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  1. @general I'll try to be a little more tough on them about that. Sometimes it's hard to judge what is the proper punishment for a situation, but maybe it's time for some of the repeat offenders to get more than a day's ban. It really gets on my nerves too when people behave like that. I come here to relax not be insulted for playing a game in a way that I find fun. Thanks for always being civil even when you have people insulting you and cheating when they don't get their way.
  2. Sorry I forgot to turn off that stupid click thing on my recording.
  3. I made this video so people can better understand how to record and report hackers on WAW. WorldAtWar_report_info_video.mp4
  4. SKDM007 1788100910 WH Norecoil !admincall for wh. I thought he looked suspect earlier so I made the first recording. SKDM007 was shooting at people and pre-aiming when they weren't visible with no recon plane. Unfortunately I didn't catch this in a recording, but it looks like he doesn't have recoil either so maybe we can get him for that instead. I recorded the second after I cam back because of the admincall. 24h temp ban. SKDM007.dm_6SKDM007 2.dm_6
  5. MoomarBoomar.dm_6 1511253768 No recoil originally, I answered an admin call for no recoil and when I got there I wasn't entirely sure if that was the case. I'm pretty sure he's scroll shooting but whatever. Does someone else want to take a look and tell me what you think? If you need me to I can record the demo as an mp4 so you can see if you don't have World At War.
  6. OH right. Knew I was forgetting something... I've got it uploaded now.
  7. cncxv2 (408563299) Aimbot Got an admin call but didn't get there fast enough to catch much. But after A little while playing and a little prodding from -General- he turned on an aimbot so I hope it recorded properly. He left before I could get the tempban off.
  8. Also, couldn't get a tempban in time before he realized I was about to and left.
  9. i-G.Xephodias


    AIMBOT4SALE or GonePlatinum or a few others. 1510493828 Got messaged on discord about wallhack and aimbot. Only caught the aimbot. He kept switching accounts to prevent me taking action but I got his guid and a demo. Said "I'll be back ." etc. Hope it recorded properly. AIMBOT4Sale.dm_6
  10. kokek6 1353597007 aimbot kokek6.dm_6 I was on his team and thought his kills were suspect. At least this time I know it's aim-bot. ?
  11. Pathfinder68 Pathfinder68.dm_6 882360693 norecoil If anyone has ever played this game you should know that the type 100 is bad for range because of it's recoil. So when I see 5 to 6 plus head shots in a row with one it gets suspicious. I'm pretty sure this is no recoil. Oh and by the way. !calladmin wasn't working again. Hopefully I'm right.
  12. Pubstxmp 1486199537 aimbotPubstxmp.dm_6 This is one I'm not 100% sure he was using aimbot but after he shot me when I was outside the map where I wasn't currently visible I started recording. He keeps shooting before he can see people as he's coming around corners and such. Also I forgot the command to watch the demos in the game. Can someone please either comment it or message it to me please?
  13. Aimbot wsmorderly 171065737 Got a message on Discord from Töte die Französisch. I'm not entirely sure who this is but whatever. He said wsmorderly was using aimbot. I logged on and sure enough. On top of that he was arguing with people. So I gave a 12h ban. Should I be doing longer temp bans? Anyway, I hope it recorded properly. wsmorderly.dm_6