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  1. 4oM0vOY

    Banned for wh

    Hey- I just reviewed these demos twice. I'm not sure why people thought I was wallhacking. I've played this server a ton so I know the usual places people hide in the maps. That's why I'll put a few shots through a wall to see if I get any hits or it draws someone out. In these demos though there are a lot of times I was killed that I wouldn't have been if I was hacking because I wouldn't have seen them (wap sniping from one of the rooftops in overgrown for example). These demos also don't show UAV or killcams, which is also how i figure out where people are. I used to play as Kostyusha if you
  2. 4oM0vOY

    Banned for wh

    Name: Stwongbad GUID: 14428ea0 (I think) Banning Admin: Don't know Admin’s Reason for Ban: Wallhack Your Side of the Story- I had a killstreak of 15 and was banned. Not sure why- I could see everyone I shot at.
  3. Kostyusha AF1D430AB ? Ban evade banned by grillby, rejoined wiithout a problem, banned for ban evasion
  4. Kostyusha GUID: f1d430ab Don't know banning admin Grill Really confused about what this ban means. Can someone help me out please? There was a hacker using aimbot called sen on there at the same time I was banned. This was definitely not me. Was this a mistake?
  5. 4oM0vOY

    Wallhack ban

    Thanks for reviewing this. I just want to get back to playing. I can see a few kills at the end that you might think are suspicious, but I use that rifle because I can scope in and out quickly and take some shots without a ton of recoil. You can see at the beginning of the video I miss quite a few times and my accuracy is less than 50%. But my gun has recoil, every player is visible when I take the shot, and my gun isn't snapping to players like that aimbot hacker that comes on all the time. I use the g3 in the same way most games. I also play with the tag kostyusha sometimes.
  6. 4oM0vOY

    Wallhack ban

    4oM0vOY c76ee6f3 Not sure wallhack I don't even know what a wallhack is and I had to google how to find my guid. No warnings and no one calling me out for cheating. I play this server all the time.