - it makes the elevator faster and easier to execute with binds.


Final notes:

If you are concerned about dying a lot, the elevator may not be suitable for you.  This is a dangerous operation, and rather tricky to execute successfully, even when nobody is shooting at you.  There are lots of places you can fall to your death, and there are some places you can get stuck.  There's also quite a few hiding places you can go to; including some buildings you can see out but cannot be seen - like out of map on Bog and Vacant.  There is no-where I have found that you can get back into the map (without dying).


Disclaimer: Regarding entire post

Much of the information contained in this article is based on guesswork, deduction, and experimentation.  It is correct to the best of my ability


Sorry that was so lengthy; but you now have most of my knowledge (and lots of my ramblings) regarding this glitch.

Good luck.  I hope to see some other players abusing this glitch at some stage in the future.


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learn something new.  would have been nice to have the video already converted and on youtube or something?  many servers do not allow glitches to be used.  I know you cant get out with just jumps at least not that I know of.  have seen a few out of the map on another server but that was them using ufo (no clipping). 

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1 hour ago, cad80_99 said:

would have been nice to have the video already converted and on youtube or something?

I uploaded this to youtube to make it easier for everyone to view.

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