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    TeamSpeak3 server

    Sad to see it's gone, but with all the features and crossplatform support (especially with license hassle and all that of TS), a properly set up server on Discord is probably better off in the long run. The Opus voice codec it uses is pretty close to TeamSpeak now, anyway. It's a little heavier, but that's just how it is nowadays. ?‍♀️
  2. Okay well my mistake. I apologize to GranTorino. That's just what I was told way back then incorrectly. I did not have a very good morning so that was my bad. Bygones be bygones.
  3. Said in the chat "last kill i hakc jajajajaja+". Tried votebanning, didn't work. He is still in-game. At the time of the incident there was a player named i.G.GranTorino in-game. Am I wrong to assume the i.G tag means he is of moderator status? That's how it used to be before, anyway. He is still in the game with arnold and has done nothing and said nothing. I was under the impression that if you say in the chat out loud that you have hacked it is an instant kick. Maybe not a permaban obviously, but at least something as punishment. If I am mistaken that GranTorino does not have this ability then please correct me, but understand having an i-G tag (at least when I was a full member with mod powers in 2014) meant you were a moderator, so it is very frustrating when you call out to the player to do something and he is silent. So please clarify if this rule has changed with saying you hack out loud. Because I have been taught that it is instakick regardless of evidence.
  4. First Name (Optional): Conner Ingame Name: DinklebergYour UID: 429069Age: 20Time Zone: CentralHow long per day can you play?: 2 HoursPast clans (if any):: Not answered Anything else you want share about yourself (one cool thing about you):: I like to play COD4 with no damn hacks? Past FPS (Shooting) Games Played:: Quake, UTReferences:: i-G.Trigga What do you think is cool/unique/a quality the clan has?: Nice consistent server population, good friendly admins, quick responses on forums, at least trying to design some sort of post-punkbuster hack protection, unlike other servers; doesn't care about noobtubes and camping What is one thing that we could do to improve? (Adding you to the team does not count): Maybe make a quicker way to report players other than making threads? I don't know it just seems a little tedious for the frequency of hackers that come inWhy do you want to be in the clan?: This is literally the only server I play on and they are friendlyWhich came first, the chicken or the egg? : Chicken