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  1. Headlice Unfortunately I cannot see the image posted; but I do appreciate the sentiments, and will perceive your comments at face value
  2. Greetings all I would like to announce that I shall be stepping down from my position as trial administrator. The trial period is an opportunity to assess the suitability of a person as an administrator, but it is also a time for the person to assess whether the admin responsibilities are a suitable fit for them. In either case, I cannot claim to have discovered a perfect alignment. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given, and I would especially like to thank everyone that encouraged me to submit my application initially, and voiced generous support for my application. It took me a long time between the first suggestions for me to apply initially, and my trial is only a few weeks in. Yet this has been sufficient time to determine that i-G clan membership is not for me. I will not be leaving the game servers altogether, I shall still be around, but I shall not be acting in any administrative capacity. Nor will I be re-applying for clan membership at any time in the foreseeable future. I shall continue to contribute to the betterment of i-G, in a similar way as I have previously. I still love i-G servers and community dearly. I sincerely hope that I am not disappointing or upsetting anyone by this decision, and I do humbly apologize to those I may have let down; but I believe this will be better option going forward. I respectfully request to be returned to my status as an ordinary playing member on the i-G servers, and relinquish my membership to the clan. I am looking forward to seeing you all in game. Regards The Moment
  3. Charlie Light Grid requires all the initial steps listed above (steps 1-7), but it requires two variables to be set to 1: ~ /developer 1 /r_showLightGrid 1 details in step 9
  4. 1. Name: John 2. Age: 48 3. InGame Name: infinity (aka TheMoment) 4. GUID: 5. Past/Current Clans: I have never been a clan member 6. References: i-G.Sitting Duck 7. Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies: I have a strong and fairly diverse technical background with computers and networking, I take great interest in many aspects of science, and really enjoy learning new useless trivia and facts. 8. Reason for Wanting to Join: I really like the community that has grown around Ninja Gaming; we have a really diverse and unique set of playing people from all over the world. I am not an exceptional player by any standards, and cannot hold a candle to some of the incredible talent we see on the servers regularly; but I still love to challenge my luck against them sometimes. I have been active and helpful on the forums and in game, and have provided a number of positive contributions to the forum in the recent past. I love learning new things, and like to experiment with ideas, as well as sharing these discoveries with other people; this is where many of my technical contributions have originated in the past. I value equity, openness, honesty, modesty, and respect. But I also value curiosity, learning and giving things a go. I have worked closely with some of the Admins in the past, and already have some familiarity with the work that they do. I am passionate about assisting and helping to protect and foster the Ninja Gaming servers, community and interests. If given the opportunity; I believe I can offer some technical ideas and resources to the Ninja Gaming administration team, as well as serving and supporting the community with fairness and respect. 9. Games Applying for (WaW/COD4): COD
  5. I agree Sammas, you definitely do not want this all of the time. I always watch a demo fully at normal speed, with no light grid at least once. If there are any sections of interest; I review those again - sometimes in slowmotion - sometimes with light-grid. The binds make it so much easier to skip quickly through the demo to the right section, then watch it slowly, and turn the light-grid on and off when desired. Just so everyone else knows: the light grid is not 100% reliable. Sometimes it deoesn't tell you when an entity is there - even though they are (long distances are a problem sometimes). And it doesn't distinguish between friend and foe. It also highlights other fairly useless entities like airstrike shrapnel and bullet casings. I will investigate expending upon this post to provide instructions on binds to achieve all of this. What I would really like (one day maybe) is to program these commands up in a similar fashion to CyboPat but for the Mac's - so just a basic gui, with a scripted back end that does all the work for them. However my skills with programming are a little rusty now, and were never legendary, and never actually for a Mac environment . But some similar bind's; perhaps combined with a simple mac shell script to "link" the demo folders together; might just be near enough for most Mac admins. Charlie - as a mac user, are you perhaps able to verify whether the information works well for you, and whether you are able to follow my steps sufficiently easily to reproduce the results. I would really appreciate if you could invest the time and let me know. K-Pax agreed. Much of the spectating