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  1. Hey Thanks all! I feel honored to be a part of the group! I can only imagine the animated gifs that will be showing up now!
  2. I agree and will do. Oh and I know you don't mind killing me. It's like your gift to me from afar - with my birthday a week from today - it's the gift that you keep giving. However, I have picked up knives and may still be looking for you on the maps. As for not being afraid..... (maybe)😂
  3. None of my message was in regard to me not playing here. Just was putting the clan app to rest for now. *Not* a complaint about the server or anything else.
  4. Backing up what they have said. S3 and Knucklehead saw it before me I was recording outside of COD But here is the link that shows the score and complaints as well as long pauses....lol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sn7rpcj1mrmwf2m/Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2020.02.01 - See also Red*x near the end. This is documenting - not accusing. Good luck.
  5. Hey so food for thought - While I love this server and only play here, I am not sure my value here may be in identifying hacks/cheaters. Though through research I have seen a few I believed were they have in all cases been spotted by others and recorded/reported. Interestingly, I have noticed a couple of them just by leaving game on in spec. mode and watching some of them move out of statistical bounds as a clue. (Yes - it seems like a decent way to ident cheaters actually) but it's not perfect since those using it get killed or don't always overtly use it I suspect to avoid getting caught. Anyway, all this to say what do you think about me closing this for now so it's not just sitting there gathering dust. I will continue to play and enjoy this server as I have in the past. In the future I am welcome to jump back in if needed, but I also feel like things seem pretty covered here which is good. Thoughts, rants, ridicules? Send em! Last, I did consider it a tiny right of passage a couple of days ago when I was accused of hacking! 😂😀 I have improved quite a bit here so that's a good thing. So thank you for all of the kills for me to learn - "hey not a good spot to be in" I look forward to still contributing my wicked awesome and modest humor to a great server as well as helping cover some of the costs. Special thanks and shout out to @LASHEN, @Seyit..., @i-G.ZIGFRIED (and others) for all of the practice, patience, and mad knife skills I am developing. And to Rose for putting up with me, and last to @i-G.Lucky and @Ozzy for believing me when there was apparently some other "Smitty" causing trouble. I am grateful. My saw is done reloading now so I need to Alt-tab back to the game. See you all there. Scott
  6. Congrats BiggiE! #MICDROP!
  7. Well, I did ask for that didn't I? I completely get all of your points and will was using a little levity to hopefully have someone who was actually playing unfairly to leave. You are not being a bady - more like I was. I will give you the why for that behavior since I am getting ready to drill a bunch of sales reps on the "why" we do anything we do in a couple of hours. Why did I do it? Well, I was wondering if they were using an aimbot and actually grabbed a couple of screenshots in the midst of trying to record video - but goofed hence screen grab. However, at almost the same time, I believe Biggie saw the same thing and voiced it in the game. He left shortly after and went to SPEC to record. Why I did that was in fact to give his position away and honestly, make it not worth his while to cheat on this server. I wasn't abusive verbally etc. Did I hope it bugged him? Yep. Does cheating bother me in a big way? BIG Yep. That was just how I decided to deal with it, bringing more light to it than anything else since Biggie was already recording. Perhaps I should hang, perhaps not. Either way, I will behave and not shoot my own teammates - even if they are cheating. [message repeats 100x] Have a great day - and please accept my apology. -Smit
  8. I am. I have not really been able to capture many instances of hacking/modded players. That said, I am also all ears to your input.
  9. I have managed to find many ways to fall into the abyss. Will post all of them later.
  10. I have managed to find many ways to fall into the abyss. Will post all of them later.
  11. I know. This was my weak attempt at humor.
  12. That all makes sense. I will have a look since I haven't really done anything socially redeeming as of yet. I am happy to report that I have documented 2 issues. Why yes, I captured Exp. wallhacking. Wait what? It was done automatically by the server? Ok, scratch that one. BUT I did capture something the server missed. You can also see here that supposedly "friendly taco" being extraordinarily brutal with a knife - stabbing Aimeric in the back, when we all know real friends stab you in the front. In other news, I have reviewed the link for recording and will hone those skills. I felt like I saw one today SalaH - but had not learned to capture yet so this is a non issue. You can see him change their name before all of the complaints start though a name change isn't indicative. More to come as I monitor. TL:DR I read your comments and will do. Respectfully, -SMIT
  13. Name Scott Age 45 InGame Name SMITTY68129 GUID 22a30f24ad87c62f4f5e0f32240f90fe Past/Current Clans None References I am not really sure who might be. I am going to say Ozzy since he may know the best and the worst? Starburst to whomever is willing. Actually @i-G.Charlie is probably the one I have seen and remember the longest here. Years it feels like. Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies I love all things that fly. My InGame name is my name with the tail of the first airplane I ever flew. I love chess. I built the machine for the Man vs. Machine challenge in NY against Garry Kasporov. (It was a tie). All of the prep for the first live stream of a chess game on a major network and I got to be a hero for...... ? moving a mouse after the developers forgot to turn off hibernate and the engine thought for over 15 minutes. Oh well. Reason for Wanting to Join Other than my modesty coupled with my brutal honesty, I am a pretty decent guy who generally sees the picture. (of me getting shot) Games Applying for (WaW/COD4) COD4
  14. No no no this sucker is electrical....well, to light the fuse anyhow....