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    Christian wh

    This guy was tracing through walls and just shady overall, I temp banned him 30 days Name: Christian GUID: 5c016597 Reason: wallhack demo here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iice00l0j6nikyo/5c016597_Christian_wh.dm_1/file
  2. I've played with Biggie for a while now and always find he is a class act. +1
  3. We’re just a couple of cool cats in the canadian country winter enjoying a yes i agree a tad girlie beer but still quite tasty nonetheless. I wish you all a great 2020 with plenty of love and health which is all that really matters. Cheers my friends! ?
  4. already got some in stock, will spend new year's eve outside next to a big fire while sipping some fine white belgian beer, cheers!
  5. So what would be an appropriate use of VIP nades? I'm curious
  6. Name: Frederic Age: 47 InGame name: ZIGFRIED GUID: 86ef4302 Past/Current clans: None References: iG-Jazz, Red Rose, iG-Lucky (I think most admins know me) Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies: As I mentioned in my 'Introduce yourself' post, i'm really passionate about music, more specifically guitars. Played drums for a long time but for the past 7-8 years i've been focused only on the guitar. I've been playing with the same bunch of guys for over 2 years and it's the most fun i've had in a musical project. You can check our last gig back in may here. Latest acquisition was a Harmony Meteor guitar from 1958, definitely the oldest guitar I've ever had and one of the most satisfying purchases i've made. Reason for Wanting to Join: I've been playing this server for a few years now and for a long time i've been a mostly passive player in terms of reporting hackers. Recently though, after figuring out what I was doing wrong with the recording/playback of demos (thanks Rose), I've been on a mission to record and report every single hacker I come across. I think the community has a great bunch of people and I want to do my part to keep it alive with players who respect the rules and come to have a good time. Games Applying for: COD4
  7. Name: nysqwik GUID: 26b61b40 Reason: aimbot and wallhack Proof : demo recording below https://www.mediafire.com/file/8jhifbdgs9hff4x/26b61b40_nysqwik.dm_1/file
  8. A bit less obvious but you can see he's tracking behind walls and containers, hopefully that's enough Name: feis_21 GUID: a8993851 Reason: wallhack Proof : demo recording below https://www.mediafire.com/file/vutnvq7mmk36exh/a8993851_feis_21/file

    Mikra aimbot

    Name: mikra GUID: 83358688 Reason: aimbot Proof : demo link below https://www.mediafire.com/file/e3j6c6k4jucw65v/83358688_mikra.dm_1/file
  10. great, will do, thx Sam
  11. i-G.ZIGFRIED

    gugal aimbot

    Name: gugal GUID: 5e02c164 Reason: aimbot Proof : demo recording below gugal 5e02c164 aimbot.dm_1