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  1. Yolomonkey


    Name- Yaldabaoth GUID-b92a41e4 Reason-Hacks b92a41e4.dm_1
  2. Listen buddy, I know its tough for you. but you have to be patient and wait for the admins to say what they have to say.
  3. abd9d07e.dm_1 NAME - Obnoticus GUID - abd9d07e I dont really know how the hack is called. but first he was shooting bricks from his pistol. then he used some kind of hip-firing ambot.
  4. Alright sorry for the inconvenience
  5. name: 359* eknyS GUID: d78cdb66 im pretty sure he has wh and it appears that he is a vip because he used special grenades.. this demo is NOT speeded up, the player moves really quickly, draws and switches guns rapidly. pls look at the entire footage d78cdb66.dm_1
  6. This player is Nadorix but his GUID was temp baned by vote kick and i wanted this GUID to be banned.
  7. Name: Motionblut GUID: eabff56d reason: aimbot proof: eabff56d.dm_1
  8. Ok i understand. Sorry ill be more careful next time
  9. well to be honest, I didn't really know what to say because last time I did a report, there was not an official warning sent to the player. most of the time, when I warn a player for foul language for example, they usually continue and don't care what I say because I have no powers. "I was a bit surprised when you showed up with a "Y" to support the vote" I did not support the vote, I actually meant"why" but I used the letter "y" because I didn't know what the player did to deserve a temp ban and wanted to know the reason.I know that I should have used more professional grammar and I apologize for that.
  10. Is there a way that i can set my graphics on my yolomonkey account back to normal because its very annoying
  11. Well for me the graphics are worse. I mean the game is playable but you can barely see the names of the servers when you turn on the game. whats wierd is that when I start a new profile, the graphics are clean and perfect.
  12. He changed his GUID
  13. Yeah i would defently love to kniw how you guys work and little by little im learning to be an “admin”. And i would love to interact with you guys more on discord because if i eventually become an admin, it will be very important for me to know who i am working with
  14. name: HULTAJJAREK GUID: 8865738c this player constantly uses vote kick towards SquabSquad. I think he does this because he gets annoyed of how good Squab is. I've seen him abuse this feature and I think that a warning should be given. 2 mins ago in game, he used it 2 times. squab will post screen-shots. I've seen him doing this in the past to other players.
  15. welcome to the server Native, hope to see you in game.