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  1. Gotta love it when an "Introduce Yourself" turns in to a tech support call. 🤣 @Jo7 I share your aversion to long distance flights! Going across to NZ and back is OK but both the times I went on a long flight to US it was a miserable journey. 🙁 @i-G.RedRose Looks like you're heading off at the same time I'm going across the Tasman to NZ with Mrs. Spod. My 40 year school reunion! Woo hoo! Gotta get my 1980's hairdo organised!
  2. Bonjour et bienvenue Jo7! Merci beaucoup pour l'introduction! I would love to get to Europe, especially France (wouldn't want to waste 7 years of learning French!). Sadly I seem to be stuck at the antipodes so I may never get a chance to pop in and say hello! If you head to Australia feel free to come herefor a cuppa but leave the bombard behind please because I don't think my wife would appreciate it! 🤣 My son who is 21 finished his two education degrees last year, one of which is history which he loves. He started teaching at a high school this year but he has found it very tough
  3. It runs extremely well. Parallels gives access to the 3D Hardware and it runs smoothly. I allow Parallels to have access to 2 of the 4 processor cores and bearing in mind its a game from last decade it is just perfect. The other 2 processor cores easily maintain all the background activity for the rest of the macOS. 32GB RAM gives it all plenty of room to work. I have been running Catalina beta's on my laptop separately from my iMac and the latest releases are quashing the bugs quite well. Lazy developers are whining a bit but they were given plenty of warning. It's a big change Apple has made
  4. Hi. I assume you read all this...? https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2713-do-not-upgrade-to-catalina-os/&tab=comments#comment-20535 Unfortunately short of creating an external bootable Mojave system just with COD on it, there is no way of running the COD program on your Mac as it is. The reboot method works fine but is a pain in the ass. The plugin emulators referenced above are just a shell which wraps around those plugins only. It's all within the domain of that program. You would need an entire system wide emulator. If you can backpedal to Mojave for now then I woul
  5. Not since I lived in NZ* have I seen the sun set over the ocean instead of rising, so we should probably head to your side of the country next time and return the favour. Although in reality, because I am self employed, I will likely never have enough money to leave town, let alone the state! ? (and yes I do have good boy ?) ? * Actuallly with Auckland being a narrow isthmus we were able to go to any one of the dozens of extinct volcanic mountains or hills in Auckland and watch the sun rise and set over the sea! Gorgeous! @i-G.Lucky That’s right. Younger kids don’t have our maturit
  6. Everything in this world is relative isn’t it? A bittersweet story. My son, who is in his fourth year of uni, can easily spend day after day on his machine especially during the school holidays. He comes out to graze from time to time of course. He isn’t just gaming though. It is definitely a socialising tool because there are multi-way chats going on all the time and I get dragged in to discussions too! That is voice chatting, not typing BTW. He also chats with his girlfriend online whilst they both watch the same video on their own machines. The best part is that at least once a fortnig
  7. I'm getting sick of mangoes myself. Have eaten so many of them because they practically give them away at some times of the year. Just got back in to plums myself. Nummy. The best solution I find is to get any, and every, fruit I can find, especially if they are 'seconds' and thus marked down, and then making a giant fruit salad. A lot of peeling and cutting but it lasts for days, is dirt cheap, and everyone has a good feed. By day 3 the mixed juices are heavenly in whatever remains.
  8. Thanks for the intro Warren. Nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m sure you’ve blown my brains out before. A lot of what you have done has similarities with my past but one daughter was enough for us! Thank goodness for our boy. Was never into punk, tried the drums but the most I could offer the impending digital band is the percussion from my rifle shots! See you around!
  9. @i-G.Charlie Thank you. I was always taught that it's nice to share. ? @Hexenx Thanks. Have you been stalking me? ? Thought I'd kept a relatively tight lid on 'he who is Spod' - at least until recently ? Sanskrit, Aramaic, Babylonian? Seriously though. What did you play with? I'd be curious to know. I did Pascal at Uni (where have the line numbers gone!). Looked at but never got in to COBOL. It was weird. I even PUSHed and POP'd hexadecimal numbers on to stacks in machine language. Now THAT was a nightmare! Grandfather figure? Surely you mean 'Omnipotent Deity?'. I was
  10. Greetings to all you good folk (and the others who really want to be good but are still working on it.) I've looked at this 'Introduce Yourself' section for so long and thought, 'Will I? Nah! Yeah! Probably Not... Ok I will! But maybe next year... In fact why haven't I done it already?' So as you can see the Spod on my left shoulder won and here I am, although I haven't hit 'Submit Topic' yet. But enough rambling. I am Spod, but if we meet in the street you can all call me Todd. (See what I did there?). Where did the name Spod come from I hear you cry? I'll get to that later. I
  11. Cue Barbara Streisand... “Memories, Like the corners of my mind Misty water-colored memories Of the way we were...” <insert collective sigh>
  12. @i-G.Lucky Thank god for that! I was beginning to think that I was the only one with dentures! ? Well, maybe not that bad! Visit the dentist regularly. I’m a spritely 51! <hush goes around the room>. Still feel like I’m 35 but... Long live the golden oldies ? Cheers!
  13. Thank you all for your feedback! I'll keep the donations coming! This is server is good therapy for a 'relatively' old man.
  14. Thank you. However its important for me to state that at no time was I vote-kicked, or did anyone attempt although I do believe from memory that someone in fact did it to another player but even the 'knifers' voted against that. I just ended up getting very frustrated, on 2 different days, with 4-5 other players who did not stop with the 'Spod! KNIFE ONLY!' type comments. Whether I was correct in my presumption or not it doesn't make for an enjoyable playing experience when you can 'feel' the disdain from various parts of the globe when you shoot them or toss a 'nade. Other players on the
  15. Hi Guys/Gals Can't seem to find this in the rules section and I can't see a search button in this forum to find my answer, but I want to check a specific server rule... I was under the impression that no-one can force or guilt other players in to playing a knife-only, sniper-only etc. match. i.e. this is an all weapons server, is it not? Cheers Spod