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  1. Gotta love it when an "Introduce Yourself" turns in to a tech support call. 🤣 @Jo7 I share your aversion to long distance flights! Going across to NZ and back is OK but both the times I went on a long flight to US it was a miserable journey. 🙁 @i-G.RedRose Looks like you're heading off at the same time I'm going across the Tasman to NZ with Mrs. Spod. My 40 year school reunion! Woo hoo! Gotta get my 1980's hairdo organised!
  2. Bonjour et bienvenue Jo7! Merci beaucoup pour l'introduction! I would love to get to Europe, especially France (wouldn't want to waste 7 years of learning French!). Sadly I seem to be stuck at the antipodes so I may never get a chance to pop in and say hello! If you head to Australia feel free to come herefor a cuppa but leave the bombard behind please because I don't think my wife would appreciate it! 🤣 My son who is 21 finished his two education degrees last year, one of which is history which he loves. He started teaching at a high school this year but he has found it very tough though. He is a teacher who is teaching children that are only 5 years younger than hime and it is causing unexpected mixed emotions and he may decide to take a different course in his life. I am terrible at knifing so I look forwarded to being savagely mauled in the future. Cheers!
  3. It runs extremely well. Parallels gives access to the 3D Hardware and it runs smoothly. I allow Parallels to have access to 2 of the 4 processor cores and bearing in mind its a game from last decade it is just perfect. The other 2 processor cores easily maintain all the background activity for the rest of the macOS. 32GB RAM gives it all plenty of room to work. I have been running Catalina beta's on my laptop separately from my iMac and the latest releases are quashing the bugs quite well. Lazy developers are whining a bit but they were given plenty of warning. It's a big change Apple has made to give themselves the 'cleanest' and subsequently most efficient commercial operating system for the next 5-10 years. This new efficiency greatly helps many programs but even more so apps like Parallels because there is less overhead in macOS which means more CPU cycles are available to the virtual machines. In the next month or so I bite the bullet and migrate. A big change but as I mentioned, my COD 4 is working well in the Windows 10 virtual machine. (Actually I am wondering if it might even run better in my clean Windows 7 virtual machine. Interesting thought... Anyway I digress!) I just have to put in my shortcut keys for various VIP commands I use in to my Windows COD, then give it a little more testing and then make the switch! I like the idea that I can have my game playing in front of me in Windows whilst my Mac apps are sitting there on the second screen doing their thing and I can monitor them! Now if I can just add another 24hrs to each day then I can get all of this and the rest of my To Do list completed!
  4. Hi. I assume you read all this...? https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2713-do-not-upgrade-to-catalina-os/&tab=comments#comment-20535 Unfortunately short of creating an external bootable Mojave system just with COD on it, there is no way of running the COD program on your Mac as it is. The reboot method works fine but is a pain in the ass. The plugin emulators referenced above are just a shell which wraps around those plugins only. It's all within the domain of that program. You would need an entire system wide emulator. If you can backpedal to Mojave for now then I would stay there if you can for a little while. However, as per my last entry in that post above, utilising Parallels and a Windows 10 environment works great and is not too difficult to set up. I'll be adding to that post above in the coming days as I fine tune my Mojave to get 64 bit clean before an upgrade to Catalina. (COD will be the last to go ?). However that upgrade for me is likely to be a reasonable time away because Catalina is too flakey at the moment and I aint jumping that fence yet! I'll try and provide a simple tutorial at the bottom of that other post for those that are keen.
  5. Not since I lived in NZ* have I seen the sun set over the ocean instead of rising, so we should probably head to your side of the country next time and return the favour. Although in reality, because I am self employed, I will likely never have enough money to leave town, let alone the state! ? (and yes I do have good boy ?) ? * Actuallly with Auckland being a narrow isthmus we were able to go to any one of the dozens of extinct volcanic mountains or hills in Auckland and watch the sun rise and set over the sea! Gorgeous! @i-G.Lucky That’s right. Younger kids don’t have our maturity to be able to step back and avoid misinterpretation of something that has been typed. Modern communication is fast and can come in many forms and from many directions and be shared instantly to millions which is what ends up causing so many suicides in young ones especially. Unfortunately what my daughter does is use texting and social media as a feral weapon to demean, hurt and manipulate using guilt and foul language etc. Horrible to say about one’s own daughter but it’s true. All we do now is to try and protect our beautiful granddaughter from the side effects as much as possible. ☹️ The story from Norway at least gives us a positive view on what all this technology can help to create or achieve rather than hurt or destroy.?
