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  1. It doesn't unless that's Harrisson Ford up there? 🙂

    rompe wh

    Name: rompe GUID: 2c7efbca Reason: wallhack Did not get a chance to tempban before he left but I think i have enough here. Was tracing a lot. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ekakdc4sexj36r/2c7efbca_rompe_wh.dm_1/file
  3. This is from Just For Laughs Gags shot and produced right here in Montreal! This is at the "Lac des Castors" on Mont-Royal, the big mountain in the central part of the city.
  4. To all the rage-quitters (you know who you are) why don't you suggest a different weapon/gameplay/dynamic before you rage-quit a map? Had a decent game with Proudnoob yesterday where I was only using no scope pistol while he was full guns, was actually fun, finished 36-36.
  5. i'll stick around for a bit, shooting Zs here and there. ...it's art...
  6. you just have to work on your timing a bit @i-G.BiggiE😉
  7. I think also a factor is some of the more experienced players can be heavy handed in the domination department, me included, not to mention VIP nades, which scare some people away. Some players just can't handle it and rage quit quite fast. Just had it happen a few minutes ago with a regular player. Only an assumption though. The hard headed players stick around to try and win which make for really fun games. If you see me in game as a spectator, just shoot it up so I can hear you. Sometimes I leave the game on in the background and do something else and come in if/when I hear shooting. S
  8. I suspect also it's the main reason. During weekdays I try to drop by for a game or two during my lunch break, as I work from home now, so if ever anyone one is available around noon on the eastern north America time zone (GMT-4) let's meet up and play
  9. Hello everyone Like many of you reading this, I love to play on this server, it's pretty much the only game I play and has been for some years. Lately though it seems like there are less people. Maybe it's the summer, maybe people are less available, but also maybe it's because some drop by the forum and see no one is there and then leave. Happens to me often. Sometimes I go in and graffiti the place up until someone shows up. So I was trying to figure out a way to have a notification when someone is available. I like playing heads up and it beats shooting Zs everywhere! I've ch
  10. I've opted for slightly more cheerful art piece 🙂
  11. I've watched the demo and yes there are some suspicious kills but I haven't seen any definitive evidence of wallhackery. I've played against a VFX before and remembered he was good but not dominating to a point that would trigger suspicion on my part. Another case of let's keep an eye out for this one?