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  1. Yep, the way to go 😂 @Spod yep, looking forward to it too, will be gone for 7 weeks. @i-G.Jo7 will have to annoy all the other admins when I am away (8th April till 22nd May) 😋
  2. Welcome to our family. I have sent you all the required information to your PM, any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. +1 without a doubt has been very active and has a great eye for hackers.
  4. yeah that right, forgot about that. We will look into it and hopefully find out what is going on
  5. Jo, I was trying to send you a pm but it won't allow me to send one to you. Do you have any idea why this is the case? @i-G.Sitting Duck could you please look into this, not sure if it an issue from our end. Thanks
  6. haha come on, you can do it I am about to embark on a long journey to USA and Canada again in 6 weeks time (more than 24 hours flight) Did this in 2017 also. Next year I am intending on heading to Europe as well, again long flights
  7. Thank you Biggie. Omg has been permanently banned. Please refrain from telling them to turn off the hacks and instead ban them if you have enough evidence. It was clear that he did not care at all. Locked and moved.
  8. Welcome to our family Information has been sent via PM
  9. Welcome to our family Information has been sent via PM
  10. Hey Jo, Your English is very understandable don't stress 😋 Thank you for your lovely intro, was extremely interesting to read. Don't give up on being a teacher, have you looked at teaching in other country, maybe teach French and History? I have 3 teachers in my family , My sister (Physic - High school), my bro in law (maths - high school), my sis in law (pre primary). (bro in law and sis in law are married) My sis in law is also really into her history and geography to the fact that they travel most school holidays all over the world. As for you knifing, I can see you giving seyit a fun for his money 😂 Well, see you in game soon
  11. Ban has been made permanent. Thank you. locked and moved
  12. Player has been unbanned locked and moved
  13. Player has been unbanned Locked and moved
  14. i-G.RedRose

    Your_Father wh

    Player was banned, Locked and moved
  15. i-G.RedRose

    Your_Father wh

    He does have hack but this is a difficult one as he was only playing against one player. This player was also a really bad shooter however he really focus so much on shooting at the walls in the spot where the player was when viewed using my demo player using light grid. Based on the evidence that is required, I feel there is not enough but I would like others opinion on whether we can still ban him base on the very clear evidence of the amount of tracing that was had .