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  1. Nice! It looks great. My house went through I similar renovation. Lucky I was on holiday though so when I got home that what I arrived too. ??
  2. Hi, went to the blue mountains (Australia) and the photos and the view were amazing so I just wanted to share them. Enjoy: P.S The rock formation with the 3 upthrusts of rock are called the 3 sisters. Interesting Aboriginal story about them which is worth researching. The tunnel photo is of the old coal mines that were used in the late1800s. Blocked off but we managed to get our cameras inside to snap a photo. ( the network is over 100kms long)
  3. Sorry sarcasm isn't really visible when your typing
  4. In Australia, road rage is soooo common. It's all part of our thing of friendship......... Mate-ship for life!
  5. doesnt show everyone tho just me and 2 other people
  6. So, I just have a question, if there was a problem on a server and all the admins were divided on there opinion (like there were equal numbers of admins who agreed or disagreed), how would the admin solve it? Is there a "master admin" so to speak who's opinion would settle the argument? (im just curious on how the admin system actually works )
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    Just want to ask what is a club and what does it do?
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    HI everyone

    ok i sure will and i understand the responsibility and work load
  9. and how was my "warnings" disrespectful and abusive? im very confused
  10. ok plz ask them and come back to me. if i was disrespectful in anyway in the past i would like to apologise, as i did not mean any disrespect im still not sure when i did this but i will apologise