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  1. I finally got it working on Linux stably using proton, so i will be on a bit. Today is actually my first day playing most of these maps in about 10 years I played the heck out of the cod waw server (I miss it so much), if i can find people on this one, i will play this to death too lol
  2. Sorry to hear. Is there an ETA or anything we can do to help besides provide moral support?
  3. You have every right to question my integrity since I didn't to anything to improve the situation, and I do apologize for that. I do also want you to know that I hold nothing against you (except that gg ez at the end lol), and that I really hope to play with you again in the near future. Take as much time as you need off, i will be here to play when you get back. -MR_SN0WY
  4. Sorry to see you go, General. I check the player list everyday in hopes to see you on (That is not a lie! you are my favorite person to play with and against) As for the complaint, I would like to add that I was not joining spectator mid match, i was in spectator in downfall because the environment was already extremely hostile when i joined, and I hate that map when people are camping. You are correct that I should have been more proactive in stopping the volatile behavior, and i apologize for this. I have been harassed on other servers for mini-modding, so i tend not to do so on all the servers I join. When I spawned in the game, I was sure to atleast have you snipe me once or twice before i tried to countersnipe you, which was more than fair. Additionally, I didn't purposefully join their side. I just joined in when I wanted to, which was a coincidence it happened 2 matches in a row. After you left on Makin night, i swapped sides and played against them. You are correct that I gave the enemy a hint on Makin night. I was afk for the first minute or so, and then gave the hint, and i quote, "He is doing his thing". Instead of being spectator, it would've looked better to leave the game when afk, and then join back in. Again, sorry to see you go. We had some great times on this server, even though i have been playing for only a few months. Best regards, MR_SN0WY
  5. My mistake - thank you!
  6. Xephodias was on following the report (Thank you) - they appear to be using scroll firing instead of an autoclicker. Also i would like to note they were impersonating an admin - Xephodias can verify. Even though this offense is likely not severe enough to warrant punishment, trolls still have no place on this server. Best Regards, MR_SN0WY
  7. Name (Their Name) :- KushBaby Reason :- autofire (several hundered clicks per second while holding a button down) and potentially wallhack - could not verify that last one Guid :- it should be in your logs from !calladmin Proof :- Attached file KushBaby-1.dm_6
  8. Name (Their Name) :- RondoTheGod Reason :- Aimbot, harsh behavior Guid :- (To obtain guid please send a call admin) !calladmin (hacker name) report I don't know their GUID but i did call an admin using the described method Proof :- Please ensure minimum 3 X evidence shots (Please upload .dm_6 file to HERE with hacker name as the name of the file.) The attached file provides plenty of evidence, including aiming while in chat. He broke rules 1,2,3,5 from what i can tell, making the game unplayable. votekicks do not work for him. I have provided 2 files. They are not copies of eathother as the name may suggest. Thank you RondoTheGod.dm_6 RondoTheGod (copy).dm_6