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    While this not related to him being banned or not, I also had this problem trying to join some servers. I looked up on how to fix it, and the best answer I got was to reinstall my game. This fixed it, at least for me. It may not have been an instant fix, I can not remember. But I do not have this problem anymore.
  2. I don't get what "same thing" you are talking about. Yes I have messed about with mod menus in private match, which are the only place they are able to be used, in case you didn't know. The ones I am talking about at least. The mod folder in the directory of your WaW. That's where it is if you must know, and so I load it up on that one screen in, and mess around when I want to change up the game once in awhile. The mods are only available in private match, and can only be used in private match, like zombies mods can only be used in zombies. What I'm talking about in that first section, about having something like that, but it being a word or something, was where the [See admin about this] is at. Sometimes in mod menus, you can have an option to change your clan tag to something preset. And Emerald there was saying that people with such and such clan tags (things like [....] [****] [----] were probably hackers because I dont know if you have seen WaW hacked on console, but those make animated clan tags and are the sign of console hackers. And sometimes there are words that do the same thing, which I believe I had on at the time, though I cant remember. These were available on just the PS3 if I am correct but they removed, or covered up that aspect of the game. So hackers decided to find that code for the game and put it into their menus. Don't think the developers added for the PC version of WaW, but people still try to do it, even if the code is not in the game. There is probably videos of these clan tags way from way back when on YouTube.
  3. Well as you can tell, there is a glitch in that roof, that people know about, and I myself use whenever I spawn on the right side to get in the glitch faster(the corner of the map to my back when I kill him). And he also had killed me earlier when I was up on that viney wall or whatever it is on the other side. Really the only effective spot to get kills in said glitch is to be very close next to the side I'm on, AND close to where the two angles of the roof meet, since you have that whole top of the kitchen-room that the glitch wont let you walk over on. You could jump up and get kills down on people rushing out of there spawns on the other side, but it multiplies chances of death my a lot.
  4. Well then I must've forgotten, excuse me. But it still doesn't change the fact that I was talking about TaterWhacker account where the almost all of those report mes came from, I'll admit. And maybe you should've had that screenshot in there first instead of editing it in there afterwards, or I would've apologized for my mistake.
  5. I never threatened to ban anyone on something less than an accusation, and never will. This is probably a player who has had a grudge against me as many do, and would say what he needed to say to have something done about me and my very high scores. I do remember a player awhile back, though not the name (memory might be getting bad), about having questions about whether I was hacking or not because I always had high scores, and it was always the same people with those high scores(being the admins). And I suppose he gave you no proof that what he said was said, was said, since you would've uploaded that instead of him only saying it. And onto me "contradicting" myself. Context really helps when trying to explain something. If anyone would go up there and check the WHOLE section I said that in, we were talking about my TaterWhacker account where I would always tell people to "report me on the site in the top right of there screens" where the url is for this place, since that was the only place/way to get anything effectively done about me. I appreciate the luck mate.
  6. It did not matter to me if I got reported. Like I said in the sentence right after that, I did it for the reason being of the next thing you quoted of me. I obviously have nothing to hide because I let it happen, I did not mean or want for it to happen, but it did, and so I saw it like I said I did in the 3rd sentence. If I was found to have hacks in the demo, just not enough to stay banned, why was I ever let into the clan in the first place, or being a server moderator for that fact? Surely you guys wouldn't let a guy who has caused this much turbulence with all the accusations into the clan or administrative body of the server, knowing that everyone has suspicions of him. Shouldn't you guys (and gals) have decided on me not being a hacker before you let me become a moderator and eventually a clan member, with the access to powers that I had? Just a simple postponement to the apps while evidence was gathered enough to swing in your peoples favor, or mine, whatever the case. Proof in the demo was him snapping to both those guys, clearly enough evidence that he needed to be banned. How anyone could say there was no aimbot, not enough proof, is beyond me.
