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  1. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    It is now that I have graced it with my presence. ;o)?
  2. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    I just want to say "Wow" Thanks to you all, and a special thank you to RRose for the information. We have had a large amount of snow here in BC Canada (Probably not a lot compared to other cities, but......) and because of that and the fact I work for the school district, I have been out at 3am until 3:30 pm clearing snow at our schools. I'm exhausted, and have not had any time in the last week to be on. I believe this is about to change as the thaw cometh! Again, thanks to you all for the warm welcome, and I am in the process of reading and re reading the information I have been given and will log in today to activate my self as a trail admin. I hope I serve well and make you all glad of your decision. Thanks. Paul.
  3. i-G.BiggiE

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    That's one lucky Monkey!!!
  4. i-G.BiggiE


    Name :- YoBoi GUID :- 784540d2 Possible Aim/wall Hacks Uploaded and attached There was a lot of noise in the server about this guy, so I recorded and reported, I'm not sure, a few very suspect shots..... please, I ask your opinions! 784540d2_dm_1.c5cf07cd8555d3df5933fc96e9ccc26b
  5. i-G.BiggiE

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    Such a fantastic ambassador. You get a plus 1!
  6. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    If I may ask, what surprises you about my solicitation? In all honesty, I was surprised my self, and hovered over the submit button for quite some time. I even left it for a day and came back after thinking about it. As I stated above, SOB clan almost did me in for clans, {GITS} was a family of older Gents, most have passed away now, and I mourned the disbanding of that clan. {GITS} was a crouch, stealth server (Oh how different from i-G) and a few of the origination gents still play world of tanks and still host a web page, however, it is seldom visited or managed. I still miss my first clan. {GITS} "We crouch because we have to..."
  7. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    Fuggle Hop New Zealand grown UK aroma cultivar with mild fruit “herbal/woody” characters (6.0-6.4 %AA) Breeding: Fuggle Hops were a cornerstone for English brewing during the late 1800's and early 1900's. In 1861, Richard Fuggle selected this variety as a seedling and later introduced it into commerce in the county of Kent in 1875 under his own name. Fuggle is arguably the most famous traditional English aroma variety and it is now grown in the UK, US, NZ and parts of Europe. The high Alpha Acid of this hop lends a lot aroma to the beer with classic British herbal/woody flavoring notes.
  8. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    I was also banned when {SOB}Maskedman whined continuously about me killing him! Then Lunar apologized and reinstated me. That's when I drew the line and left for good.I have been hesitant to join a clan ever since....... Until now.......
  9. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    I love all IPA's, I was 11 when I moved from England to Canada, so I only got to savor the English hop later in life. But I must be honest, I love NA west coast IPA. New Zealand is producing some world class hops too I might add.
  10. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    I was {SOB}Buzzhard, Lunar and I had a clash of ?views? he was the sole reason for the demise of SOB! (imho).
  11. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    I have played, its just not a go to.... Not sure why.
  12. i-G.BiggiE

    BiggiE's App.

    Paul 50 BiggiE 96d71cb6 {GITS}Call of Duty and Black Ops series, (SOB)Call of Duty and Black Ops series, {RIP}Call of Duty and Black Ops series. These clans faded and dispersed. RedRose knows me quite well, I believe the whole COD high jump crew know me, no real references... I have been an electrician since I was 17, I now work for the School District as an Electronics Foreman. I have built every computer I owned since my Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64. I repair cell phones, laptops, ipads etc, just for the fun of it. I have THE best dog in the universe, Hunter! He's a re/blue hearler mix, sharp as a tack, stubborn as a mule. I love sitting around the fire in my back yard quaffing Local Craft IPA's. I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. I have been contemplating this for a year or so now as I have played here for years and donated for almost as long. Its practically the only server I play on and really like the people who frequent the server and enjoy the rules you play by. I have a decent eye for the hackers and just feel I would like to belong to the family in whatever way I may be able to contribute. Games Applying for COD4, although I have WAW, but don't play very often at all, not even sure why???
  13. i-G.BiggiE

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    Congrats Zig!
  14. i-G.BiggiE

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    Pictures of the fire and the beer would be nice!!!
  15. i-G.BiggiE

    /BHE walling

    Name /BHE Wall hack aim bot GUID 8e7ed6d6 8e7ed6d6.dm_1