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  1. Thanks all of you for the input. Will try to follow all advises received. Yesterday I have told Redgun and Dilly about the new server - they've tried to join the new server right away. But the result was the same as mine - both have received the KEY CODE IN USE message.
  2. My only BIG wish for the new server is at least to get there ;)). Keep getting message - Key code in use. Please try later . I have not this problem on the old server. I have never shared the key with anyone. I have followed the community suggestion to re-enter my key code - doesn't help, to delete codkey file in registry - lost my statistic, but the main problem is still with me. Would like to get any suggestions/ solution to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for the help S3quoia
  3. There is a player on HighJump TDM server nickname "ahaselimasas" using aimbot and WH. Server can't find his slot number by his name. He kicked and temporarily banned me from server without the vote, therefore I can't provide his GUID. Knucklehead and Proudnoob are the witnesses. S3quoia
  4. I witness It wasn't Buck who kicked him. But most likely he was kicked for using profanity language in the discussion.