of cheaters is a feel thing more so than a knowing thing. Sometimes it's really obvious, sometimes much more subtle, sometimes it's all but undetectable. In any circumstance the light grid is never the be-all-end-all; more often than not; it is simply a distraction from what is actually going on. It just adds an extra tool to the arsenal. That's all that was ever intended by me. I wouldn't suggest I am actually an authority on the matter to be honest - having never actually done one myself for publishing. I do know a little about it however, and know of some decent tips to get people started. I will definitely consider this at some stage in the future, but I guess it comes down to available time. I can't promise much or commit to any times frames at this stage. If you are considering putting a tutorial together anyway, I would be interested to see it. And if I believe it can be improved upon; I would also be just as happy to offer some suggestions as well. Jasper I think there is some subtle differences between the Mac store version, the Mac App version, a file copied (pirated) version and the Steam version (as well as the Windows versions of course). But I believe the differences are all around the packaging, where the files get placed, and interfacing with the OS, rather than the functionality of the client or the mods. Geek alert warning: Essentially they are the same game client program; running executable programs compiled from the same code; and therefore should possess all this this same demo playback functionality available. Mac and PC with have different binary code structure, so cannot run each other programs natively - the code must be compiled for the operating system. Additionally they also have different interfaces to the hardware (drivers and libraries) - for taking keyboard and mouse input, sending stuff to the screen with different graphics capabilities, making sounds, networking, reading and saving files etc. So there will be a small part of the game, that knows how to talk to the hardware and operating system for each platform. This small section has code specific to each platform (Mac, PC and steam) and is essentially providing a translation layer between the game and the platform. But the games core functionality hasn't changed. Steam has an additional translation layer; so the game translates to Steam, and then Steam translates to the current operating system and hardware. This is why Steam can run really old games designed for a different version of the operating system. I am not sure whether the Mac Store app works on the same principal as Steam. Anyway, back to the question: The ModWarfare is a standard part of the CoD4 game client, and should be reinstalled automatically for you when you reinstall the game. I know that the steam version can be downloaded again from your steam account at any time - even to a different computer. I am not certain about the Mac App store version, but I suspect it might be the same. Please make sure you back up before you take this step. I really hope that a re-install can get this working for you. Have you tried just creating the DemoViewing profile first? I am not sure if it will help, but it's certainly worth a try. Thank you all for reading my post, and the encouraging comments. What I really would like is for someone to just verify whether it actually works on a Mac? And that I haven't left out any critical steps or information. If anyone is able to do that for me, I would be most grateful.
  6. There is a product called CyboPat CoD4Player that allows you to watch demo recordings with sophisticated control over the playback speed. It even permits a view with bounding boxes revealing items obscured from view (like having wall hack whilst watching the demos). This is all very helpful for catching out cheaters, but unfortunately this tool only works on Windows operating systems: In case you are interested; the tool is free, handy, and a surprisingly small download which can be found here: Now the purpose of this article is to make everyone aware that Mac users can also get this same functionality without using this tool! In fact CyboPat is actually just a pretty wrapper; simplifying the technical details around using the CoD4 game client to watch demos. First I present some important information about watching demos on a Mac. Background information: Watching Demo’s (mostly Mac) Here is a reasonably clear reference about playing back demos using a mac (so I don’t need to reiterate all this information): Please ensure you know how to record and play back demos on the Mac before you proceed. Locating your recorded Demo: It is important to know where the demo files are located. The folder where you record a demo IS DIFFERENT to the location where you play the demo from. The CoD4 data folder varies depending on which version of the game you have installed, and which operating system you are using, what language your operating system is in, and where you chose to install the game. Some typical locations include: [Mac Retail Version] /Applications/Call of Duty 4/Call of Duty 4 Data/ [Mac App Store Version] /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Call of Duty 4/ [ Mac Steam Version] ??? [PC Retail 32bit OS Version] C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\ [PC Retail 64bit OS Version] C:\Program Files (X86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\ [PC old OS version with UAC] C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\ [ PC Steam Version] C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\ These folders are only a guide; they can vary a lot. If you still cannot find this folder; you can search for it. Be warned this is often in hidden folders that may not show up in a normal finder search. On a Mac, you can open a Terminal window, and then type the following command. sudo find / -name “DemoName.dm_1” –print Where DemoName is the name of the demo you just recorded. Alternatively search for any demo files: sudo find / -name “*.dm_1” –print This may ask for your password, but should (eventually) tell you where to find the demo folder, revealing the full path. A search can be done on your Windows PC version if you are unable to locate the demo folders. ⛔ Note down the full path to your CoD4 data folder (that is the bit just before the main\demos section at the end), perhaps make a shortcut to there. You will need to know this. I shall refer to this folder as the <CoD4 data folder>. Once you have located the <CoD4 data folder>, you should find your recorded demo’s under your <CoD4 data folder> in a subfolder called main/demos like: <CoD4 data folder>/main/demos/nastycheater.dm_1 But this folder location is different to the folder where you play back your demos. When playing back demos (using the ModWarfare mod), the demos will be played from a folder like: <CoD4 data folder>/mods/ModWarfare/demos/nastycheater.dm_1 ⚠️ IMPORTANT: You must copy your recorded demo into this folder before you can play it back (using the methods I discuss in this post). Creating a DemoPlayback profile: I strongly advise you to create a brand new profile, just for the play back of demos. This is not 100% required; but any binds you make for controlling the demos can be completely separate to your gameplay profile, and any odd settings you apply will not take effect in game on the live servers. Step 1. Open the CoD4 game client. Step 2. Instead of selecting a profile – click new profile. Step 3. Give it a name like DemoWatching. You don’t need to rank up this profile, just remember to use it for whenever you plan to watch demos (even with CyboPat). Advanced Demo Controls: And now for the big reveal; eliminating the smoke and mirrors behind the technical wizardry of CyboPats incredible tool - CoD4DemoViewer. Here I will show you how you can review demos with control over the speed of playback, and nice features like the light grid view; all with nothing more than the CoD4 client game! Yes Admins; you can use this stuff on a Mac! But it should also work on Windows! Step 1. Ensure the demo file you want to play has been copied into the correct folder: <CoD4 data folder>/mods/ModWarfare/demos/ Step 2. Open the CoD4 game client and select your DemoWatching profile. Do not join a server. Step 3. Go into the Mods (Menu) and select ModWarfare, then select Launch ModWarfare is required for playing demos on the Mac (but this will also work for PC). Some PC users that are familiar with CyboPat may recognize the ModWarfare splash screen. Step 4. Open the console using ~ or ` (to be referred to as just ~ from here on in). Almost everything explained in this guide is done in the console. Step 5. Type: /devmap mp_shipment Note that a server loads, running the map shipment, but with development and debug commands and variables enabled. This is an important point, because it enables some commands that are normally protected and restricted from use. By loading any map with the /devmap console command, the CoD4 client is automatically put into development mode for us. But we actually do not need to use this server. Step 6. Once it loads up, you can simply disconnect it: ~ /disconnect We are now ready to load the demo: Step 7. Load up our demo (remembering that this will load the demo from the folder: <CoD4 data folder>/mods/modwarfare/demos/ ~ /demo <DemoName> Step 8. While the demo is playing, we can start using our cheat protected commands (all executed from the console): ~ /timescale 0.5 /timescale 0.1 /timescale 1 /timescale 2 /timescale 4 Nice eh? No more video recording of demos to watch them back in slow motion! The timescale command is like a speed multiplier; less than 1 is like a slow motion, greater than one is accelerated playback (to skip faster through the demo), and 1 is back to normal speed. It is like having a video remote control for your demos. ⚠️ Don’t use 0 or less – sorry it’s a nice thought… but no; there is no rewind for demos. You can pause the demo playback, but there is a separate command for this: /cl_freezedemo 1 freezes the demo - /timescale 0 will not work. To get the demo moving again, you need to use /cl_freezedemo 0 Step 9. But that’s not the end of the party. Next we introduce some of the powerful developer commands: ~ /developer 1 /r_showLightGrid 1 Wow.. like a wall hack mode to know where all the players are! You can see (with these settings enabled) whether the spectated player is tracing people through obstacles. The LightGrid can also help identify cheaters using Roccat (aka Silent Aim); bullets will hit opponents even when the gun