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  1. See demo - this is near/under (in my opinion) that is near the watertower, just looking for clarification if this is allowed or not. In the beginning of the demo - not where he is moving to get around. Thank you. demo0131.dm_1
  2. Thanks in advance. demo0130.dm_1
  3. I don't - not sure how to get it sorry
  4. Thanks in advance demo0129.dm_1
  5. Player BlackPink using a wall hack or something. Thanks demo0126.dm_1
  6. OutFitter

    nasmork - bot

    nasmork Not sure how to get GUID using a bot proof attached demo0124.dm_1 demo0125.dm_1
  7. Sitting Duck, I have read the rules, and I brought 2 points of order to the admin's attention. Secondly, when I tried to connect, it simply states server disconnected. I did not see, nor have to time to see any "warning". Furthermore, I didn't use ANY foul language, so THIS ban and "warning" was put in place for what reason? I wasn't even informed as to the reason of the ban... no foul language, sorry. So, I'm totally at a loss here. I guess I won't get a reason either and although you said nothing personal, there are a few admins that make it personal. The admins in question, whomever they are, never reveal themselves and make it quite difficult to address or file any complaint if one is actually needed to be filed. Its "hidden" and that shows a rather impersonal format of dealing with members. I haven't used ANY profanity since I brought the rules to the attention and they were modified, because it was myself that mentioned it. Either way, if an admin takes action, we as a playing member (a long-time paying member at that), should HAVE the right to face their accuser and deal with it, not just blind, unkempt so-called justice. The ban appeal is fine, but it doesn't give you the ability to formally face your accuser.
  8. I know you guys don't like this - or even me.... I'm a good player, I've improved on venting, but I'm tired of being banned on stupid shit. Yes, I swore, I'm an adult and right now - I'm pissed! Last time, it took over 24 hours and it was a mistake, this time, who knows.... GOD it pisses me off to no end!!! I invited the person to report me if they thought I was cheating.... then bam... banned.
  9. I have yet again been banned - after someone called me a noob and using a wall hack. For starters - I have *NEVER* cheated and couldn't even tell you how or where to even GET the software to do so. I refuse to have someone call ME a noob and not be able to respond in kind with the same thing. I've been falsely banned before and here I am again. Like it or not, don't accuse me of something then someone actually ban me. It's ridiculous and completely uncalled for.
  10. Yeah - took a few hours tonight off from work, got rid of the kids to play and well, seeing how this is the only server I play --- back to work I suppose. Whatever. Not sure why it takes so long but again - Good night. I'm "out". Hopefully by tomorrow this will be fixed.
  11. Name (This is the name you were using when you were banned) - OUTFITTER GUID - GOD KNOWS - maybe this is it?e9f1bb282b3e42199234aae49fdaa3c8 - I am only guessing because I took a photo with my phone.... and its slightly blurry Banning Admin - Again, who knows Admin’s Reason for Ban - Screen said "Multihack" Your Side of the Story - Ummmm - I DON'T HACK!! Never have nor would I either. No side to tell other than playing, minding my own business and then BAM - I'm banned!?!?!?!?
  12. I have to say that I'm rather ticked off about this one - I truly HOPE it was an admin that made a mistake or didn't know what the hell they were doing. I DON'T HACK, for one... secondly, I can't stand people that DO!! Someone needs to review this and UN-ban me because it was erroneously and possibly even maliciously done. Sorely Aggravated, OutFitter