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  1. Name Scott Age 45 InGame Name SMITTY68129 GUID 22a30f24ad87c62f4f5e0f32240f90fe Past/Current Clans None References I am not really sure who might be. I am going to say Ozzy since he may know the best and the worst? Starburst to whomever is willing. Actually @i-G.Charlie is probably the one I have seen and remember the longest here. Years it feels like. Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies I love all things that fly. My InGame name is my name with the tail of the first airplane I ever flew. I love chess. I built the machine for the Man vs. Machine challenge in NY against Garry Kasporov. (It was a tie). All of the prep for the first live stream of a chess game on a major network and I got to be a hero for...... ? moving a mouse after the developers forgot to turn off hibernate and the engine thought for over 15 minutes. Oh well. Reason for Wanting to Join Other than my modesty coupled with my brutal honesty, I am a pretty decent guy who generally sees the picture. (of me getting shot) Games Applying for (WaW/COD4) COD4