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  1. i-G.Leon

    BiggiE's App.

    Congrats @i-G.BiggiE Welcome aboard!
  2. i-G.Leon

    Christian wh

    good catch @i-G.ZIGFRIED, this player is wallhacking for sure and can be permanent banned Well done!
  3. i-G.Leon

    BiggiE's App.

    Yes, I remember that name... I can imagine, he was a weird guye... He even banned me once, because I was shooting randomly at the blue ac boxes at the roof and hit him by chance ... It was a pity. There were a few good people playing on the server and they were all upset by Lunar. But bad and sad things are also good for something new - that's how I got on the i-G server. And that was the best thing that could have happened to me - I was warmly welcomed and there are really great people here!
  4. i-G.Leon

    BiggiE's App.

    Hey BiggiE, thanks for your application. we've played with each other many times, (often maybe without you knowing it). Thank you for your previous reports, you have a good eye for cheaters. Keep it up! +1 off course btw.. didn't know that you also has been a former {SOB}
  5. i-G.Leon

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    Welcome aboard, mate. See you in game.
  6. i-G.Leon

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    absolutely agree! ? @ZIGFRIED thanks for your application we have played with each other many times, although you may not have known it ... but if you decide to keep shooting me all time, I will pull my +1 back for you!
  7. i-G.Leon

    While we Wait

    ...wow - and the luggage rack on the bike looks strong enough for a big box of beer cans ! Very helpful!
  8. i-G.Leon

    Mikra aimbot

    This player was hacking for sure. Thank you for the report. Good catch @ZIGFRIED, well done! Player mikra is banned now by guid.
  9. i-G.Leon


    I try to translate: He told us that his English is not good enough that he can express himself clearly and without misunderstandings. Further he declares again, he is'nt able to delete warnings he got. He dont know how. Referring to the post of Sitting Dug above, he says - he is not a liar and he does not lie. He also dont know why he should do this. He assume there are thousands other server who he can play, so he won't waste his time anymore to discuss with us if he is a fair player or not. He feels that we do not want him on our server, why eve r. He wants to end the matter at this point and he will leave it. As he said he is grateful for our patience - his patience is at an end right now. So he accept to be out ...
  10. i-G.Leon


    I feel he tries to say that he think i-G.CHEVY TRUCK had unban him and obviously he has remove his warnings. He (so i-G.CHEVY TRUCK) would apologize for the mistake. (I personally think he mixed up somethings) Himself has no idea how he should remove or delete the warnings. And we should better ask some of our clanmembers / admins - if someone of them had delete the warnings at him. At least this sence comes up, if you try to translate word by word from German to English... In this case is the word "rausgenommen" a German word in a English sentence. It means deleted, remove, ... ... and I thought my English would be still the worst ... ?
  11. i-G.Leon

    Getting out of broadcast

    thanks for sharing this @ZIGFRIED, I already know that way out of map there and i've also been called "cheater" for this... ? You are right, it only works with vip jump 4. When you are out of map at this way, you also can jump on the top of the mainbuilding from the back side, but be careful, there also are death zones...
  12. i-G.Leon


    @cyanidrecords please write everything you want to communicate about your problem just and only here in this report and not in the public chatbox! I also recommend you to write the text in English AND in your native language - many things seems are misleading, like you express yourself in English ... Thanks! Bitte schreibe alles, was du über Dein Problem mitteilen möchtest, nur hier in diesen Bericht und nicht in die öffentliche Chatbox! Ich empfehle Dir auch, den Text in Englisch UND in Deiner Muttersprache zu verfassen - viele Dinge erscheinen irreführend, so wie Du Dich in Englisch ausdrückst ... Danke!
  13. i-G.Leon


    I also watched the video and I also think he uses some cheat but he avoids shooting his opponents directly through a wall. But you can see that he expects the enemy to come out from behind a wall ... so I think he sees someone standing behind the wall, he just waits until he comes out. But I think we do not have enough proof to giv a ban - but in any case, this player is one we should watch well. Thank you for your good work @Biggie - please keep it up!
  14. i-G.Leon

    Possible Hacker

    I also found this guy weird ... honestly - I also suspected him of having made some "forbidden modification" on his gun. But I also find the idea, of putting the firebutton on both mouse buttons, very interesting. I think I'll give it a try. But anyway - good job @>kill'em all< thats the way to learn how things are going If anything's are weird to you, make a report and experienced admins will watch it and give their opinion. Well done!
  15. i-G.Leon

    Clan Application

    I absolutely agree with you@i-G.Jazz. and @i-G.Charlie So far, I have never asked my son if he would like to join the clan. I think he should make such a decision himself. That's why I thought it was good that he was asked by other administrators. It looks like he's really interested and I explained and showed him a few things as well. So I'm looking forward to the first reports from him. Of course, all stages on the way to becoming a clan member should be completed. That's good and important! I am happy that he wants to be a part of the family and of course I will support him as far as I can.