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  1. lisa


    Is there any updates @i-G.Jazz?
  2. lisa


    alrighty, i guess i have no other choice, but to wait, and I'm waiting..
  3. lisa


    its not the first time that i got banned thinking i was wallhacking, but the honest truth, i've spent over 9 years playing this game, and over 3 years playing on the ninja server, so i know my way around the game, and I basically, not to boast or anything, a good player.. so please if you can lift the ban,because i really enjoy playing on your server, basically the only one that i play cod for.
  4. lisa


    Did you review the demo?
  5. lisa


    But why tho?
  6. lisa


    Name: lisa GUID: i don't know Banning Admin: i don't know Admin’s Reason for Ban: wh Your Side of the Story: I'm confused because this is the second time I got banned, i don't use cheats what so ever.. idk what happened, I just got banned suddenly.
  7. lisa

    I got banned again?

    Why I got banned again? I thought we discussed the fact I don't use hacks what so ever..
  8. Why I got banned again for wallhack?
  9. well thank you so much ❤️
  10. to add for the 1st one, radar, my knowledge of the player movement, and he shot my friend and saw where the bullets are coming from.
  11. I know its hard to believe me, the first one was radar, and m'enfin and jo7 were both pretty active in that area, so I knew one of them will be there, and the radar confirmed that. the second also a radar and I saw him in the corner of my eye, he was crouching and I saw the red dot on the radar moving so I prepared myself and waited for him, and there was another one inside of the little house that I tried to wallbang. but I got killed in the end by Jo7
  12. well I'll Explain, through out the time I played this game, specially Your server, I've developed a lot of skill, combining my aim, the radar and the killcam, plus the sounds, and the line of fire "bullets line and where did they come from" and muzzle flash, and spawn trapping, I'm able to locate people easily, Tbh with you, I have never cheated, and I stand by my words, because I have nothing to gain from ruining other peoples game by cheating, I'm trying to enjoy it, so please reconsider, its been more than 3 years on this server.
  13. can you speak with Lucky about it so he can speed things up?