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  1. here is the link to my facebook
  2. umm yes. and also yes i did send you the facebook page @i-G.Lucky
  3. yes im at school right now tho and i get out in about 2 hours
  4. yes, @i-G.Sitting Duck as a matter of fact I do.
  5. lol ig edragon85 thanks for the link lol
  6. facebook is blocked through our school, so I am unable to do that and I also don't know if he even has facebook, but yes I'm serious I really want to show you guys that no I'm not him.....
  7. Yes i do, he is gavin delaney he goes to my school and everyone keeps thinking im him when im really not...... and thats why they arent lifting the ban that i dont even deserve to have.......... "those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing" i promise om not him i wish there was a way to prove it to you guys
  8. ok, the first thing is you say my ban appeal was made in the name of wolfpack correct? yes, I had stated clearly before that wolfpack is my friend that let me use his phone to make the appeal in which case because my account was not yet verified. the reason I had 2 sack accounts is that one was with my school email and was not being verified due to the internet through the school. the second one was with my personal email with my phone which I was able to use when I got home that afternoon, which that account was verified I had then went back and canceled my registration with my school email so that I only had one account. And the 3rd thing that you stated I hate to say but is false, I had left and came back when I opened back up my computer and opened the application and clicked on the server it said "server disconnected" my friend aka wolfpack was on at the time and stated to me that it shown I was perm banned and I asked him for what he said for "James bond ban evade" I said to him for one what does that even mean he stated that he didn't know what it meant and then I also asked him was I banned before I left and he stated no. And yes we both made our accounts around the same time but no mine was not being verified that is what I was waiting for was the email verification and the VPN thing I'm truly sorry about that. like I said I don't know much about all this stuff soi did not know that VPN was truly not allowed and I'm truly sorry with all apologies. the VPN I was using was downloaded from the app store called "star VPN" which I use for other things on my computer that does not interfere with cod4. And yes wolfpack is my friend yes i know him and yes i know him in real life we are like best friends and no i never stated that i didnt knowhim and if i didim sorry for that, it might have been misscommunication on my part. and for one i stated that i might have known him but way before this happened like 2 years ago he stopped playing cod so i didnt know if there was a second james bond. but now i know who ur speaking of yes i know him and no i do not like him nor do i care for him. im sorry for the misscommunication on my part but no im not him and nor do i even want to be him nor do i want to act like him nor do i want to cheat like him i want absolutley want nothing to do with him. thank you for caring to take time to read this and hopefully we can get this taken care of.
  9. I was perm banned for evader. I dont know how I evaded. My computer was about dead so I command q the application to quit and put it on the charger. Then I went back to get on and it said "server disconnected". My friends was on at the time and told me it said I was perm banned for e"vader" not sure who the banning admin was. I would like the ban to be lifted which should not have been directed to me. I would also like for sitting duck to show an apology for asuming that i was james bond which in case no i am not. Thank you for taking your time to view this and will hopefully be taken care of soon.
  10. Im dead serious duck i didnt do anything i dont know what is up with the system why am i rebanned?