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  1. DILLY

    Forum accounts

    hey Duck i will not be as active during the summer, but once summer ends and school starts back up ill be up and running like usual!
  2. DILLY

    My time to go

    i will miss you a lot Jazz. I will forever remember the memories we have made killing @Buck_McFate also and you and i talking on the server. Love DILLY
  3. DILLY


    Hello this is all i was able to get GUID- 73f3f24D he kept changing names the last recent name he changed to was <trueno> before that was CHARLIE, then My name DILLY(that was his name before he started and i was already on) i do not have a rec. or demo due to the fact that i cant download them
  4. DILLY


    i was also in game and called an admin but James was able to file a report.
  5. DILLY

    Remove Downpour from map circulation?

    sorry about the run on sentences...LOL im not so good with typing, i type like i text.?
  6. DILLY

    Remove Downpour from map circulation?

    i can see the other players but not as easily as killhouse. i still like all the maps, and as @brando___cuenca pointed out the winter crash map that hasn't yet been used even though it is an actual map. i do also want to say where did shipment go, it was my favorite map and still is and i think other players miss the map as well as I. Back to the original point of this topic, i think you guys should shorten the map time to like 15-16 mins rather the usual 18 mins or so. and bloc is a map built for snipers and campers not so much people that like to full send. last but not least creek, i do like creek cuz you can hide and sometimes people wont even know your there unless they look around and see you name tag or you move. I say keep all three maps but maybe just shorten them a few mins or so. DILLY/FaZe Tide
  7. DILLY


    it works the same on mac, just tried it out, thanks for the info
  8. DILLY


    @i-G.Eragon85 remeber i can not download the demos if you werent aware of that. this was the best i can do.
  9. DILLY


    i think that is his name but i have a video of at least 3 or more kills by him. Couldnt get a GUID on him eithe hacker.mp4
  10. DILLY

    Ban Appeal

    your GUID is the number and letters that the game gives you... use the ~command and do $ig_plist and it should show your GUID
  11. DILLY

    Information and Why

    ok thank you for your guys feed back, and thanks for the encouragement and also the hard truth. I completely get if you guys do not accept the application or do accept. Thanks, DILLY/Faze
  12. DILLY

    Information and Why

    ok thank you for the information, and if there is someone that is ban evading then i will record and let you guys know ASAP. So are we like good now any other thing you guys would like to tell me? I do like feed back on how i play the game in other peoples eyes so i can get better and learn more about your guys server.. i will never do harm to put you or the server in danger i like to keep it clean and running smooth. DILLY
  13. DILLY

    Information and Why

    well sometimes you dont know and other people started to complain, my first thing was to call an admin but i didnt instead i called a vote, but i did watch him for 5 mins and if there was a admin on at the time then the situaton would have been dealt with quicker. i take full responsibilty of my actions and i will now go through the directions to record them or just call an admin instead of doing vote kick.. sorry about that. also when i was playing little girl was worried that if an admin saw him he would be kicked/banned so i didnt call an admin. Sorry, DILLY
  14. DILLY

    Information and Why

    thanks for the info and i know how to do the record hackers so thank you also i do record for youtube. i try to see how other players play the game so i can get a feel about it. I do not go under the name of Mr.Pineapple anymore that name has left me. thank you again, DILLY
  15. DILLY

    Information and Why

    Name-Logan Age-16 InGame Name-DILLY GUID-721bb4bb Past/Current Clans-nope, never done a clan References- Buck_McFate, ChrisG Reason for Wanting to Join- I've been on this server for almost 2 yrs now, I have made some really nice friends, and i like to keep the server running really smoothly as possible, I'm on like everyday too so like if you hop on you may see a name called DILLY and pretty much everyone knows me so thats good. Games Applying for (WaW/COD4)-COD4 Why Moderator instead of Admin? Why being a Mod, is because i don't feel like i have the full respect of everyone just yet to become a Admin plus i like to play the game and enjoy people trying to roast or compete like a few of my friends do when we are both on, plus like I'm still a teen so like why should i make a commitment to be a admin. I like being even a regular player, but sometimes the donators extra gift(flashes that kill you) annoys me but i get past it. So take this into consideration. Thank you for reading this! DILLY<3