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  1. hey Duck i will not be as active during the summer, but once summer ends and school starts back up ill be up and running like usual!
  2. @pollo thanks see you in the game as well
  3. Hi Im Dilly or on here Faze Tide, I have been on this server for maybe a yr or so. Im still learning the ins and outs of this server. Im from South Carolina, US. I was originally born in Ohio. I love sports, especially basketball. Right now there is this thing if you live in the US its called MARCH MADNESS, its were all of these colleges play in a tournament for basketball(ill let you guys do the research). I actually started playing video games on the Wii and then converted over to Xbox, i still play xbox 360, the game i play the most on there is Call of Duty Black Ops 2(im really good). i am in the 10th grade. Im still trying to my carree i would want to do, i may not be the brightest crayon in the box but i try to. Im like always trying to improve my gaming experiance on here. i have met so many new people and friends like, JAZ, Buck, Headlice and so many more. i really enjoy this server for many reasons one of them being you guys cheer me up cuz like not everyone has a great experiance in high school, im kinda talking about bulling, but thats more personal than anything. I do watch a lot of Youtube and have posted some videos of this server, i try to keep it PG, most of the time .I live by this motto call SEEK DISCOMFORT(look up YES THEROY on Youtube) and i have always been shy to new people but this server has helped me reach the motto, and is still helping. This game and server to me is like another family. i have some medical problems like having ADHD and ADD. I am planning to inlist into the Air Force once i graduate High School though. If any of you guys/gals know this app called TIK TOK well i make those for a meme purpose, and IM REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY BIG ON MEMES and thats one of the reasons why im named DILLY. How i got Faze Tide your asking well good question..... i got the name before ever coming on to your server, i was playing with some friends and ya know "snipers only bro" and so i was going ham on them, i end a game with having 53 Kills and only 12 DEATHS with only using a bolt sniper. my wepond of choice on COD4 is probably the Ak or G3 or M4, i usually use those the most. well i think thats a good amount of info about me..... i think? lol well see you on the SERVER friends, and oh DILLY DILLY (im not able to drink legally yet ) BYE and im still trying to post my FIRST NUKE that i got a few weeks ago.
  4. DILLY


    Hello this is all i was able to get GUID- 73f3f24D he kept changing names the last recent name he changed to was <trueno> before that was CHARLIE, then My name DILLY(that was his name before he started and i was already on) i do not have a rec. or demo due to the fact that i cant download them
  5. DILLY


    i was also in game and called an admin but James was able to file a report.
  6. sorry about the run on sentences...LOL im not so good with typing, i type like i text.?
  7. i can see the other players but not as easily as killhouse. i still like all the maps, and as @brando___cuenca pointed out the winter crash map that hasn't yet been used even though it is an actual map. i do also want to say where did shipment go, it was my favorite map and still is and i think other players miss the map as well as I. Back to the original point of this topic, i think you guys should shorten the map time to like 15-16 mins rather the usual 18 mins or so. and bloc is a map built for snipers and campers not so much people that like to full send. last but not least creek, i do like creek cuz you can hide and sometimes people wont even know your there unless they look around and see you name tag or you move. I say keep all three maps but maybe just shorten them a few mins or so. DILLY/FaZe Tide
  8. DILLY


    it works the same on mac, just tried it out, thanks for the info
  9. DILLY


    @i-G.Eragon85 remeber i can not download the demos if you werent aware of that. this was the best i can do.
  10. DILLY


    i think that is his name but i have a video of at least 3 or more kills by him. Couldnt get a GUID on him eithe hacker.mp4
  11. DILLY

    Ban Appeal

    your GUID is the number and letters that the game gives you... use the ~command and do $ig_plist and it should show your GUID
  12. ok thank you for your guys feed back, and thanks for the encouragement and also the hard truth. I completely get if you guys do not accept the application or do accept. Thanks, DILLY/Faze
  13. ok thank you for the information, and if there is someone that is ban evading then i will record and let you guys know ASAP. So are we like good now any other thing you guys would like to tell me? I do like feed back on how i play the game in other peoples eyes so i can get better and learn more about your guys server.. i will never do harm to put you or the server in danger i like to keep it clean and running smooth. DILLY
  14. well sometimes you dont know and other people started to complain, my first thing was to call an admin but i didnt instead i called a vote, but i did watch him for 5 mins and if there was a admin on at the time then the situaton would have been dealt with quicker. i take full responsibilty of my actions and i will now go through the directions to record them or just call an admin instead of doing vote kick.. sorry about that. also when i was playing little girl was worried that if an admin saw him he would be kicked/banned so i didnt call an admin. Sorry, DILLY
  15. thanks for the info and i know how to do the record hackers so thank you also i do record for youtube. i try to see how other players play the game so i can get a feel about it. I do not go under the name of Mr.Pineapple anymore that name has left me. thank you again, DILLY