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  1. GEDAS? only 1 guys play for lituan LT and arditi time and linkesoap is geadas and banevader
  2. small demo, neex time more record ad -talk. It needs something else, the administrator can see it, I see that of course, but few tests, I would like it to be more demonstration time. wh positiv for me ty yolomonkey
  3. quiero matar jugadores buenos, últimamente muchos novatos aburre el no tener un buen contrincante espero que se de bien el torneo y no voy a traducir nada, vosotros no traducen para mi , si alguien dispara a mi madre y a mi hermana campera, ese debo ser yo... de lo contrario CORRERÁ SANGRE mucha sangre
  4. that guid ... I think we all have in one way or another received an insult from the best known as Mortal ... this player my last encounter what he did was a nadeswtich 2 deaths before my nuke, anyway that gives me igal, and is something not allowed then at the end of the map says gay JAVI, as he usually call almost everyone, I think more than a temp ban ban, and whenever we find another gid do, is a player not happy from my point of view ese guid... creo que todos hemos de una u otra manera recibido un insulto de el mejor conocido como Mortal... este jugador mi ultimo encuentro lo
  5. si hay que matar, estoy disponible :)=
  6. entiendo tu partida del clan sabes que siempre estaremos en contacto hermana, los mejores deseos a ti, yo muchas veces me he sentido asi, pero recuerdo que mas que un clan son mis únicas amistades mi segunda familia, se que puedo tener poca vida real social, entre el trabajo y la familia que va creciendo puede que me ausente un poco pero siempre estare por aquí y para ti que sepas que siempre siempre estaré te quiero hermana y tus metas sean cumplidas una tras otra
  7. I dnt hace clar shoot wh but eyes in victor i tink same player snipe. Mune hex chen ip and register
  8. All demos uploads i need another links mybe tmorrow. Now wizz sleeping 100 years or mybe only 4 hoyr muajajaja
  9. No tengo traductor disponible. Pienso y he dado seguimiento a victor hace dos dias y estoy seguro almenos a un 99.9 porcierto que es wh y otro 99.9prciento que es snipe. Jugador a quien hice ban la semana pasada es necesario un master admin para verificar alias e IP. Jugador desde trinidad h tobago pd: tengo porlomenos 6 demos de mapas completos para su juicio. Bad traslate I think and I have followed up with victor two days ago and I am sure at least 99.9 porcierto that is wh and another 99.9prciento that is snipe. Player who I made last week i
  10. It was at the time of his time online for the wanr, which was announced for his name to change, he simply was not right and said he was drunk at the time, then said some things I did not understand well, is when lucky Told him to change his name that only takes care of its language, as it says to everyone that it can be bad or abusive sea, obvious by the presence of minors in the game, the rules of hay are clear from our server And in my aspect the player Deserved a 3 warn, so that he rests a little and thinks things well, if an administrator of the data that favors the name change, and you do
  11. Player's In-Game name: Teek`y Player's @UID/GUID: 510b0142 Reason: Wallhack Server: HighJump TDM Proof: teeky_2.dm_1 teeky_1_dm_1.8d7121bfc206b4a40b3ba4c22413c6fb teeky.dm_1
  12. she is my mom too and go to game for kill u hahaha