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  1. You are correct is my responsibility but that happened when we had that pc in the "Cyber Cafe" but now that cyber does not exist anymore and now the PC is in my house and I would like to play again on its servers I have not done nothing bad I promise you, the pc now I have it in my house, in my room it is personal and I use it for school work and I decided to install the cod4 again to play in my free time but I never felt called by other servers, only your servers were to my liking, I hope you understand me):
  2. I don't understand very well, everything was going well until I was banned and I went to see the reason and I said "The ban is still active" and through the old appeal I saw that they banned me from cheating about 2 years ago and I've always played fair in their Servers, the only bad thing about me was my bad behavior. I would very much like to return to your servers as a changed person
  3. I promise to manage my behavior very well, I already put aside that young rebel that I was and now with 17 years I think I have already changed a lot
  4. Thank you very much for the advice. As for what I have to say, I played without prohibition and that came out overnight, but I don't know why they banned me again if I played normal, says "Active Prohibition." That's what I still don't understand if I already filed my appeal and it was taken away.
  5. Name: SOY ECUATORIANO (That is the name if I am not mistaken) GUID: Idk Banning Admin: I do not remenber Admin’s Reason for Ban: I don't remember what happened, that was almost a year ago. Your Side of the Story: I was expelled 1 year ago if I am not mistaken, I do not remember the reason, and a month ago I returned to this of Cod4 and, as I always liked their servers, I decided to make this appeal to see if after months I could return to their servers, I know I have a past not very beautiful on their servers due to my bad behavior, but the truth is that if I ask you to accept me again on your servers, I miss them a lot) Thank you, I await your response and whatever you decide I will accept Regards.
  6. I do not know if my opinion would be good, since I comply with my prohibition, but I will give it. When I was playing on the servers, I saw that many people were leaving when they touched the map, because it said "Drummod", the map is very dark and the fog and rain do not see the other players. In another case, they could remove it and place the map that was one of my favorites. The Christmas version of "Crash" is an excellent map. Well, I think you did not mind my opinion, but I already told you.
  7. Name: "SOY ECUATORIANO" GUID: 1824f356 Banning Admin: iG.Sitting Duck Admin’s Reason for Ban: "La prohibición de 2017 sigue activa" Your Side of the Story: Well, I came back after several months and I wanted to know if they could give me the opportunity to re-enter their servers, they forbade me because someone used "Hack" with the same "ip" as me, in the year 2017. (I do not understand what that was the month) I have never used piracy, I do not know who entered with my ip and I enter with traps, I played for almost 3 years on their servers, so they became my favorite servers and at that time I learned many things. And I knew that they do not allow themselves "pirouettes", so I want to know their decision, I will understand any decision I make. I would like to return to your servers with your authorization and do not worry, I will not enter without your approval. I'm sorry, my English is a little bad. Thank you. ❤️
  8. In other words, we have not done anything and you forbid us to play on your servers? the truth I did not like your answer we did not do anything to prevent us from entering your servers you know that we have been conporting very well
  9. I mean, can not I ever play on their servers again? That's wrong if we are only 3 of us who play at this time on their servers we do not use other names only we are 3 (I AM ECUATORIAN, MATEO ___ CHAVEZ and BRYANECUADOR) only we play now on their servers I just want to play again if they gave me one option ❤️
  10. I was watching that Chevy test and well it is hack but I say what it was? if in the cybercafe nobody uses those nonsense and as I told you the prohibition was in a computer and in the others if we can play for that bryanecuador that he has nothing to do with this juice yesterday and was banned nose the truth how to go back to play if I saw that Matilty himself is a hack but I say who he was and now do not know what to do to return to his servers can give me options? to play again because I do not know what to do
  11. Estaba viendo las dos pruebas de la Guía y la primera soy yo, pero la segunda prueba de un llamado Francotirador no soy yo porque nunca usé ese nombre y casi no jugué en el servidor de la FFA
  12. Nombre Mataitil5 GUID 1824f356 Banning iG.Sitting Duck Razón del administrador para prohibir a La prohibición de 2017 sigue activa Tu lado de la historia I do not understand what prohibition is still active in 2017 if I already arrange things with you about my prohibition?We never use that name, and no one uses it, it's half weird because I do not know why it was the prohibition and if they have proof, please show them to me. Thank you ❤️ .
  13. And if I make the appeal you will not accept it since it says that it has proofs with that hack on your server last year I do not understand the truth I just want to go back to play since I was not forbidden and I behaved well in its servers and I just want to play again ❤️
  14. Why can not we go back? You know that this prohibition was last year and we do not prohibit the server, so neither I nor my friends have problems with piracy, I'm sorry, but I played again on the other computers because WE are not the ones that are forbidden. Thank you ❤️