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  1. Buck_McFate


    Maybe I need to change my name. To something like FLYNN (TRON nod) or Boaty McBoatface. So when he shows up, I can BOOT HIM!
  2. Buck_McFate


    And if you yell out MARCO, I'm pretty sure to respond POLO. That and "shave and a hair cut..." I'm very "roger rabbit" about that. PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW WHO ROGER RABBIT IS WITHOUT GOOGLING!
  3. Buck_McFate


    Unless he says FART or FARK, it isn't me. That's my safe word.
  4. Buck_McFate

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

    I seem to recall this graffiti, and now wonder, seriously, why I can't see it anymore
  5. Buck_McFate

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

    I get better FPS than Jazz...and I'm on a MacBook AIR
  6. Buck_McFate

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

    VERY VERY interesting
  7. OK, @i-G.Jazz....where is this graffiti you speak of? Here's my screenshots.
  8. Buck_McFate

    XTCBeastie no-recoil and possible wh

    Nooo....not Beastie! Say it isn't so. He's fun to play with, and I never suspected the guy. In fact, last night we went one on one and nothing about him seemed suspicious. Hey...I think Tliok was recording that duel...
  9. Buck_McFate

    SkyIine Aimbot

    Name: SkyIineGUID: dd9691e5Reason: Aimbot forgot to get the Screenshot of the GUID PLIST...sorry about that. But here's the screen cap. dd9691e5.dm_1
  10. Buck_McFate

    RK_POX_18+ Wallhack

    Name (RK_POX_18+) GUID (e97d9c1) Aimbot Proof attached .dm file e097d9c1.dm_1
  11. Buck_McFate

    Chiyo High Jump TDM

    Yeah, I saw that after I posted this. I use ScreenFlow to grab the video, but unless I compress as a very high end format first, and then use high end compressing software, it does that crap you see. When I posted that I then saw the way to do screen records...so I'll try that from now on. And yes...I said it was suspicious...it wasn't aim bot, but just like he had a spider-sense about where people would be.
  12. Buck_McFate

    Chiyo High Jump TDM

    Here is the movie I recorded of this. Just seems like he knows where people are...hitting them thru smoke, turning around at the last minute to see them and shoot...know that they are behind a wall and waiting for them to emerge. chiyo.mp4
  13. Buck_McFate

    Player with bad name

    It started with a player who was named "puto101" who refused to change his name. When told to, he cussed (and a player named wildfire tried to back him up). I did a !calladmin and when nothing happened for a few minutes, I VIP kicked him. Then he came back and start cussing more, and that's when I think an admin came and booted him. but then he kept coming back with a different name, AND DIFFERENT GUID, but same attitude...and name to suggest that it was the same guy, most containing swear words. Came back with a normal name so I let him be, but then cussing again and booted. Names: puto101, STOPKICKINGCUNT, BLackJeus GUID: b6f59cbc, 37bc25a3
  14. Buck_McFate

    Name Changer Multi Hack

    Thanks. He changed names so fast it was impossible to keep up with him. Then a name that was VERY hard to type.
  15. Buck_McFate

    Name Changer Multi Hack

    Can confirm. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmjaz6a98bkd9d0/hilfiger Aimbot.mp4?dl=0