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  1. i-G.Charlie

    aimbot: lokost

    I agree there is not enough here to ban but one to keep an eye on for sure. Locked and moved.
  2. i-G.Charlie

    gugal aimbot

    Locked and moved
  3. Yeah, he must have missed that post. Anyway, does COD4 run smoothly using Parallels? I have not considered that since I do not use that program currently and I am not looking to upgrade to Catalina. Mojave works for me so I am sticking with that for some time. I do not trust Apple to roll out a new OS without it having significant bugs in it.
  4. Oh no! Hopefully you are backing up to an external drive with Time Machine. If so, go back to Mojave. Cheers!
  5. i-G.Charlie

    Clan Application

    Well, well...if you are the son of Leon then that is a big + in my book! However, submit some reports, be active on the forums and your patience will be rewarded as we do have a process to become an admin. Seeing as you just joined the forum on Tuesday, we would like to get to know you better. I look forward to playing with you in game and I apologize ahead of time for what my knife will do to you.
  6. i-G.Charlie


    Obviously using cheats. I will ban. If this is a spoofed GUID of an innocent player, we will correct that on the back end.
  7. i-G.Charlie

    Opinions on Rex

    and this one...very fishy. da6f2f8d-2_dm_1.3ee71a21543625ee2d7a2786fab02f34
  8. i-G.Charlie

    Opinions on Rex

    WH? GUID da6f2f8d Demo was posted and placed here... da6f2f8d.dm_1
  9. i-G.Charlie

    gerc aimbot and wh on TDM

    locked and moved
  10. i-G.Charlie

    TeamSpeak3 server

    My thoughts exactly!!! Does that mean I can delete the app off of my phone now? LOL...
  11. i-G.Charlie

    TeamSpeak3 server

    I am unable to connect on my iPhone.
  12. i-G.Charlie

    infinity clan application

    Welcome aboard TheMoment.
  13. Yes, I will try it. I will have to certainly active many binds but it has been so long since I have done any I'll have to look that up. So this does work although I have not been able to get the light grid working yet...
  14. i-G.Charlie

    infinity clan application

    easy... +1