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  1. i-G.Sammas09

    Vanvanderson Ban appeal

    Well, as you can see in the demo you were using no-recoil. However as this ban is now around 3 years old, I think that it could be called time served. So in this case I will unban you. I believe in second chances BUT, use hacks again and the ban remains permanent... Cya in game.
  2. i-G.Sammas09

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

    /r_drawdecals 1
  3. i-G.Sammas09

    Doski Hack

    not sure what you think you have recorded there... maybe have another look ? its a 1 v 1 and you have recorded your self playing, you didn't even watch the kill cams? anyway, from this demo, Not Banned
  4. i-G.Sammas09

    Player "Ricardo" bot (LordPants witness)

    Have a read of this.. https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2011-how-to-record-hackers/
  5. i-G.Sammas09

    Vanvanderson Ban appeal

    @Vanvanderson have you watched demo?
  6. i-G.Sammas09

    Vanvanderson Ban appeal

    You need to save demo in correct place on you pc. Then open waw to main menu and type /demo vanvanderson into console
  7. i-G.Sammas09

    Vanvanderson Ban appeal

    /demo (name) in console
  8. i-G.Sammas09

    Vanvanderson Ban appeal

    Hello Vanvanderson Old ban (predates our records), but with thanks to grillby your ban has been tracked down with correct guid and demo. Guid:- 701603367 Demo Taking a look at evidence, will get back.
  9. i-G.Sammas09

    Matgag 10 report

    Hi, This player wasn't using wallhack. I can see why you did record him, but watching the demo i could see everyone he killed. A good player with quick reactions. For guid, admin call can be sent at anytime, even while recording. (!calladmin 'name' 'reason') Thanks for report
  10. i-G.Sammas09

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    I think it is best to put this incident behind us and move on, but to clarify, out of map is allowed. I been in game with General for years, I've never seen him in a banned location. However if you feel he is using one please feel free to record and report and we can discuss it. People do abuse this particular spot on castle, thankfully many do not. But this is why we need more mods.
  11. i-G.Sammas09

    Server Application

    Hi Leosboy100, Please read the Server Rules, in this case rule 7. continuation of this style of play will result in ever increasing temp bans... Killing from undermap is the sort of toxic behaviour you need to be reporting, not participating in. Now you have been warned and hopefully read the server rules fully, any more reports of you killing from under map will result in me not supporting this application. Thanks.
  12. i-G.Sammas09

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    Thank you for recoding this demo, this is not the first time I have received admin calls for Leosboy100 going undermap on castle. If I see them in game I will let them know that it is against server rules and if it happens again will result in a temp ban. Please call admin if you see this happening again. Thanks.
  13. i-G.Sammas09

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    Hi general Thanks for the report, will check this out in the morning.
  14. i-G.Sammas09

    Report of RondoTheGod

    Hi MR_SN0WY, Welcome to the forums. Guid:- 466624469 (Thanks for the admin call) Plenty of proof in the demos for aimbot. Player has been banned! Thanks for the report. Sam.
  15. i-G.Sammas09

    SKDM007 wh and norecoil

    Hi xeph First demo didn't have much in. He was blown up constantly by noobtubes Second demo however did show the no recoil. It was clearest when he used the m1 garand and unloaded a full clip. I also noticed it when he used the ppsh with apeture sight. I have made your ban permanent (No-Recoil). Thanks.