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  1. I watched the video 2x - and several sections of it several times. (which was a lot of effort due to the length of the video 😜 ) I also think he uses wallhack. I saw several suspicious kills on 50year-old, Graig and primo of course. As far as I have noticed, he never called UAV. But he pretty well avoided to pre aim to his opponents, whom he obviously already saw through the wall. I looked for his GUID in the panel in case he might have been suspicious before. But there was nothing. I also didn't find his GUID in any of my screenshots, which I usually take from the player list several times a day. So I think he used a generated GUID, because I have never seen this GUID with us before, but he was very familiar with the low-gravity version, as is common on our server. In my eyes, there are many indications that he is a cheater. Here you can find more information: link Of course I am also interested in further opinions
  2. i-G.Leon

    Ban Appeal

    In my eyes, Moose doesn't use wallhack. I don't see him tracing others through the walls. Neither in the pipeline nor in Crossfire. He ran past too many opponents that he should have seen if he used a wallhack and he missed too much targets - as he seems to had no time enough to aim better. I also couldn't see that he started aiming before his opponent came out from behind a wall. What sometimes looks suspicious is that he is hiding behind a wall and pausing for a moment - as if he could see something behind it - but mostly there was nothing behind the wall. It is often difficult to decide in the game because situations are always in originalspeed sees. When we watch the recordings, we can repeat suspicious situations and may see then, what we did not see when we first looked at them. ... so - my opinion - no wallhack. I also would looking forward to hearing others opinions
  3. good catch, well done, son 👍
  4. Happy birthday, wishing you all the best. Have a great day, even when the big party with much friends can't be in this weird time... Make the best out of it and enjoy the day.
  5. yesterday night I asked Pollo, and he confirmed to me, that he is playing COD4 via Windows7 on his Mac. But he is using "Parallels Desktop", not Boot Camp He said, it works fine to him...
  6. i-G.Leon


    I'm sorry to see Mars go, but it seems to be his decision. I would be happy if we see each other again sometime in the game. Have a good time and all the best for you @Mars
  7. i'm not sure, but I think Pollo is running windows on his mac to play COD4 maybe I mix some up, but I think he had issues after updating his mac to play COD4 and so he is using a kind of virtual windows machine on his mac...
  8. i-G.Leon

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    thanks @i-G.BiggiE , good catch I think. I also watched the whole video with lightgrid. In my eyes I see a lot of very suspicious kills - but the catch in your separate clip is really brilliant. I think he tried to hide his wallhack sometimes but I see enought evidences for wallhack in the video, so he can stay banned. Good job @i-G.BiggiE
  9. Beware of the "Rover" 😉 ... during your captivity you could watch the Season 1 Episode 1 - Arrival, if you want. you will find it here: youtube This TV series also came in German TV. But at this time I was too young for this and I even couldn't see it in TV because it only was showing in western -TV. don't think that it also was shown in the former GDR. btw... here they also are thinking about a lockdown. I think it will come soon. Then we can only go to work, buy groceries and go to the doctor ... if we can still do it ...
  10. maybe there is a solution to run a windows-os with a virtual machine on a mac ... not sure, but I think Pollo is doing this somehow
  11. Hey "birthday-CHEVY" all the best to you, have a wonderful and relaxed day🍻
  12. hey @i-G.Jo7 - welcome aboard. Nice to see that i-G. in connection with your name 👍
  13. I would say - the "cheater hunter" par excellence! ... +1 of course from me
  14. congrats @i-G.Smitty68129, welcome aboard