  6. Everything in this world is relative isn’t it? A bittersweet story. My son, who is in his fourth year of uni, can easily spend day after day on his machine especially during the school holidays. He comes out to graze from time to time of course. He isn’t just gaming though. It is definitely a socialising tool because there are multi-way chats going on all the time and I get dragged in to discussions too! That is voice chatting, not typing BTW. He also chats with his girlfriend online whilst they both watch the same video on their own machines. The best part is that at least once a fortnight he does get out in to the real world and goes rock climbing and he goes out with mates to watch ‘real’ movies and party. His girlfriend often comes and stays for a night or two (she’s 60km from here). When she is here they go out and see and do things but can also happily chill in the house with him maybe gaming whilst she reads a book, browses the web or maybe watches a tv show with her ‘in-laws’. It seems to work very well for them so my wife and I count our blessings. Now as for our daughter... That’s a totally different post topic about how much emotional damage can be caused by text messaging ?☹️ Thanks for the story @i-G.Lucky
  7. I'm getting sick of mangoes myself. Have eaten so many of them because they practically give them away at some times of the year. Just got back in to plums myself. Nummy. The best solution I find is to get any, and every, fruit I can find, especially if they are 'seconds' and thus marked down, and then making a giant fruit salad. A lot of peeling and cutting but it lasts for days, is dirt cheap, and everyone has a good feed. By day 3 the mixed juices are heavenly in whatever remains.
  8. Thanks for the intro Warren. Nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m sure you’ve blown my brains out before. A lot of what you have done has similarities with my past but one daughter was enough for us! Thank goodness for our boy. Was never into punk, tried the drums but the most I could offer the impending digital band is the percussion from my rifle shots! See you around!
  9. @i-G.Charlie Thank you. I was always taught that it's nice to share. ? @Hexenx Thanks. Have you been stalking me? ? Thought I'd kept a relatively tight lid on 'he who is Spod' - at least until recently ? Sanskrit, Aramaic, Babylonian? Seriously though. What did you play with? I'd be curious to know. I did Pascal at Uni (where have the line numbers gone!). Looked at but never got in to COBOL. It was weird. I even PUSHed and POP'd hexadecimal numbers on to stacks in machine language. Now THAT was a nightmare! Grandfather figure? Surely you mean 'Omnipotent Deity?'. I was scared of speaking of you aloud <Spod averts his eyes> ? Cheers. I would like nothing more than to have the pleasure of you in my sights (or have you take out the guy who is about to shoot me!) Not unless I see you first! ? Thanks. I forgot to mention 'Shaken not stirred' as well! I think everyone had one of those at some stage except me! A Sinclair ZX-81 and an Amstrad CPC 464 filled the gap from Tandy to Apple. Cheers! So you don't have much responsibility in your work then eh? ? My wife loves CSI. Although she could never stomach the way Horatio talked in CSI: Miami ? But you are a Mum! Need I say more? I forgot about the ol' Vic 20! Really looking forward to seeing you too but remember to get some relaxation and slot me in only if it doesn't impact on your (flying by the seat of your pants?) schedule. We are a 2 min drive from Surfers Paradise so get your Maps open and see if I am in your flight path. ?? Thanks again all!
  10. Greetings to all you good folk (and the others who really want to be good but are still working on it.) I've looked at this 'Introduce Yourself' section for so long and thought, 'Will I? Nah! Yeah! Probably Not... Ok I will! But maybe next year... In fact why haven't I done it already?' So as you can see the Spod on my left shoulder won and here I am, although I haven't hit 'Submit Topic' yet. But enough rambling. I am Spod, but if we meet in the street you can all call me Todd. (See what I did there?). Where did the name Spod come from I hear you cry? I'll get to that later. I am, as of writing, 52 metric years old. I am a Sagittarius and my favourite colour is green and favourite number is 4. Lord knows why I just mentioned that but my fingers are flying over the keys so I don't want to stop because the tendons and joints in my hands aren't easy to restart anymore. Oh, and I want world peace. My darling wife is Kylie and we are parents to 2 children. My daughter is 29 and 'the boy' is 20. I have one gorgeous, almost 4 year old granddaughter, Isabella, with whom I'm smitten. Kylie and I have been together for over 25 years and married for most of that (For those doing the maths my daughter is technically my stepdaughter). We all live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I am however a Kiwi but moved here in '87 with my parents and my younger sister. My lovely Kiwi accent was distorted and ruined within a year of getting here. Such is the power of this strange land. Now I get laughed at when I fly back to visit the relatives over there! I always wanted to be an inventor as a young child but in the late 70's I became a computer and gadget nerd when I got my hands on a Tandy TRS-80. Man I churned out tons of BASIC programs and everyone thought I was just the bee's knees. It was so cool. Then in the first year of High School in 1980, our brand new school got one, count 'em, one, Apple II computer, and I was in charge of it! I have been living eating and breathing the Apple culture ever since. I have sold, service, programmed, consulted, blah blah blah. I saw Steve Jobs at MacWorld San Francisco in 1999 when he introduced all the rainbow coloured iMacs. The darkest side of my working life was in the early 90's however when