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  1. Beware of the "Rover" 😉 ... during your captivity you could watch the Season 1 Episode 1 - Arrival, if you want. you will find it here: youtube This TV series also came in German TV. But at this time I was too young for this and I even couldn't see it in TV because it only was showing in western -TV. don't think that it also was shown in the former GDR. btw... here they also are thinking about a lockdown. I think it will come soon. Then we can only go to work, buy groceries and go to the doctor ... if we can still do it ...
  2. maybe there is a solution to run a windows-os with a virtual machine on a mac ... not sure, but I think Pollo is doing this somehow
  3. Hey "birthday-CHEVY" all the best to you, have a wonderful and relaxed day🍻
  4. hey @i-G.Jo7 - welcome aboard. Nice to see that i-G. in connection with your name 👍
  5. I would say - the "cheater hunter" par excellence! ... +1 of course from me
  6. congrats @i-G.Smitty68129, welcome aboard
  7. hey great news, congrats son... @i-G.>kill'em all<
  8. Hey Jo, thanks for your intro! It's always nice to know who I shoot in the game ... 😉 But seriously - it is very interesting what others do, where they come from, what they are concerned with and what their thoughts are. So I was happy to read from you. You are a cool and very skillful guy and you know how to behave. It's fun to be in the game with you. We have played together quite a few times, even if you may not have realized it that way. Carry on with everything you enjoy! By the way, your English is not that bad - I understand it very well - which didn't mean anything ... since my own English is certainly very "funny" 🤣 ... I look forward to seeing you in the game!
  9. this guy is wall hacking for sure and can be permanent banned, thanks @i-G.ZIGFRIED
  10. i-G.Leon

    091 wh

    I totally agree! In this demo and in the demo in this report we see 2 hackers cheating on each other. I also suppose they even know each other. Unfortunately we have no IP from 091. I could bet it's similar to Your_Father's IP ... I have banned both players. Thank you again @Jo7 for your good work!
  11. you'll find my opinion in this post: link
  12. i-G.Leon


    In general, I think that there is not enough evidence in the videos to maintain a permanent ban. So in my eyes it should be lifted. But @MikkaMakkaMoo - I also see some strange or suspicious situations and I absolutely understand why the admin decided to ban you in game. Spraying at the wall: randomly? https://youtu.be/GqLBOi2dbxc The kill of Trump at the stairs: eagleeyes? https://youtu.be/OX056tELvNs last but not least - and really weird - the kill of Trump trough the wall: https://youtu.be/MP6CcTekGRQ Could you please have a explanation for this? In addition, your attitude does not really contribute to building trust. ... you want to appear really skilled and experienced as you will give tips to our admins: ...you told us that you are playing this server for more than 4 years and it seems you dont know what "wh" is? ...sorry - its really hard to trust your words ...
  13. happy birthday @i-G.Sitting Duck I wish you all the best! Have a great day!! ...unfortunately the storm, we currently have, blows in the opposite direction, otherwise I would be at your party in 10 minutes 😉 ...
  14. Hi, why do we have two different registrations from you at our forums?