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  1. I just want to add. Lisa, you are not a pleasant person to play with or against, you complain about peoples playing style, you berate people for using certain weapons and are just generally rude. People come to this server to have fun, to forget about their worries and family concerns, people don't want to be ragged on by some one who feels their opinion is the only one that matters, that the way they play is the best way. You should follow what I am sure your mother used to tell you, if you have nothing nice to say...... hold your tongue. And you have my words..... everyone that cheats says the exact same thing you say!
  2. This is a BIGgiE (see what I did there) +1 from me, Jo will be an excellent member!
  3. As you can see in the demo, Mr. Peter Wiggin is his usual friendly self.
  4. Name :- Omg GUID :- ee801fb0 Reason:- blatant hack WH and Aim Bot Proof Uploaded This guy was asked to turn off the hack, and laughed it off. ee801fb0 Omg.dm_1
  5. Welcome Kill'em, always enjoy playing in game with you.
  6. Welcome aboard Smitty, hey I found out why that monkey was being spanked.......
  7. My daughter is enrolled in UBC here in Canada to become either a Psychologist or a History teacher. (first year, so it may change)
  8. Jo, you have schooled me many times in the art of killing your fellow COD player, so as a teacher you are first rate! ;o) Your introduction was beautiful and I enjoyed finding out more about you, Thank you. I remember when the servers were so full we waited.... the halcyon days.... Also, I am familiar with the Seyit of which you speak, I heard we are not supposed to utter his name for fear of him showing up and slicing and dicing us..... Thanks again Jo, great intro! Jo7....... "Since a few months i’m studying the art of knifing at Seyit University ! I really love this server because it’s like a family with a very good state of mind ! Let’s see you and knife you in game ! 😉" Ain't we all??? ^^
  9. i-G.BiggiE

    Your_Father wh

    no doubt in my mind. wall hack for sure.
  10. i-G.BiggiE


    Hello, welcome to NiNJA-Gaming. Please, Enjoy the experience.
  11. The kill on Trampero after jumping from the attic of the house was the only really suspicious shot, it did seem he knew to look there. But I don't see enough for a ban.
  12. i-G.BiggiE

    grogan wh

    There are two times when Grogan is in the dome, and then on the dome, where he looks right at Peppers - through a building! I only see the two obvious errors in concealing the use of the hack.
  13. Senses tingled, especially the Trump kill, however not enough for a ban.