Apple was crumbling (you might say). I ended up in Seattle for a short while learning a program called ToolBook which was a Hypercard-like program for Windows. I was actually invited by Paul Allen (Bill Gate's partner in Microsoft) to come over to there premises because they were keen to get Hypercard users assimilated in to the growing Windows empire via ToolBook. One Australian software company enlisted me to port their Mac based world atlas from Hypercard to ToolBook. It was a money earning, somewhat fun, but ultimately unrewarding side step in to the Windows world. The last 20 years I have been out on my own doing something of everything in the Apple ecosystem. Got customers all the way from retirees in the nursing homes right through to big ones like the City Council. Most of my customers are in to design, graphics, video editing. All the typical Mac fortés your might say. I myself do a lot of Filemaker programming (and a dash of iOS) and wrote myself a database system to manage my sideline eBay store without having to touch eBay's website. It's a work always in progress but rewarding. I have been gaming since the days when I wrote and played BASIC games right through to some games of today but I have never been a 'hard core' gamer. Programming and fixing computers was more exciting than playing games all day long. My son however is heavily in to everything gaming, but couldn't reinstall his computer O/S to save his life. LOL. Although I don't hold it against him because he uses Winblows of course for all the games. In the past Medal of Honour and nowadays COD 4 are enough for me. I just don't have the time to devote to anything more. Ninja servers are, for the record, the only servers I use at all. Mostly TDM. I just love the 'sensation' of flying and floating. It is as simple as that. That is why I have been here for so long. I remember the earlier days when it was a lot 'rougher' and the glitches hadn't been tamed with both the map mods and the stricter server rules. I have always preferred the hunting and sneaking of sniping. Predicting and outwitting someone that comes after you for a revenge kill is a lot of fun. In general I don't care if my kill count is low. It is the kill vs death ratio that is important to me. I have however recently made concerted efforts to stay more in map, especially when player counts are low, but you can't hold me down when there are tons of people on the server waiting to be scoped from afar! However I will never forget the 2 or 3 times I got a nuke. The testosterone was pumping and I was 20 years younger when I launched those suckers. I also enjoy playing hunt the sniper especially in Bog when the regular campers are bouncing in the distant buildings. I am really happy to pay my donations. It just feels right. Maybe one day I might thrill myself and apply to be an admin but I will never do it if I can't put in a fair effort. Being a VIP makes me feel pretty special anyway. Love those nades! Being self employed I get on to the server at different random hours of the day or night (when I can steal time) so I get to play with so many different people in different time zones from all around the world and it is a thrill. I enjoy the many different players that are on the servers. There is such an amazing collection of users from young to old. There are tons of comedians of course (gotta love Buck). There are also the ones you know who get grumpy when there is one too many people sniping. There are also the snipers who you know will get defensive when they are targeted by the grumpies. There are also the ever-watchful caretakers and mother/father figures. (You know who you are) I'll stop now and you can read the rest in my autobiography. Thank you all for being a part of my gaming. I am Spod. ❤️ P.S. Google "kenny everett video show spod" for more info on the character name. The English, Aussies and Kiwis will likely remember it.
  11. Cue Barbara Streisand... “Memories, Like the corners of my mind Misty water-colored memories Of the way we were...” <insert collective sigh>
  12. @i-G.Lucky Thank god for that! I was beginning to think that I was the only one with dentures! ? Well, maybe not that bad! Visit the dentist regularly. I’m a spritely 51! <hush goes around the room>. Still feel like I’m 35 but... Long live the golden oldies ? Cheers!
  13. Thank you all for your feedback! I'll keep the donations coming! This is server is good therapy for a 'relatively' old man.
  14. Thank you. However its important for me to state that at no time was I vote-kicked, or did anyone attempt although I do believe from memory that someone in fact did it to another player but even the 'knifers' voted against that. I just ended up getting very frustrated, on 2 different days, with 4-5 other players who did not stop with the 'Spod! KNIFE ONLY!' type comments. Whether I was correct in my presumption or not it doesn't make for an enjoyable playing experience when you can 'feel' the disdain from various parts of the globe when you shoot them or toss a 'nade. Other players on the server, who also were admonished, made their own references to 'The ping is too high for me to do knife only' and you could feel their resignation when they realised they couldn't play with out being told 'Knife-only' consistently. One at least obviously left the game soon after because of it. On both occasions I left quite quickly too. I won't name names simply because I wanted to be clear on the rule before I could type, with confidence, that 'This is an all weapons server.' Cheers
  15. Hi Guys/Gals Can't seem to find this in the rules section and I can't see a search button in this forum to find my answer, but I want to check a specific server rule... I was under the impression that no-one can force or guilt other players in to playing a knife-only, sniper-only etc. match. i.e. this is an all weapons server, is it not? Cheers Spod