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    Possible Hacker

    Name: Doing GUID: c8f273c2 Reason: he can shoot his rifle too fast, it doesn´t look normal Proof : Video is attached c8f273c2_Doing.dm_1
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    Clan Application

    Name: Anton Age: 25 InGame Name: >kill'em all< GUID: adf8739a Past/Current Clans: {SOB} (ages ago) References: i-G.Lucky ; i-G.Jazz Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies: My Hobbies are Photography, Music (Rock/Metal), Concerts (I think I can say I saw nearly all the great Bands of these Genres, I also stood in first row at the last ever Motörhead concert, right in front of Lemmy), collecting Music related stuff that I caught at concerts (like a cane of Alice Cooper for example and the last guitar pick that Lemmy played on stage befor he died) and playing guitar and bass guitar and several video games Reason for Wanting to Join: because it´s fun to play with such kind people like you are, it´s always funny and of course because I like to hunt my dad (i-G.Leon) 😅 Games Applying for (WaW/COD4): COD4