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  1. Does this count? Lucky can tell us more about this... Geirangerfjord
  2. Zig, I am saying the same thing. Where is everyone? I am in the USA but in early morning every day, afternoon on weekends and most nights, the server is dead.
  3. I have not heard that glitch with Mac but it is common with Windows.
  4. More dead Freds....shotty battle.
  5. Jo, I am shocked!!! I thought your knife was clean all of this time...
  6. A long demo...at first I was not so impressed but after two suspicious kills on 50 year-old then a quick suspicious kill on primo things got loose after he paused for a bit prior to starting to play again. After that point he had several suspicious kills. I agree he is using wall hack. Interested to hear other opinions.
  7. i-G.Charlie

    Ban Appeal

    First off, I have posted but not banned this player previously for suspicious gameplay. It is odd to me that his gameplay changes a good bit at times when I have watched him play. We have had comments and discussion regarding this player in a post I made earlier this year. As for these demos, the pipeline demo is most notable in my eyes for the fantastic hip fire accuracy using different guns. At times I use the SAW (when necessary) and I cannot seem to hit something that is right in front of me as I spray bullets far and wide of the target. He seems to hit targets with ease using dif
  8. 4 Dead Freds...knife battle
  9. ROSIE! Happy birthday. Yes, knives down today...perhaps I'll just run up to you and lay down...
  10. Gonna miss you Mars. Be sure Duck sends you that final admin check before you leave for good...LOL
  11. Yeah, Pollo plays on his Mac but not using Windows. I was just curious if anyone does use a Mac to game and does their gaming using Boot Camp. Thanks Leon.
  12. I am curious to know if any of you game on a Mac using Boot Camp to run Windows. Any suggestions? My son is looking to perhaps get a used iMac to use but would install Windows on it to do some gaming with boot camp. Not sure what to tell him with regards to which video cards to avoid or which would be preferred. Thanks for any insights you all may have.