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i would be honored to be considered for the position of administrator. 

I have listened to all of your advice and have been patiently waiting to reapply. 

I’ve had a rough couple months and would pleased to be an admin in your gaming server. 

I would like to thank all of you for your time and consideration in this matter


with love,


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Guest RaG3

Your abuse last time was completely out of this world.

Even after I personally went out of my way to try and give you advice, you went and abused some of our admins. 

You abused players constantly on our servers, and even went out of your way to try and get people to vote for your application while in game.

Unfortunately for you, the person you were talking to was an undercover admin, receiving all your abusive messages about our admins, while you were trying to advertise your application.

Until I see proof of an improvement in respect, responsibility and maturity, I refuse to give my +1.

If you want to be considered at all, I also strongly suggest placing some player reports.


I currently have no vote, except am leaning towards a -1 due to previous actions and responses to our staff.

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It was only a couple of months ago that due to your attitude, your application was denied. Since that time we have seen nothing of you and therefore no evidence of an improved attitude or that you have submitted any reports etc. Application denied.

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