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  1. K-PAX

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    thats why I dont play gun games. People quit wayyy to fast. I have theory on this one, on gun games people realize how bad they really are, but on TDM or any other type there is always this excuse of blaming your team mates instead of yourself
  2. K-PAX

    Stepping down

    its a mature decision.
  3. K-PAX

    My time to go

    Take care Jazz Be strong, hope to see you on forum again
  4. K-PAX

    infinity clan application

    Active player good knowledge of game and programs Reasonable thinking, investigates in details 0 complains, as Eragon mention 34 correct bans out of 35 Im sure Ninja gaming will only benefit from adding Him to group
  5. Also, you get different point of view, when you re-watch demo and can see players through wall, it can be very misleading and misjudging. I personally never knew there was this option on cod 4 player, I need to check it definitely. But still its better to have it off and ''feel'' player and his movement and reaction. THe interesting part is that once you get to understand his rhythm of his movement, crosshair placement, its very easy to spot that he does something suspicions, in fact it will be hard to spot any rhythm at all. since he will be more focusing of enemies rather than '''how to surprise them, and were should I place myself'' But in order to do that you need to have few long demos, so you can analyze all of them properly, otherwise its silly to make any statement on two, three kills. ofc Great Thread @TheMoment is there a chance for you one day to make a full tutorial on how to record (60fps full HD), render videos ? (I might do it myself but it has to be after my exams)
  6. K-PAX

    Ban Apple

    if I find more time later on, I will give my comments on this demo.
  7. K-PAX

    Ban Apple

    When you see someone making same writing mistake as I do often, put smile on my face Write og, instead of and (og means and in norwegian) @Sitting duck I could give some advises, and I do believe things like that should be spoken openly, brings more people to ''table'', the more people are involved the more details we are able to pick up. and came with stronger evidence.
  8. K-PAX

    Ban Apple

    I would like to have Opinion, on every kill (demo is quite short so it wont be a problem, and general movement of the player) from admin (who banned you) perspective, and why he decide to ban this player.
  9. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    I do believe I know what you are talking about Lucky What kind of mouse do you have ? and windows settings ? do you have mouse acceleration on ? If you are using laser mouse its ''easier to move'' and you become more accurate. I should say TOO accurate. One of reasons why I struggle so much about my mouse and sensitivity in game. I changed few mouse and for few months ago I bought first time Optic mouse. The biggest change was that I ''lost'' this small accuracy. for example, when you run in cod 4 straight forward while Using laser mouse your movement ''fallow'' slightly your wrist. When I changed to optic I felt like I just run straight forward I can not do any ''gentle'' movements. BUT I got way more accurate on long range + my qs is easier (since with laser mouse even slither movement while I scope effect my aim) in short : optic mouse makes your movement more ''stiff'' but you get this ''lock-on'' accuracy. (ofc mouse acceleration should be OFF in windows) I cant come with any other explanation of this ''lock-on'' aim. At the end its still ''skill'' since reaction is one thing, but being able to ''lock-on'' simply aim on your enemy in something you learn with time. (still recommend to watch two preciously maps - have exactly same ''lock on'' aim on team mates or general stuff I find suspicions at that exact moment) Feel free to ask me anything or just want to talk with me (ts)
  10. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    THe one thing that also can effect my reaction is FOV, since we have higher FOV on server it may look ''bit'' faster than usual. I just want to point out that I have fast reaction time even when I aim on my teammates, or as @THeMoment point out Empty space on top of tank (which players use a lot). and if you use time to watch preciously two maps I do that same. I have been learn to react to sound and combination with knowledge of maps can give such a ''unrealistic'' results. If there are any misunderstanding, just ask me, or maybe there are some test you would like to try. tell me (No extra settings / cheats / trailer have been used. All default settings, always plays on lowest settings, pretty decent high sensitivity)
  11. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    Ok Lucky I was wondering what is your all final opinion
  12. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    Thanks Lucky. I am glad you guys take things seriously, I do appreciate clean servers. As you all know I am recording almost every gameplay (since my graphic card is not working properly) so if you ever meet me on server and want demo just say, Pax can you upload demo on forum. You dont have to blow up your cover or anything, I will not ask any question. (But pls do remember if I do not hit any clip and I change server I re-write my preciously demo) Or just send me PM message about some kills / questions.
  13. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    I am always willing to help if anyone have some question about game, movement, right placement. anything feel free to ask
  14. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    IF only I had more time, I could upload entire games on yt with higher resolution or even stream so everyone can see it. Idk if you watched Greek Map TheMoment but there I believe are better proofs for ''team shooting'' and way faster reactions both on enemy and team (in general all moving objects). this is the way I found working here on high jumping servers, I cant ''hope'' for enemy to come out of doors, or windows I know they can be 15meters above my head so I try to stick my aim at the center of ''map'' so I have quickest way to react if someone appear.
  15. K-PAX

    Banned for Wallhack

    Thank you Jasper for understanding, and chance to explain all these kills.