  7. The whole reason of me getting a new name was not to get reported. I Had the situation go on for that amount of time because I wanted to see if others would think I'm hacking if the name and tags weren't on, people like you, grillby, etc. Then when I saw the report, I thought "Hey this will get more people to watch and see what they think of my gameplay without the tags and name, so lets see who STILL has some suspicion of me" So that is the reason for the comment, to get people to see me without tags and name what they thought.. I played the same way I play as I have since I joined the server, which need I remind you all I was banned when I first got here because of suspicions of an admin. So people have thought I was hacking from the beginning. And I wouldn't say that roof kill was accurate. I sprayed the whole base of the thing from the left side of the curve to the back wall, since usually people go prone right at the edge to be able to see and shoot out.
  8. Well to the best of my memory, it looks the same as the demo I was talking about, but I might be getting old, who knows. I guess I'll point out some spots that I think others would be curious through my own timestamps i guess. Never been good at guestimating time, so bear with me. 19 seconds-ish of gameplay- In front of that bunker across the middle lane from where they get their right-side tank. On Callper is his name I think. I clearly saw him jump behind that partial concrete wall, and due to red name indicators not disappearing instantly on WaW, which all of us regs over there should know that they don't. 50-ish seconds- Oh look here, a repeat of the situation. I saw him jump over to the afore mentioned bunker, and guess what? His name indicator didn't disappear instantly when he went behind that wall. I saw the very sliver of his name bounce into the air, so I tried to hit him while he was mid air, which I did. But then I couldnt see the now-gone name indicator, so I stopped shooting as I did. Thats all I can see that would jump anyone to this conclusion. And maybe the parts that are staring through walls that I'm sure anyone with wallhack views or some such would see many a player. Keep in mind that I did know sammas was spectating me in game after when I shot him through the glitch he was in that many on the server know, and its usually the same people doing it. I suppose maybe the times I was looking to either of the far back spawn, the one with the columns or the one with the broken stairs. I knew people would be camping there because its Downfall, and its the NiNJA server. You can bet someone who does it all the time, glitching and what-not, to go to those places, like SgtPixar, Sammas, gEazy I believe killed once back there. And they are well used camping spots in regular games too, so that just increases the amount of players who would be back there. I'll gladly explain anymore sections people have concerns with.
  9. 1. Well I cant explain myself on this until I see it, so I got's to wait for that.I thought I was finally clear of the accusations from people that are in the clan when I had joined, but that is most definitely not the case. I assume you sent it to people who, in your mind and not mine, since I'm unfit to know what hacks are, know what WaW hacking is, so I already got one hand of possible people it was sent to. No one would send a demo of a supposed hacker to people who aren't familiar with what hacks look like in a certain game. 2. The ban on Gazigga, Imma have to disagree that no aimbot was shown, he clearly locked onto both of those guys around that artillery gun room thing, first on the left side of, then he snapped to the guy that jumped above it. Sorry for no "3 shot kill rule" not being in there. It is very obvious that he was hacking, and people who say differently must not be looking at it right or two OBVIOUS snaps are not enough and that it has to be the good 3 or whatever. Sorry for thinking that people would be able to see aimbot when it is so obvious. 3. I could've said that not a lot of people like me on the server, I know that. Not a lot of people have. I would have to have more fingers to count the number that have been unhappy with me. I would love to see what these players say is undermap, because I obviously do not do that. Glitching in spots that have been allowed for ages most definitely, but not killing from undermap. Unless killing someone else who was also undermap, then proceeding to go to where I wanted to go out of map, like on Castle for instance. Happens there a lot, with me having to kill people that are undermap a lot, when I want to get to my hillside spot. EDIT: And yes I do tell people to report me, and most definitely not without the lol in there. What am I supposed to tell them? To not report them. I tell them to record me hacking, which y'all have already done for them, and to "report me at the site in the top left" or something to that extent. Im obligated to tell them that they can report me if they wish, and that it isnt the only way of effectively doing something about me, instead of just saying im hacking and letting a person they think is hacking run free. 4. Yes, I bring up the webpage everyday, to check if anything of importance has happened. But performing the duties that an admin has to perform, like being in game everyday, and banning hackers and things of that nature? No. I don't even know if I still am an admin over there, because like I said, I haven't joined the server in weeks. I didn't think it was a clan, because everything it was never referred to as one, no one ever said it was. Just some guys running a server. And so I figured being an admin on a server that to me had no clan, was okay, but apparently isn't. This situation(#4 that is) could've been fixed, but in 2x PMs, I asked if simply leaving would clear it up, but no. No one ever gave me an answer on anything, nothing at all.
