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Found 2 results

  1. Name: SOY ECUATORIANO (That is the name if I am not mistaken) GUID: Idk Banning Admin: I do not remenber Admin’s Reason for Ban: I don't remember what happened, that was almost a year ago. Your Side of the Story: I was expelled 1 year ago if I am not mistaken, I do not remember the reason, and a month ago I returned to this of Cod4 and, as I always liked their servers, I decided to make this appeal to see if after months I could return to their servers, I know I have a past not very beautiful on their servers due to my bad behavior, but the truth is that if I ask you to accept me again on your servers, I miss them a lot) Thank you, I await your response and whatever you decide I will accept Regards.
  2. I do not understand why they forbade Bryanecuador (My brother) and Mateo___Chavez my friend? for the reason of amboit? is really know that we never use hacks I do not understand I demand an explanation with all the respect that all the ADMINS deserve I need a quick answer since I can not even play on the server because all three of us use the same Guid in the game please wait for the answer THANK YOU !!.