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  1. i-G.Charlie

    Clan Application

    Well, well...if you are the son of Leon then that is a big + in my book! However, submit some reports, be active on the forums and your patience will be rewarded as we do have a process to become an admin. Seeing as you just joined the forum on Tuesday, we would like to get to know you better. I look forward to playing with you in game and I apologize ahead of time for what my knife will do to you.
  2. i-G.Charlie


    Obviously using cheats. I will ban. If this is a spoofed GUID of an innocent player, we will correct that on the back end.
  3. i-G.Charlie

    Opinions on Rex

    and this one...very fishy. da6f2f8d-2_dm_1.3ee71a21543625ee2d7a2786fab02f34
  4. i-G.Charlie

    Opinions on Rex

    WH? GUID da6f2f8d Demo was posted and placed here... da6f2f8d.dm_1
  5. i-G.Charlie

    Banned for Grill?

    locked and moved
  6. i-G.Charlie

    gerc aimbot and wh on TDM

    locked and moved
  7. i-G.Charlie

    TeamSpeak3 server

    My thoughts exactly!!! Does that mean I can delete the app off of my phone now? LOL...
  8. i-G.Charlie

    TeamSpeak3 server

    I am unable to connect on my iPhone.
  9. i-G.Charlie

    infinity clan application

    Welcome aboard TheMoment.
  10. Yes, I will try it. I will have to certainly active many binds but it has been so long since I have done any I'll have to look that up. So this does work although I have not been able to get the light grid working yet...
  11. i-G.Charlie

    infinity clan application

    easy... +1
  12. You are a GENIUS!!! Fantastic info to know. Who knew? Opens up demo viewing wizardry to us mere Mac people who are not into video editing. Thanks!
  13. i-G.Charlie

    Ban Appeal Notti

    by the way, we all love killing pollo!
  14. i-G.Charlie

    Ban Appeal Notti

    Ok. I have watched this again. I do see where the first two suspicious kills could have been seen immediately prior to the kill. I agree with Samma's assessment of Kill 2 in particular. As i go through it again, what it more apparent is that he gets killed by player that should not have killed him if he had WH. Thus I must correct my opinion to no WH. My vote would be to lift the ban. I must admit that your reflexes are quite good at times and can see your statement about your being banned before for your play style. The last thing is I must disagree with your statement that our server is a "decent one". It is the best!
  15. i-G.Charlie

    Ban Appeal Notti

    Interesting demo. I like the touch with the suspicious kills being called out as they occur. Aside from that, the first two kills I agree are suspicious. I also concur that the third is suspicious as well. In my opinion, I think the ban should stay. I think he was using WH but not necessarily aim assist as I did see many occasions where multiple shots were fired to achieve a kill. Just my two cents...