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  1. Freddx

    Xephodias's Clan Application

    Congrats mate
  2. Freddx

    Freddx for Clan application

    Thaaaaank yoooou all
  3. Freddx


    Thank you Sir
  4. Freddx


    Yes, i wish he would have stayed longer, but his spider senses may have warned him. I think he guessed what was happening when i went to spectate Never mind, i keep the two demos and hope he ll be back soon!!! Mouhahahaha
  5. Freddx


    Name: caSta Reason: WH Guid: 917b2e53 917b2e53-1.dm_1 917b2c53-2.dm_1 He left before i record the 3rd one.
  6. Freddx

    Hack aimbot

    Name : ROYAL Guid: b1456089 Reason : aimbot No video
  7. Freddx


    F33styl3r Guid : 33c33cb70c0 Aimbot No video
  8. Freddx

    Freddx for Clan application

    First of all, a very big thank to welcome me like that!! I'll do my best to be as efficient as i can, and to introduce myself to the familly. I'll do my best to understand everything, but if i don t laugh to your jokes, i probably didn t get it ? I'll have a look to all the links you sent me. It can take a while, see reasons uper, and because i work 5/6 days a week for the moment. I'll get familiar with consoles commands and all the kits. I may help you with french and spanish. Thank you again
  9. Freddx

    Freddx for Clan application

    GUID: (Thank you Buck and Jasper :)
  10. Name : Freddy Age : 38 InGame Name : Freddx GUID: I don't even know where to get this Past/Current Clans : None References : IG-Lucky Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies : I'm hyperactive and a music and cinema passionated, i work in a social reinsertion center. I play COD4, my computer couldn't do better, :). Reason for Wanting to Join : i play for a while now and I love the "atmosphere", always good vibes. Games Applying for (WaW/COD4) : COD4