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  1. Name: CID_11 GUID: 9cc573ce Reason: Wallhacking and or aimbot Proof: Upload proof to HERE.
  2. Name: Malachi GUID: 805f91e4 Reason: I think wallhack. In some cases he had UAV but most of his shots we spot on. Sorry for the long video. I was trying to make it thur to the end. Proof HERE.
  3. Name: Zabaleta GUID: 4b6a903a Reason: Wallhack Proof HERE with GUID as the name of the file.
  4. Welcome to the forums Freddx I've seen you around. You're a good player hope to kill you sometime in a game.
  5. Hey all, I have a question. What is the demo player you all use so we can watch the demo we record. When I click on mine to watch it opens COD and I can't slow it down or pause. Thanks for your help Dr. Play-Doh
  6. press ~ than type this in $ig_plist
  7. Welcome to forum and server Native.
  8. Same here. I joined the game and the first thing that pops up is he trying to vote squab off. All because he was killing him... Like yolo said it happened twice.
  9. fb0799bf_dm_1.efa2a00bfeb393a9c547f138a3a22dfd
  10. Name: Tsunami GUID: fb0799bf Reason: Wall Hack Proof HERE
  11. Yolo, here a demo i got of him. Some of the shots on here look very suspicious. hope this helps. fb0799bf.dm_1
  12. He somehow is using name:_______28127 Guid: 60497190