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  1. i-G.RedRose

    DhB wh

    Thank you Jo for your report. The player has been banned. As the player was using tubes a bit, could you record a little bit longer please. Thanks
  2. i-G.RedRose

    BiggiE's App.

    Congratulation @i-G.BiggiE Welcome to our wonderful clan ❤️
  3. i-G.RedRose

    taking break from waw server

    @general please have a peaceful and enjoyable break, just remember, we are here for you and look forward to you returning sooner than later. Please don't let it get to you and I will see you again when you return with all guns blazing
  4. i-G.RedRose

    taking break from waw server

    You do not have to accept this rude kind of behavior and these players needs to be put in their place. Those kind of abuse is not acceptable in any games even the world. It is bullying. Please do use the warning system and allow us to make the judgement on these players. They may be doing it to a lot of other people aside from you too on our servers and we will not tolerate that if it going to impact us in a bad way. We care about our players and their fun. Please do consider becoming a Mod if you are not interested in the admin side of things. Maybe take a week off then come back and help us with the evidence
  5. i-G.RedRose

    taking break from waw server

    @general Sorry, I am not much help in that area as most time it during the early hours of the morning for me. My suggestions is to record yourself with the going on, do the calladmin on each of the players (this will give us the guid of these players with their name) and post the evidence onto the forum. It is difficult sometimes for us to get on at the same time as you, however that kind of behavior is not acceptable, so if you could please do some recording of it and we can then decide whether it warrant a harsh penalty such as a perm ban or a temp ban. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  6. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    ok input you shall have lol, I was watching a demo on YoBoi. I was not impress with your behaviour during that recording, certainly not the kind we would consider acceptable for a future admin. 1. Please refrain from making comments when someone is recording. 2. Don't let him know that you are aware of his possible hacks. (This will alert them to turn it off making it harder for anyone who is recording and especially if an admin is undercover at the time - you will be surprise how often there is one undercover) 3. This would have been a good opportunity for you to do recording. 4. Shooting your teammate is not allowed, regardless if they are hacking or annoying you. It will not be tolerated. Hope this helps. Sorry have to be tough and a bady here
  7. i-G.RedRose


    Thank you @BiggiE for your report. This player was banned in game I notice that this player was using scroll bind which is not allowed on our servers. Try and avoid talking to him when recording. Another suggestion, could you please press on the tab button so we can see what his ping etc is. Thanks I will leave this unlock for a few days in case you want to make more comments
  8. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    Hello Smitty, Hope things are fine with you. Are you still interested in this application. If you have any questions on what to do, you can ask any of us and we would help guide you in the right direction
  9. i-G.RedRose

    BiggiE's App.

    Haha sure do dear. Biggie has been such a wonderful player for many years and certainly has a good eye for hackers, (15 bans already ) +1
  10. i-G.RedRose

    Banned for wh

    The username does not show up in the player panel and unless we have a guid, there is not much more we can do to help or to find this ban. I also checked in WAW and the WAW spreadsheet, there is nothing there either.
  11. i-G.RedRose

    /BHE walling

    Hello Biggie, thank you for the report. I banned this player last night from in game using a different name EdenHazard and he was using wallhack. Your demo didn't show a lot but you can tell that he was using wall hack the way he was tracing through the wall while the player was jumping through the sky. It took me 3 demos to get enough on him due to his crappy shooting lol. One of the worst hacker I have seen in a long time.
  12. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    Beer, BEER, oh YUK, you guys seriously need to drink so good stuff ??
  13. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application

    haha get a dog, lock him and dog outside with a beer in his hand, he would be happy with that ?, this would give you chance to get some bans
  14. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application: ZIGFRIED

    Welcome my dear Ziggy, hope I didn't confuse you too much with all the information ?I sent you. They are usually the best kind and makes things more fun, hey @i-G.Jazz, oh and thanks to @i-G.Leon for stepping in and answering a few questions while I toss and turned in bed last night ❤️
  15. i-G.RedRose

    Clan Application

    lol, or you can tell Dad to keep his hands off your cheaters (He has made 150 bans already)