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  1. Name VFX GUID dfe0679c Reason Possible Cheat Proof Uploaded and attached Would like some opinions on this. I feel there is a little more than luck involved. dfe0679c_VFX_dm_1.8d6bc498774eeb58d619c9d1585f7918
  2. i-G.BiggiE

    Ban Appeal

    I see demo 2 and 3 are pretty much the same. I have watched demo one (no number in brackets) before and have commented on this video. In Demo One I see no evidence of wall hack, I see every kill moose make and some he missed, I again found myself telling him to turn in the direction of sound, but he doesn't, guess his sound is stereo only. Throughout demo one moose is texting with that annoying The Weekend, a player who likes to spam the chat with nonsense, and misses obvious kills due to his slow typing skills (I cannot bash him as my typing SUCKS). Demo two and three in Crossfire, again, IMHO, show zero evidence of walling. I see enemies running past windows to pop out at exits, I see people kneeling in nooks when he jumps, I see all of his kills but no evidence of a wall hack. When he is hiding at the top of the stairs and gets three or so kills in a row, I see them all, this is where Orion states "See that one?" even here I see no evidence of walling, or any type of tracing or pre aiming or anything. He gets his ass handed to him by knucklehead and -cro- for most of that demo with kills on moose coming from them that I was surprised by. Anyway, these demos, again, IMHO, show that moose is clean, and a slow typer with stereo sound. Looking forward to hearing others opinions.
  3. i-G.BiggiE

    Ban Appeal

    Are we to comment here with our opinions?
  4. They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted; They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  5. Great Re-Intro! Thanks for sharing Hexenx! See you in game, unless you see me first!
  6. Im not too much of an outta map kinda guy, I'm more of a tube fanatic (Addict)(Abuser)
  7. Unless I have the Youtube video on my other screen, I have trouble remembering which way to go, then my ADHD kicks in and I get sidetracked by shiny things....SQUIRREL!
  8. i-G.BiggiE


    Sad to see admins leaving as I am just joining. Can't help but wonder.... What fun have I missed?
  9. I can't memorize the invisible jump spots.
  10. i-G.BiggiE

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    S3q was getting fed up with him, but I wanted to stay quiet and watch the whole match! There were 4 minutes left when ZnoyK said ..."to hell with it!" and blatantly shot S3 in the building, lol..... not in S3's building, no, he shot S3 in the face!!!!.
  11. i-G.BiggiE

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    Here is a clip of the one that proved it to me. IMG_2429.MOV
  12. i-G.BiggiE

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    Name [AZK] Znoyk GUID bdcd6b78 Reason Wall Hack Proof Uploaded Watched this guy for a round and a half. I have lots of time references for suspected hack kills, but the one with 4 minutes to go when he lines up on S3 in the offmap building and kills him is his biggest slip. Your Opinions please! I temp banned him in the meantime. bdcd6b78_[AZK]_Znoyk_dm_1.d2839c3426d4a118ba992a663239e2e9
  13. I just want to add. Lisa, you are not a pleasant person to play with or against, you complain about peoples playing style, you berate people for using certain weapons and are just generally rude. People come to this server to have fun, to forget about their worries and family concerns, people don't want to be ragged on by some one who feels their opinion is the only one that matters, that the way they play is the best way. You should follow what I am sure your mother used to tell you, if you have nothing nice to say...... hold your tongue. And you have my words..... everyone that cheats says the exact same thing you say!
  14. This is a BIGgiE (see what I did there) +1 from me, Jo will be an excellent member!