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  1. Interesting intro. Thanks for that! CU on the battlefield. The one whose name can't be written. 😄
  2. Hey Jo, a very nice and interesting introduction. My grandfather was French, but that's it with my connection to France. You seem to be an interesting person. Whenever you decide to go to Bali on foot, I will come with you to this adventure. : D
  3. For me this is totally ok, but I still do not understand the difference between outside the map or under map like this here. Some places outside the map are much more evil than this place.
  4. Should it not be okay, even if you shoot? After all, you are visible on the radar and you can be shot as well. You are not untouchable there. I know, a lot of people go there. It is not my style to sit an camp, but I try all and this is really a interessting place for camper. There is a wall, when you behind you cant be seen anymore, but you see all. So, no one can come to close. That's a bit unfair. True! But I am a hunter, and I get everyone. Even there. LOL! I came to this place, because someone was camping there. And after dying a hundret time I cached him. It was a lot of anger but also f
  5. Hey Anton, nice introduction! So now we are already three official Berlin Ninjas. Nice! We see us at the battlefield. ?
  6. Name: Gabriel GUID: 07362828 Reason: Wallhack Proof: attached file (file upload was not working) 07e62828.dm_1
  7. stardust


    - Name: COunter & CID_123 - GUID: 735a4a9b - Reason: Wallhack - Proof: Video uploaded
  8. Name: duriman GUID: 84a4e074 Reason: Wallhack Proof: uploaded video
  9. Nice self-assessment Biggie. ?
  10. So much anger inside of him, that is really sad to hear.
  11. I can't understand why he do this? What is the fun to him? Is he angry at you guys? You don't need to answer me this. I only hope you can fix this soon. For all of us. And thanks for all you have to do. I know he gets on your nerves more than mine.
  12. I have been banned for multihack. I know, this must be a mistake, but it is a really annoying mistake. I helped out to get Odin/Gerc and than I get banned by myselfe? Maybe becouse he was playing for a while with my name. But it was not me. So please, would you unban me?