was not aiming at them (when outside of the opponents “light grid” box). Without the light grid: With the light grid: Step 10. To turn off the light grid, you can do one of the following: ~ /developer 0 Or: ~ /r_showLightGrid 0 Either will switch of the light grid view (both must be set to 1 in order to view the demo with the light grid). Step 11. Once you have seenenough of the demo, you can quit out: ~ /disconnect Step 12. If you have ignored my advice regarding the DemoWatching profile; ? then I strongly suggest you run the following commands: ~ /r_showLightGrid 0 /developer 0 /timescale 1 And then quit out of the CoD4 game client BEFORE you attempt to join a multiplayer sever. ⚠️ Attempting to use this functionality in game on a multiplayer server could get you banned! I can tell you right now, that it will not work anyway. The developer mode and some of these commands would surely be detected by punkbuster, and whatever other cheat protection is in place on the server. All of these commands should work even before you load your demo. So if you want to playback your demo in slow motion right from the start; you can do so. Also note that steps 4-6 can be done before step 3; the process should still work. The CyboPat tool binds number keypad numbers to speed up and slow down the demo. If you know how to bind keys, you can duplicate this functionality if you wish. I will not show any example binds here to keep this information from becoming too long and boring (although it might be too late for that ?). If you are on a PC and have used CyboPat before (with this profile); the existing binds should also generally work because the binds are persistent. Cybopat sets the r_showLightGrid to 1, and then binds number key pad delete to /toggle developer 1 0, which will permit you to turn on and off the light grid just using the delete key. But remember that both must be 1 to show the light grid. There are some additional commands that CyboPat can also do, but they are not especially useful for catching cheaters, so I have ignored them for now. So there you have it people: Mac admins (and interested players) should now be able to access the most important advanced features of demo watching goodness available to Windows admins that use CyboPat. This stuff has been tested on a Mac. I am pretty certain it works- please let me know. Next up (pending approval) I shall expand upon this demo watching information to reveal additional commands that can be used. This will offer functionality well beyond that of CyboPat to view the demo in different ways and reveal more than can usually be seen. Some of this may expose techniques and settings used by cheaters in game to improve their scores.
  7. OK uploaded this demo again now. Hopefully that worked this time.
  8. No not 100% sure, sorry was a last minute thing before I went to work. Shall try to upload again once I get home.
  9. name in game: Akurianheart guid: 59749923 reason: wall hack proof: uploaded to ninja gaming mediafire
  10. Nice work @i-G.Mars good kill streak
  11. That's why I never tried to - just in case that happened. I have never come across one in the field - only ever obtained one through a care package. You may be right Mars. I was under the impression they had unlimited bullets, but it would be a little unrealistic (not that the weapon exactly smacks of realism in any other respect). But still a lot of fun to get one and use it.
  12. I have not watched these additional demos, but I believe you. I know that you have also previously asked about extending the FOV such that you can see more on the screen too. It's all just about awareness - using all the clues at your disposal to make the kind of kills you do before you perish. I am trying to develop some of these game tactics myself to improve my own game - but I cannot claim to hold a candle to your skills.
  13. I saw this already in the existing demo at: where you focus on your own team mate first. Then at: When you focus to an empty location on top of the tank This was not so much a question, I was just coming up with a possible way this observation of @iG.Lucky could have been implemented by combining a bind and a hack. But in reviewing the first demo a few times, I am convinced that this is not he case anyway. Your second shots are not all 100% spot on. Sometimes your first, sometimes your sixth. You generally narrow down on the exact spot very quickly, whether or not the player is still visible, but I believe this may be testimony to some fearsome skills you possess rather than any kind of hack. I agree with Jaspers conclusion. I believe in this instance; we are simply observing a highly skilled and very observant player, with extremely good control and reaction times. regardless I believe there is insufficient evidence in this case to sustain a ban. But then again; it's not actually me that has to be convinced For what it's worth, I believe this ban should be lifted.
  14. I have just uploaded a smaller video file (20mb) not as good quality, but it ought to do fine for timing of kill shots:
  15. Lucky - that's a fake ad on the sendspace - it's not as good a service as it used to be - got a lot of shitty ads just trying to get you to click on them. Just escape maybe, or click the little X at the top perhaps.