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  1. Mars


    Yeah, what could i say, im kinda speechless... First of all i would like to thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck for accepting me to this great clan with most awesome people in it. I really appreciate it a lot. . You are Great Leader all the way! @i-G.Lucky I remember these news you gave me like it was yesterday. I was so Happy about it! I even have that screenshot somewhere in my pc. What comes to gaming, recognized you by your movement, badass killer, hard to kill! @i-G.Jazz Soulmate for life, with most good musictaste <3 The games, listening same music via webradio, priceless! @i-G.RedRose Thank you all the good mentoring & lot of info. All the way heartwarming person <3 Keep it that way!! @i-G.CHEVY TRUCK My man! Keep up that attitude my fellow bikerbro! These mentioned persons are like my very first impressions in server & which i was involved most. Na'aa, you others won't get that easy from my list. Love you all guys! But yeah, what comes to me, lately i've been so addicted to another game i mostly play with my irl-friends (about 1400 hours in last 5months) that i didn't have time to play here that much & i signed of from another huge gaming community. Used to be (SO) Staff Officer, was good for a time. But yeah, you have this Awesome group here, Keep It Up! This community has gave me a LOT & made me even better person all the way. Im glad that i got chance to get to known all you guys and gals. You won't get rid of me that easily, i will visit you every now and then. ;) Keep up the good work & spirit! -Mars <3 p.s Sorry for the late response
  2. Your theory might be pretty accurate. Gungame is empty most of the time, which is kinda shame, i like this gametype a lot.
  3. Mars


    We All Make Mistakes and We All Pay a Price. Im down with Jazz, you need little break from Ninja's.
  4. Mars


    I was also in there as this happened, Some1. You behavior was not so good. You were asked many times to calm down which you didn't. What comes to ban, banned player will get message right after ban "You have been permanently banned on this server..." I just wonder how did you manage to join in right after that?
  5. Don't get me wrong that im heartless, i ❤️ killing.
  6. ??? I feel not sorry at all ?
  7. Greetings from Mato also
  8. It sure is great gun. Thanks for the compliment Biggie
  9. Good job @pollo . I've been very suspicious about him for a long time but haven't got a chance to collect sufficient evidence.
  10. Lols. Just lyrics of a great track. Where's the sence of humour?
  11. Hey stardust and welcome to the forums. Great introduction you got there. I've seen you ingame but have not seen me cos of my incognito, haha You got skills, keep it that way Berlin huh, nice city. Once i was about to move there but i didnt, maybe some day. Enjoy your stay. Greetings from Finland.
  12. Great gun. Especially in Sniper only Something like this, sorry for the lag in video :p