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  1. Name: '|*|' GUID: cf2c9258 Reason: Watched the player after he traced me around the corner and the other admins in game said that he is a hacker, so I hope that I've got enough evidence in the video, as it was pretty obvious. Proof : Video is attached cf2c9258.dm_1
  2. Happy Birthday to you! 😊
  3. Sad to see you go mate, hope we will see each other ingame some day again All the best for your future!
  4. As he was in my team, I only realised it when S3q made the admincall so I watched him for a moment and there were some suspicious kills as well. As I said during the game, I think he has wallhack. Good one Biggie!
  5. Congrats @i-G.Smitty68129, welcome and see you ingame !
  6. Hi Jo, great to read your story, I think it´s always fascinating to read the storys and get to know the people you´re playing with. Thanks to you, I learned something new today as I never heard of Brittany before. Googled some photos and it´s a beautiful place. I really like Mont St Michel for example. I am a hobby photographer and I think Brittany is a lovely place to take some beautiful photos of the landscape Welcome and see you ingame, come try and stab me 😜
  7. Oh thank you very much, I don´t know what to say about it, I´m overwhelmed ! Sure I´d like to learn how to use the powers in the best possible way to secure that everyone enjoys the server and has fun playing the game :) I´m not sure if my name will fit ingame with the i-G. in front of it. If my name won´t fit, I´d like to cut down my ingame name to i-G.Kill'em :)
  8. i-G.Motorizer


    Demo 1: Most of the killed players were clearly visible to Lisa but the last part of the demo is a bit odd. It seems like Lisa is looking in the approximate direction of the victim, never mind if the victim was killed or not. Don´t know if it was just guessing or a wallhack, but it won´t fit to the other kills beforehand. The thing with the AC is not a big deal I think, because everyone knows that some players are hiding regularly in it. Demo 2: In this demo most of the killed players were visible too in my opinion. All in all I think this is a hard one, but in my opinion it seems that Lisa isn´t using any hacks.
  9. Name: KaykyNunez GUID: a7e4d02a Reason: Watched the player after a suspicious kill on me and I´m not quite sure but I think it´s a wallhack, because it seems in some situations, that he knew where the players are Proof : Video is attached ;) a7e4d02a.dm_1
  10. Oh, I didn´t know about that, but now I´ll keep that in mind ?
  11. i-G.Motorizer


    Name: kh 666999 GUID: 598aa98e Reason: This time I´m sure watched him after a suspicious kill on me. Proof : Video is attached 598aa98e.dm_1