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  1. I have not used that map anywhere else, downloaded first time with I-G, if I come across the same map and have the same issue. I will record to show you what I mean.
  2. Please take a look at Fart House, it seems that you are always in lay down mode with very little jump and extremely slow to move. Thanks
  3. Open game, open console, then /connect make sure you save it to your favourite
  4. Please note: When you are downloading a new map and it says the download is for example going to take 45 mins. Disconnect, shut the game, restart the game and reconnect to the server. Most time this will allow you to download faster. Most download should only take a few minutes.
  5. I have fuzzy feeling about this new I-G and it will get better over time Duck is still learning a lot and enjoying the new experience. Please give him all the support and be patience while these changes are occurring Well done my dear duck
  6. Good to see you back with i-G Lucky, enjoy
  7. Well to all my sweeties and dear friends, Today I am stepping down from my favourite clan to undertake a different path in life and to spend more time with my family. i-G will always be in my heart and memories as will all those who, I have met and became good friends with. I will remember the fun times I had with so many wonderful players as well as the stressful time I had with hackers and rude people lol, but it was great. I will try my best to come and have a few games from time to time. Thank you all and I will forever love you all. Love RedRose
  8. All the best with your new adventure. We have been through so much but our friendship has held up well. Shall see you around my sweetie. Take care now ❤️
  9. Question, will you be using the same guid you had when you were banned? Pregunta, ¿usarás la misma guía que tenías cuando te prohibieron?
  10. where, is it like that game, find where's wally but instead it find where's Lucky 😂😋❤️
  11. Banned, Thanks Jo for the hard work
  12. Thank you guys, much appreciated ❤️
  13. Lest we forget. This morning, we rise before dawn to listen to the service of Anzac at the end of our driveway with candles alight remembering those we lost during the wars. 5 candles were placed, one for each member of my family including one for my late mother. It was a moving service as I look down our street and see a few neighbors join in the service, all of us playing the service on our phone and candles lighting up the driveways. Rest in peace.