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  1. i-G.Leon

    Possible Hacker

    I also found this guy weird ... honestly - I also suspected him of having made some "forbidden modification" on his gun. But I also find the idea, of putting the firebutton on both mouse buttons, very interesting. I think I'll give it a try. But anyway - good job @>kill'em all< thats the way to learn how things are going If anything's are weird to you, make a report and experienced admins will watch it and give their opinion. Well done!
  2. i-G.Leon

    Clan Application

    I absolutely agree with you@i-G.Jazz. and @i-G.Charlie So far, I have never asked my son if he would like to join the clan. I think he should make such a decision himself. That's why I thought it was good that he was asked by other administrators. It looks like he's really interested and I explained and showed him a few things as well. So I'm looking forward to the first reports from him. Of course, all stages on the way to becoming a clan member should be completed. That's good and important! I am happy that he wants to be a part of the family and of course I will support him as far as I can.
  3. i-G.Leon

    User LIKSA video attached

    Thanks for uploading the demo. Well done! Will have a look at it when I'm home this evening. Would be nice if you could take the GUID of a suspected player, next time. Here you can find how to do a report: how to record hackers btw - we already have the GUID of him: 938cab44 Thanks!
  4. i-G.Leon

    Opinions on Rex

    Hahaha @i-G.Jazz I think i've several records of him (hope I'llfind them... have a new PC now...) and tomorrow (when I'm sober) I'll watch the demo, but I feel he is cheating of course... so in advance- good job Charlie!
  5. i-G.Leon

    duriman wallhack

    Hi Stardust thanks for your report, welldone mate! It's clear wallhack. I also got his IP. Player is permbanned. Thank you!
  6. i-G.Leon

    gerc aimbot and wh on TDM

    Hey pollo, thanks for your report, mate. Well done. This player already got permanent banned yesterday in game. Thanks, same to you too. 😎
  7. i-G.Leon

    TeamSpeak3 server

    To be honest, I have never used it. My English pronunciation is certainly so bad that hardly anyone understood me ... but maybe I would have won all games with it, because my opponents would have itself all laughed to dead ... 😅
  8. i-G.Leon


    Thanks for all @RedRose, not at least for the support and guidance you gave me to become an administrator. I wish you all the best.
  9. i-G.Leon

    My time to go

    ... right - it is completely unexpected for me. Yesterday, I could not find the right words when I read your message and I didn't want to believe what I had to read ... I am really very sorry and I am more than sad to have to accept your decision. Whatever the reason for your decision, you have to decide for yourself. I just want to let you know that you will be missed from all of us and whatever you see for yourself - you have been a great and very important part of the admin team. Personally, I hope that we will continue to keep in touch. Many thanks for all what you have done! You will be more than missing!!! Hope to see you in game, from time to time... Leon
  10. i-G.Leon

    infinity clan application

    I remember that i had the same issue with the application of tgk - i was able to react to the post by like-symbole or so, but i couldn't write a comment to it ... even that the application was still open... but at this case - @i-G.TheMoment wrote this application by self and now he cant comment it... - thats still more weird... btw. I wrote my comment in the same adress as it is on Era's screenshot: "https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2676-infinity-clan-application/&tab=comments#comment-20193" I think, the different is just the ending "...&tab=comments#comment-20193", wich means the page is open in a extra-tab and the user is currently creating a (consecutively numbered) comment
  11. i-G.Leon

    infinity clan application

    😂 Congratulations and welcome!
  12. i-G.Leon

    .I have long been banned on your server for "wh"

    his last post was on April 23th. Jasper got no answer for his question, it seems we will not expect further reactions of fred2035, so it can be locked in my eyes... (just my opinion)
  13. i-G.Leon

    infinity clan application

    +1 thanks for your application!
  14. i-G.Leon

    Ban Appeal Notti

    I also was watching the demo several times - also in slow mo... about the kill of Raibek (see the 2 following pics below) ...now, it would be possible, to see him - I'm shure, i would'nt see him there as fast during i would run trough the rooms, but he meight have more skill and faster eyes than me... so here I agree with @i-G.Sammas09: this should not count as evidence but about the kill of Jasper (see the 3 following pics below) Notti was shooting a lot of times on this wall, without to see if there are someone behind it. (without wh) I also can't remember that there was a uav running for his team in this time. In my mind, this was the kill it was numbered as 2 in the demo. @Notti - how do you declare this situation? And at least - It would be new for me that we have region blocks to Sweden, so I think you would not need this to play at the i-G. servers ... but using a VPN makes the player pretty suspicious in my eyes. So all in all - I feel we have not enough evidences for hacks and if using a VPN is no reason for a ban, I think and agree that the ban should be removed.
  15. i-G.Leon

    .I have long been banned on your server for "wh"

    First you need to activate the console in Game Options Step 1: Join any PunkBuster protected CoD4 server. Step 2: Open the console (default: SHIFT and the ^ -key - if not you can look in the key mapping). Step 3: Now type / pb_myguid in the command line (to see the complete 32-digit GUID) or / pb_plist for the last 8 digits Step 4: The CoD4 PunkBuster GUID is now displayed directly after GUID =. For example, the CoD4 PB GUID in the screenshot ends on a0da237c. These last 8 characters are the GUID good luck! удачи!