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  1. stardust

    Wallhack Gabriel

    Name: Gabriel GUID: 07362828 Reason: Wallhack Proof: attached file (file upload was not working) 07e62828.dm_1
  2. stardust


    - Name: COunter & CID_123 - GUID: 735a4a9b - Reason: Wallhack - Proof: Video uploaded
  3. stardust

    duriman wallhack

    Name: duriman GUID: 84a4e074 Reason: Wallhack Proof: uploaded video
  4. stardust

    Doski Hack

    Nice self-assessment Biggie. 😂
  5. stardust

    being permanantly banned again

    So much anger inside of him, that is really sad to hear.
  6. stardust

    being permanantly banned again

    I can't understand why he do this? What is the fun to him? Is he angry at you guys? You don't need to answer me this. I only hope you can fix this soon. For all of us. And thanks for all you have to do. I know he gets on your nerves more than mine.
  7. stardust

    being permanantly banned again

    Thanks Duck!
  8. stardust

    being permanantly banned again

    I have been banned for multihack. I know, this must be a mistake, but it is a really annoying mistake. I helped out to get Odin/Gerc and than I get banned by myselfe? Maybe becouse he was playing for a while with my name. But it was not me. So please, would you unban me?
  9. stardust

    gerc and odin multihack

    - Name Gerc - GUID 599d78b2 - multihack - uploaded file and ... I think it was the same with another GUID - Name Odin - GUID 9c5e77a8 - Reason multihack - Proof uploaded file
  10. stardust

    WH attack Rix_mod

    - Name Rix_mod - GUID c37301e6 - WH - Uploaded file We had him yesterday. I tryed to kick him but he always came back.
  11. stardust

    being permanantly banned

    😂 no Lucky I don't. There was no need for that. I enjoyed it very much. Even, I did not know who you were until you changed your name at the end.
  12. stardust

    being permanantly banned

    No Duck I dont. You mean a permanet open radar? Wouldn't that be cheating as well? Yes it would! I told you, I don't cheat. My goal is to be good, very good. And that I wannet to be with my one skills and not with some help. That would not satisfy me. I know the most maps really exactly and even when I sporn, mostly I new exactly where I am and if there are enemy or not. When the regular radar is on, I watch the way they are going or where they are hiding. And even the radar is off then, I needet a little while untill they are all gone. So yes, I often know exactly where thy are, and that's why I am good. And yes, maybe that is a bit unfail, because I have that experience. But thanks god, I am not the only one. It would be boring to me. I sometimes slow down myself, because I don't wont enybody to leave because of me. And sometimes I go to the spect mode, when I feel the teams are more equal without me. Yes, I do have that social attitude, because I know, we are all there to have fun. And only get killed is not fun. I know that. And now I am tired of defending myself. 😉 I thank all for the general consensus of opinion and for unbanning me. Thanks! And don't hesitate to tell me: "Stardust please slow down" when I am getting on your nerves. I will do! Promised!
  13. stardust

    being permanantly banned

    Could you please tell me what you think is an evidence? That I played on this Sever for years and I know where they are sitting and hiding? Sorry Duck, I cant see any evidence. I just see me runnig arround and searching. I am a grown up man and not one of this childs who need to cheet to confirm there ego.
  14. stardust

    being permanantly banned

    Hey Guys, please can someone unban me? I was banned permanently during the game. I understand, that one or another think, that I am cheating. But I am not. Never have done and never will do.
  15. stardust

    Wallhack Klark & Gudron

    Name: first klark than gudron GUID: 2b853dc3 Wallhack Proof: 2 files uploaded