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  1. I try to do some friendly bantering nothing over the top I hope
  2. that makes sense seeing it from your perspective what was going on mr_snowy. that makes me feel much better. I was crushed when I thought of it other way. again sry I questioned your integrity
  3. I can accept that mr_snowy. sry I was on defense as you saw when you logged in. and sometimes text can be translated or interpreted wrong.
  4. Sammas you do more than enough. You and Xeph always quick to respond and I try my best to absorb what I can. If it's a random person who name calls me I let it roll off. but when it's regulars as the three names I've mentioned in post are on pretty regularly. those opinions hold more weight and do get to me eventually.
  5. I'm a bit touched and feel a little guilty. I was bracing for some comments about toughening up and I must be doing something to provoke it. But everything is encouraging and I feel a bit like a leach. I don't donate for this unique platform you offer with high jump. Money is tight with me and going through tough times trying to adjust to civilian life again. 10 years and I'm not out of woods yet. I don t want to open up too much but try to give you some of my background so you understand how much your kindness does affect me in good way. Im thinking of that Rambo line "you just don't turn it off" I'll reflect a bit next week or two or month. Clearer mind with some time passing by will be good. Thank you all!
  6. I thought about it a few years ago (brace yourself on this next name) when grillby became admin. He became admin while i had my app in and i thought he would be good and he was for a time. I took my app down bc life got busy. Your clan use to keep a list of banned players, guid, reason and who caught them etc. I had probably 100 confirmed catches and 4 not acted for lack of evidence or doubt. and I think a few of them later were confirmed. I don't think id be a good admin bc I'm very strict. If a rule is broken a rule is broken and its tough for me to make that judgement call and I don't want to restrict the server if that makes sense. I'm a pretty good helper role to identify who raises flags with their game play or causing issues.
  7. ty redrose. it is almost every map I get called names or complained about. I try to resist the calladmin command bc I know everyone has busy lives and this is small petti stuff but hearing it night in and night out gets old. I want to relax and play some games. I do a good job ignoring but when you see someone type rude comments and others joining in and more and more joining the tide to say mean things to me. Makes me question why I'm playing with them.
  8. ty for the kind words. I don't know what else to do but think I am the problem when health of server is put in perspective. I'm a good player and other good players don't like that I adapt to get the better of them. when I play I always chat saying ns (nice shot) nn (nice nade) etc or explain what the enemy did to give self away or how I knew their position or why I advance when I do. I enjoy trying to help raise the talent lvl on the server and I try to be humble. I don't rub it in someones face. A few times I've taken as much abuse from players I can take and I defend myself but it's not enjoyable atmosphere to deal with. but taking a break might be healthy for me at this point. don't want to make huge issue. mentioning it so its known. healthy release of steam I guess ty again
  9. I'll be taking a break from the waw server. Every night every map I get called disrespectful names from regulars and randoms. I've been asked to ignore them but it's hard to do when I see it all night long. Tonight there were about 5 of us on. I have Moomarboomar calling me names. gegewoo name calling. both complaining about my play style all night long even though they don't understand I do move when enemy might have drop on me or I have to flip the map. Moomarboomar and Mr_Sn0wy both going to spectate and giving enemy hints or flat out location where I am and rejoin to shoot me out of spots. Many rules broken every map. Disrespecting, complaining, specate abuse etc. If it was once a night I'd be able to ignore them. It is every map doesn't matter if I hide, camp, push etc they always find something to complain about and most the time they are inaccurate in what they are complaining about. Mr_Sn0wy's actions surprised me the most tonight. Instead of asking them to follow rules, he joined them and abused spectate on downfall and makin night. I didn't record but I have screenshots of him in spectate then joining enemy side and sniping me. unacceptable. General
  10. he left as soon as he typed this. couldn't call admin but I got a screen shot. I let a lot of the verbal abuse go that I take every night I play but this crossed the line. Thanks
  11. player name: bewbhair reason: wallhack and aimbot game: cod waw proof is in attached demos: I called admin so guid should be on file. In video I talked to him bc he wasn't hiding cheats and I already had recordings. He said he didn't care he had many steam accounts and pc's. Thank you bewbhair.dm_6 meme.dm_6
  12. MoomarBoomar recorded undermap on Dome killing people and the server. I told him that wasn't allowed on video and he said "yep" which I'm taking as him understanding it was against the rules and he did it anyway. Sent a calladmin command so hopefully his guid if needed is there. Thanks MOOMAR.dm_6
  13. Hi, 1. Player Name: Buttplug 2. GUID: used calladmin command in game 3. Proof: attached below Used calladmin command for Buttplug while he was under map killing people above. He does this almost every map I play with him on and he acts as if he doesn't know the rules (over 50 times by now). Examples are Dome, Nightfire, Corrosion, Seelow. I decided to record him while map was ending on Dome in hopes something could be done because verbal warnings doesn't seem to be helping and I hate watching half the server leave because of him breaking rules. Thanks buttplug.dm_6
  14. my proof is in this post
  15. I've never did it. never will. plz stop falsely accusing with no proof