  10. Oh, well forget what I said then. You okay in Taters book.
  11. Perhaps because since this is a ban appeal, we have to see whether the demo has enough evidence that it was worthy of banning me. It is expected for that to happen. And rip to phoenix's comment. That deleted real quick.
  12. Name - 3gud5u GUID - 1506780815 Banning Admin - i-G.Sitting Duck Admin’s Reason for Ban - WH (Wallhack) Your Side of the Story - Well as many should have inferred from me no longer with tags or being in certain groups, I have been removed from the clan and banned from the servers, for reasons being as follows (3rd is most relevant to this appeal, 1st and 2nd are more meant to explain whats with the name): 1. Being an admin for another server, that has no clan, mind you- just people renting a server and having people watch it-, is still considered being in another clan. I knew being in 2 clans was not allowed, but I thought being an admin for another server with no clan was a-okay, but it isn't. I offered to leave this other admin group incase it would would solve this, but got no reply. 2. Of all my bans, only half of them were deemed correct, the rested being counted as incorrect, for various reasons like not enough evidence, missing demos, etc., etc. Also offered to repair this and, again, got no reply. 3. Now this is what I wanted to get this ban appeal about, but I suppose I got a little sidetracked, wouldn't you say? As many of you admins know and do, it helps to have an incognito account to jump on and spec or watch with to see if anything goes down when there are no tags in game. Up until, I don't know, a few weeks ago, I had no such account, so I decided to make one; It being the name at the top of this. I also thought that maybe for my own enjoyment and investigatin' for myself that I would see if any regulars (who knew I don't hack, or at least I hope they didn't think so) would think if I was hacking if they did not know it was me, since I wasn't on good ol' TaterWhacker account with the tags. And from recent events, you can tell I was right in wondering if people would accuse an undercover Tater. And it went even further that someone reported me, post now removed of course, after I told them it was me. The only evidence I know that was against me is the demo that said report had, which I have myself and can post it if need be so I can save the trouble from someone else. We all know everyone can make some suspicious shots, we all know that. And what was in the report demo was no different. Glitch spot that many on the server know?, spray that some with a nice lmg. A wall blocking my view of a spawn or congested walkway I know people are coming from?, repeat with lmg. Anything like that can be suspicious, but it isn't a direct link to hacks, not by a long shot. Looking at a wall while reloading or prone or doing anything like that, where anyone who would have carefully checked the demo with WH views would see many persons?, keep in mind recon and sound are good tools for knowing enemies general vicinity is, so I prep myself, by looking in the direction, or I'm hiding, OR I'm simply reloading, like I would do many a time when looking at a wall. Or maybe, just a crazy idea here that no one suspected, was that they didn't know that I was playing like I did, with all the attempted shots here and there, to get reactions, to get jokes and laughs and have a jolly good time when it was all said and done, when in reality, I saw just as much as any player would, any admin would, unless said peoples eyesight is horrible. Like mine when I don't wear contacts. I hope some good buddies of mine stay on my side in this, and if ya don't, well I did do this to see if opinions changed if names did too, and I wont hold it against you.
  13. We also have a spreadsheet where we post all of the bans that happen on WaW, including tempbans, where I assume you will also have to post your bans. Since I don't know if you have access to it, I have already updated it. You will have to get RaG3 to send you an invite to edit it where you can do it yourself, so just ask her in a PM on something for the email.
  14. Ya see, trial WaW admins have a plus side in that that aren't restricted to having to tempban while in the trial period, so permbans for you mister. You can !banlist ingame to see the last 5 bans, their GUID, reason for their ban, AND the banning admins GUID. Their is no way to get GUIDs before you ban, you got to gat it after you ban them with banlist. So make sure they are hacking first GUID: 1229965973