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  1. I've opted for slightly more cheerful art piece 🙂
  2. I've watched the demo and yes there are some suspicious kills but I haven't seen any definitive evidence of wallhackery. I've played against a VFX before and remembered he was good but not dominating to a point that would trigger suspicion on my part. Another case of let's keep an eye out for this one?
  3. Salut Jo, I would say yes on this one. Found Rose 3 times with no UAV looking at her through walls. Pretty clear for me.
  4. oh happy birthday Rosey! xx
  5. Hi Hex, nice intro, glad to know a bit more about you. Do you have a youtube channel when you post some of your time lapse stuff? Would really like to see. I also would like to do more photography but lacking time because of work, family and music. See you in game. Cheers from Montreal!
  6. Hello @Fluffy Bunny, thank you for the apology, and in turn I also apologize if you thought my dismissal of your suspicions was inappropriate, but I thought the likelihood that an admin was in fact using wallhack was very low, specially when I was just talking to this admin in chat and could verify it was not just an impersonator using the same name but in fact the real admin with admin credentials.
  7. Came across this wall hacker. Managed to record just enough to confirm he was indeed wall hacking, however he left then came back but I could not spectate him. He had a hack that prevented me from recording. Then my Mac crashed, but it might not be related. Old iMac here from 2011 is nearing retirement. So I could not ban this guy in time. Please review asap and take appropriate measures. Thanks Name: Huligan GUID: 2a8bc601 Reason: wallhack https://www.mediafire.com/file/kveakqnp8zz1v94/Huligan_2a8bc601.dm_1/file
  8. I would also echo @i-G.BiggiE's statement about your in-game attitude. Just keep in mind that some of the players you complain about receiving a nade or a toob from are the same ones sticking up for you when you get reported. A little in-game respect goes a long way no matter who you play against.
  9. So nice to know more about you Jo. I pictured you older because you are very mature in-game, very polite with the knifing 😉 and always a pleasure to play with. Thanks for recording so many potential hackers lately, you definitely contribute to making this channel cleaner. Maybe a clan application soon? 🙂 Cheers mon ami, on s'poignarde bientôt 😉
  10. welcome to the fam @i-G.Smitty68129!
  11. 1. name: MK19 2. GUID: 6eced018 3. Reason: wallhack 4. Recording: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2z70t580o999frb/6eced018_MK19.dm_1/file
  12. I agree with @i-G.Sammas09 here, the only kill that was suspicious to me was Trump through the wall. However, just before he shoots you can hear gun fire towards the right, then he turns and sprays to finally hit Trump. Based on this I don't think there is enough here to warrant a ban. @MikkaMakkaMoo Thanks for being patient with this process. We work hard to keep this server clean and sometimes it means having to wait a bit to get back in. Cheers
  13. i-G.ZIGFRIED


    I have reviewed both demos and have not seen any clear indication that @lisa is cheating or using wallhack. Having played with Lisa many times I know the skill level is high and the gameplay consistent with someone who plays with intensity, who knows the maps well and can randomly hit typical hiding spots like vents and such. Apart from the complaining about "noob tubers" as you put it @lisa, which I'd suggest you do less of, I would recommend that the ban be lifted until more obvious proof of cheating is presented.
  14. i-G.ZIGFRIED

    DNS wh V2

    Name : DNS GUID : fd76ee4a Reason : wh https://www.mediafire.com/file/lyrumt7vvtb682q/fd76ee4a_DNS_wh.dm_1/file Supported by Jo7 who made the initial recording. Temp banned 30d.
  15. i-G.ZIGFRIED

    Larucho wh

    Name : Larucho GUID : c4d4cee5 Reason : wh https://www.mediafire.com/file/ubs3h9xp8h9vpvr/c4d4cee5_-_Larucho.dm_1/file temp banned 30d
  16. forgot to mention I temp banned him 30d
  17. Name : jhrue9tjhnbi GUID : 6412788a Reason : wh https://www.mediafire.com/file/nyhqjb35b16drkr/6412788a_-_jhrue9tjhnbi.dm_1/file
  18. i-G.ZIGFRIED

    Christian wh

    This guy was tracing through walls and just shady overall, I temp banned him 30 days Name: Christian GUID: 5c016597 Reason: wallhack demo here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iice00l0j6nikyo/5c016597_Christian_wh.dm_1/file
  19. I've played with Biggie for a while now and always find he is a class act. +1
  20. We’re just a couple of cool cats in the canadian country winter enjoying a yes i agree a tad girlie beer but still quite tasty nonetheless. I wish you all a great 2020 with plenty of love and health which is all that really matters. Cheers my friends! ?
  21. already got some in stock, will spend new year's eve outside next to a big fire while sipping some fine white belgian beer, cheers!