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  1. i-G.Mars

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    Your theory might be pretty accurate. Gungame is empty most of the time, which is kinda shame, i like this gametype a lot.
  2. Happens way too often...
  3. i-G.Mars


    We All Make Mistakes and We All Pay a Price. Im down with Jazz, you need little break from Ninja's.
  4. i-G.Mars


    I was also in there as this happened, Some1. You behavior was not so good. You were asked many times to calm down which you didn't. What comes to ban, banned player will get message right after ban "You have been permanently banned on this server..." I just wonder how did you manage to join in right after that?
  5. i-G.Mars

    being permanantly banned

    Don't get me wrong that im heartless, i ❤️ killing.
  6. i-G.Mars

    being permanantly banned

    🤣🤣🤣 I feel not sorry at all 😈
  7. i-G.Mars

    being permanantly banned

    Greetings from Mato also
  8. i-G.Mars

    The Brick Gun

    It sure is great gun. Thanks for the compliment Biggie
  9. i-G.Mars

    My time to go

    It sure is sad to see you leave mate, didn't see this coming I've had so much fun playing with you, especially when listening same electronicmusic radio-channels You truly were Very, Very good admin in all the way. It was great privilege to get to know you and fight with you on the fields. You will be missed Friend! Take care. Peace.
  10. i-G.Mars

    CharIes aimbot and wall hack on TDM

    Good job @pollo . I've been very suspicious about him for a long time but haven't got a chance to collect sufficient evidence.
  11. i-G.Mars

    The Brick Gun

  12. i-G.Mars

    The Brick Gun

    Great gun. Especially in Sniper only Something like this, sorry for the lag in video :p
  13. i-G.Mars

    The Brick Gun

    I think i've ran out of bullets with brick gun.
  14. i-G.Mars

    Remove Downpour from map circulation?

    Downpour is a great map, not much highjump like said but still. Shipment would be complete chaos if added, way too small map, i would quit everytime as it begins. I think 20min is good duration for Mw, 2-3 chances to get nuke What comes to WaW, i would add maybe 5 min there. I dont mind so much about order of map rotation, new maps would be great but like there been said time ago, not suitable for highjump...
  15. i-G.Mars

    Information and Why

    Thanks for the application. Here is couple ,,, that you might need. Check this also https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2011-how-to-record-hackers/ Get to known with players and admins more and provide that you can be part of this great team. Thanks -MarSSi