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  1. Biggie

    Those quotes at the end of the maps

    When Mr. Hand Grenade's pin is pulled..... He is NOT our friend!!
  2. Biggie


    I concur, he was not proficient with his hack, or was trying really hard to look legit. It was the one time he killed me through the wall that piqued my interest, but he never repeated the act.
  3. Biggie


    Very rude abusive player. 9cb9e561 Uploaded proof
  4. Biggie


    Name Stwongbad GUID f1d430ab shadow of a doubt Proof Uploaded At the beginning of the round I was shot through a wall and the kill cam showed this player turning to the wall and shooting through it. I went to spectated, started recording, and watched. There are times I see the player look at walls, but not shoot, then waiting for the body to appear. After I started recording, I did not see blatant walling, but......... Please, let me know what you think! f1d430ab_dm_1.02ca2bd989441fd0c30cc496dccf193f
  5. Biggie


    Its Nado or Grill? bb26946f bb26946f.dm_1
  6. Biggie


    I knew from the second i was tracked through a wall it wasn't you Buck. I keep a fairly detailed excel sheet of most everyone and their GUID for these kinds of happenings. Just yanking yer chain.
  7. Biggie


    Buck McFate 7608b088 uploaded High Jump TDM 7608b088.dm_1
  8. Biggie

    the best

    Same Guy here but later on 737bc6e1.dm_1
  9. Biggie


    C0ounter 737bc6e1 Multi Hack Uploaded 737bc6e1.dm_1
  10. Biggie


    Never mind, got my DEMO's mixed up.....
  11. Biggie


    C0ntrol 81be0e7b Multi Hack
  12. Biggie

    the best

    It's unfortunate, the GUID was changed repeatedly. The name, the GUID were changed at will, he got kicked and re kicked, temp banned only to come right back with anoher name and GUID. He was speaking through NADORIX_CONSOLE_CHAT. But hey, the DEMO doesn't show that. Sorry.He was on for ages, mocking the server.
  13. Biggie


    His Guid changed constantly
  14. Biggie

    the best

    This was at the start of a Nado episode. Prolly was him.
  15. Biggie

    the best

    the best 1e0b5c39 proof uploaded TDM High Jump 2pm Pacific 1e0b5c39.dm_1