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  1. Jo...congrats! To put things into perspective, when I applied for admin, it took over three months for me to become an admin. It took you one day!
  2. Well this is easy. +1 from me.
  3. Very nice post. It is great to learn more about you as we have player in there server many times. Ah, yes you certainly are the apprentice of Sir Seyit in the art of knifing. Thanks for the post and keep chasing your dreams of being a teacher!
  4. Just a thought but I would love to see you apply to be a clan member,  I have enjoyed playing with you on the server and see that you have submitted many reports of hackers.  It was especially good when we played recently and it was me against you and Seyitonbasi in the knife fight!  I appreciate your efforts.  Cheers!

    1. i-G.Jo7


      Hey @i-G.Charlie !

      Thank you very much for this message ! It took a long time for me to understand how to record in game (not so good in computer science and english computer science lol) but now i’m fully operational ! I’m just finishing a post to introduce myself. @i-G.RedRose talked with me about applying to be clan member a few weeks ago if i continue my hacker hunting ! I didn’t really know when i can apply but your message helped me ! It would be a pleasure to contribute to keep this server great !
      Ahah i’m studying the art of knifing with Sir @Seyit the best teacher !

  5. Agreed. This appears to be WH. Thanks!
  6. A Big +1 from me for BiggiE
  7. Yes, Bob does get recorded now and then but I do not see any WH here. It is just Bob being Bob....
  8. I am really only kidding...what I used to use them I am sure I annoyed others. They are OP!
  9. +1 for the application -1 for the annoying overuse of vip nades...