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  1. Have you got enough TP?
  2. ok watched demo ,, this demo http://www.mediafire.com/file/p5z33e9ltmnzof4/ee074397a.dm_1/file it is on bloc but is slightly longer.. there are 2 suspicious bits in my view.. first one is at around 55 seconds in . you spary the wall but dont hit anyone... using light grid there is actually someone behind that wall... BUT after watching it a couple of times in slow motion and normal speed, i actually see the player in the door way moving across.... second one is at around 2 mins , the kill on trump.. you shoot him through a wall... this one needs explaining... other than that i can see all the players you shoot. going off this, i think player should be unbanned. thanks.
  3. i-G.Sammas09

    grogan wh

    Hi, I also had a few games with this player this morning. I think he is using wall hack. This demo is tricky because it's only 1 v 2 .. there are a couple of suspicious shots. Maybe wait until more players on before we ban. Thanks.
  4. Sorry I could not get on today. I know I have said just try and ignore it, but I didn't really know what else to do, waw is short of players and I thought some of our more regular played would not act like this...
  5. Get on waw and it's a plus 1 ...:) Only joking +1
  6. Hi snowy It was me that came on after you sent the call admin I saw the scroll shooting which can be annoying but didn't feel it deserved a ban. It was then the next round (subpens) when he did say in chat 'i am admin'. I did warn him for this (flashes up on his screen) that if he did it again he would be banned. We will watch out for him in the future. Thanks for the report.
  7. Hi. Please post a ban appeal Here, using this Template . Thank you.
  8. Christmas during the summer.... I still can't get my head around that, lol
  9. thanks , Banned for aimbot. Also please upload your demos HERE, with the guid as the first part of the name; example; 5e02c164_gugal , thanks it just makes things easy
  10. Watched demo, not much in it. Should be unbanned I think..