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  1. general

    bewbhair - wh and aimbot

    player name: bewbhair reason: wallhack and aimbot game: cod waw proof is in attached demos: I called admin so guid should be on file. In video I talked to him bc he wasn't hiding cheats and I already had recordings. He said he didn't care he had many steam accounts and pc's. Thank you bewbhair.dm_6 meme.dm_6
  2. general

    MoomarBoomar undermap Dome

    MoomarBoomar recorded undermap on Dome killing people and the server. I told him that wasn't allowed on video and he said "yep" which I'm taking as him understanding it was against the rules and he did it anyway. Sent a calladmin command so hopefully his guid if needed is there. Thanks MOOMAR.dm_6
  3. general

    Buttplug undermap dome

    Hi, 1. Player Name: Buttplug 2. GUID: used calladmin command in game 3. Proof: attached below Used calladmin command for Buttplug while he was under map killing people above. He does this almost every map I play with him on and he acts as if he doesn't know the rules (over 50 times by now). Examples are Dome, Nightfire, Corrosion, Seelow. I decided to record him while map was ending on Dome in hopes something could be done because verbal warnings doesn't seem to be helping and I hate watching half the server leave because of him breaking rules. Thanks buttplug.dm_6
  4. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    my proof is in this post
  5. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    I've never did it. never will. plz stop falsely accusing with no proof
  6. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    my evidence is in this post.
  7. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    I texted you in game several times. This video shows me texting you about being in that spot but you ignored it. Normally you and thotwheeels gang up on my calling me explicit names, criticize my play style or get confused on the legal spots im in or illegal spots you get in. Record me or secret squirl me all you want. I'm clean.
  8. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    recording starts at 9:36. I never joined game in that amount of time jump out of map etc. anything else you wish to lie about?
  9. general

    Server Application

  10. general

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    1. Name: Leosboy100 (his mate Thotwheeels same rule infractions) 2. Reason: Breaking rules and those who are applying for server mod should know and follow rules. 3. GUID: 533470149 4. Proof: attached leosboycastle_dm_6.ec41d5e70778c02acb652e8e4664afc6