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  1. Is that what the evader ban is. Joining a server that is supposed to be blocked for certain ip addresses
  2. Sorry for steping off on the wrong foot. If this is the way you tray everyone then that luck that u still have people in your server. I have done nothing to make anyone one mad. And here u are being a jerk. We were just trying to solve an issue because we didnt think anything was wrong. So one explained to us what was wrong. Actually it was you. You were the first one to comment on mine and sack_o_matic commint. So I obviously did something wrong so please inform me. And if it makes you feel any better the only reason its school up is because I play at home. When I have nothing to do. So in ti
  3. I like that your are thinking like that. But most of the time we have time to do work. I don't study simply because these things are easy to me. If I were to show you my vrade they show that I'm doing fine in school. I only play when I think is necessary. If I think I need to study I will. I also look at it like school os first priority. And sport if the first message and this message came off mean. I didnt intend for them to sound like that
  4. So awhat if we have nothing to do. For example in my wood shop class I have finished everything. I have nothing to do so I jump on your servers. If I get banned I will not think twice about donation and I will leave your servers. And ill spread the word around many school knowing that most of the people on your sdrvers are in school.
  5. Name used: sack_o_matic GUID: cant find it Person who banned me: jamesbond Reason: evaded My side of the story: I was perm banned for evader. I dont know how I evaded. My computer was about dead so I command q the application to quit and put it on the charger. Then I went back to get on and it said "server disconnected". My friends was on at the time and told me it said I was perm banned for e"vader" by jamesbond. I attached a picture the my friend sent me.