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  1. Well, My watch has officially ended. I had a great time with everyone here at i-G. but it is time for me to leave. Since June 28 of 2014 to today (2/12/2018) I had a great time. I banned lots of cheaters and had lots of fun. A few arguments here and there, but I learned a lot. i-G. has inspired a few of my career interests, and I've made many friends. (you know who you are.) You all taught me a lot about myself and a lot about others. Also, I know it is not quite 5 years but I was around for a year before I officially joined. Farewell NiNJA GAMING and farewell clan members and thanks for the memories.
  2. Grezwal

    CID_14 Possible wh

    Can we get a demo?
  3. You are unbanned have fun!
  4. nope I even looked for his name. The guid has to be a number.
  5. I have attempted to unban this play and the guid was not found. I believe you may have gotten your pb guid as that is what it looks like your guid should be a number and upon joinning the server it should give it to you with the kick message if i am not mistaken. Otherwise you will need to wait on us.
  6. They are made from a program created by someone else. The bots move according to waypoints set on the map. Their shooting works almost like a buggy aimbot. You can change their difficulty aswell.
  7. CoD4 because of deathrun and mods etc.. But modding on console i like bo2 you can do more and more people freakout when you noclip through a wall. LOL have you ever played infected on Bo2? if not you should its way fun.
  8. Grezwal


    Thjis is a ban worthy offense but skip to 1:30 in the video half of it is you on our foums.
  9. Grezwal

  10. Grezwal

    GoD banned for wh

    No, this player isn't using wallhack. Or at least isn't using it to his advantage. I use a 144hz monitor and the advantage is unbelievable I don't believe this player is cheating. Find me some more evidence and i might. but for now he is not.
  11. Peter is not cheating/hacking. I spent hours watching demos of him with a WH view. I combed over all of them with a fine tooth comb. I've played many hours of cod4 myself and his kills are for the most part justified. However the only time i get suspicious if when he kills a player (in a suspicious way) after lorrein has been killed. Hence the screen "cheating". However with that being said it is no different than callouts between clan members / friends. While this can be policed with this case since we know about it. Whats not to say that someone in VOIP chat could call out their teammates for their "opponent"? Or in teamspeak/discord with their own clan members. There is no way to police this especially in a server. (unless someone can prove me otherwise)
  12. Yeah, i was wondering about that aswell. I neglected to say anything about it but rule of thumb, if you can kill others and you cannot be killed (other than getting in the spot) the spot is not allowed.
  13. Grezwal


    this is a wallhack view of Kapo it will be viewable in ~ 30mins from the time of this post.
  14. Seen him around for a while. +1 definitely.
  15. Yo, thats freakin cool.