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  1. Some servers run CoD4x which is another client for CoD4, I don't know much about it but I can say that CoD4x cannot run on MacOS, unless you're running Windows or something on it. So when servers run their server on CoD4x, it will try and download the files necessary to access the server but because you're on MacOS, it just stays there and doesn't move. As for on i-G with "Server Disconnected" there could be multiple things that are the issue, like SittingDuck said if you're using a VPN then you'll need to turn it off to access the server, which you stated you do not use so that's fine, SittingDuck also mentioned about the headphones / speakers, I haven't come across that issue on MacOS so I don't think that applies to Mac users. The only other reason I can think of is that you're banned, sometimes with any server not just i-G, if you get banned, it glitches and doesn't display your ban message, it just states "Server Disconnected" Hope this helps in some way.
  2. Haha yeah don't worry, I'm the younger one now lol I'll see if I can find some stuff a bit later on for you
  3. Opening: Hey everyone, most of you here already know me, but if you don't know me, my name is Hexenx, but I know sometimes people can have a lot of trouble typing my name out so you can just call me Hex. I'm currently 19 years of age, living in Australia. i-G History: I used to be apart of i-G a long time ago, I originally joined the clan on the 23rd of October of 2015. I helped out a lot in the clan which got me up to Master Admin. I enjoyed my time a lot being in that position as it allowed me to do a lot more stuff, and help out a lot more than a normal Clan Member would of been able to. After some time I decided to leave, which was on the 14th of February of 2018. I had my reasons for leaving but it was necessary at the time. Later on down the road I decided to rejoin the clan on the 26th of May of 2018, I was a normal Clan Member again, loved my time once again, but after a few months, I couldn't be in the clan anymore for reasons I won't go into, but that day was the 22nd of August of 2018. Overall I do not regret joining i-G at all, it helped me out a lot in my own life, gave me a lot of experience among other things. Personal Life / Interests: Well as stated in my opening, I'm 19 years of age and I am living in Australia, If not obvious, I love gaming, I love everything to do with gaming. At this moment, I mainly play on my PS4 as I cannot afford a PC nor do I have a place to put it in my house. As for games, I love playing Call of Duty, all of them to be honest, Minecraft, Rocket League, a bunch of other games which I won't list all of them otherwise I'll be here forever. I also love music, all types, Country, EDM, Metal, Heavy Metal, anything music, so whenever someone asks me what my favourite song is, I can never pick lol. Same as music, movies is another thing that I love, but I'm not so into the romance type, I really love my action type of movies. Other than those normal things, I love editing videos, making timelapses of stuff, making gaming videos, editing them etc etc, the works. But the main thing I enjoy doing in life is helping people, I used to work for a Disability company so helping people is one of the things I love the most. Spending time with friends is another thing I love doing. Closing: Well I'm not quite sure what else I can say in this introduction of sorts, I never made one of these back when I was in the Clan so whatever I'll do it now haha. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or drop me a PM. Thanks everyone, stay safe and stay positive. ❤️
  4. I once knew how to do this from a different spot on chinatown, wish I could remember. Good find though.
  5. Hexenx


    Best of luck in your future @Mars, be sure to stay in contact with everyone
  6. I've personally never tried using Boot Camp, but depending on which version of MacOS you're running, it can cause some issues as Jasper stated above. I had one friend who did try to use boot camp on his Mac, and it pretty much destroyed it in a way. Whenever he tried to play CoD4 or any game in general, he would be stuck on anything below 10fps.
  7. @CrazedBogan Long time no see, hope you're doing well for yourself.
  8. Happy Birthday Duck, have a great one. 👍
  9. That was an amazing bio to read Spod, from how long I've known you and I still learnt a lot from reading that.
  10. Hexenx

    Ban Appeal

    I know this isn't really my place, but just wanted to give some insight on this, usually when the slot of the GUID comes up blank, it means either the CoD4 Client is cracked or the GUID is cracked.
  11. Hexenx

    Ban Appeal

    I've watched through all demos and I don't see any proof of Wallhack in this demo, I've known Synke for a very long time and know how skilled he actually is considering he used to play competitively in scrim matches and stuff like that etc, it would not make sense of a ex member who has been around since the very beginning to start hacking. The demo for Killhouse I would not consider, considering that all the shots that we're made, we're basically through the spawn points, and anyone is able to do that. I'd like to know as well, because I noticed in the Killhouse demo when the command to check what admins are online was run, you did not appear on there, the same thing with one of the other demos.
  12. I'm not a WaW Admin so I don't know much about the game, but I will say, instead of making a video, could you please make demos and upload them to the link that is in the report template, we can have an Admin PM you with how to do that if you do not know already. We also need the GUID of the player, with GUID's for WaW not being public, when in game, just do !calladmin [name] [reason] and we'll be able to obtain the GUID and post it to your reports.
  13. Hexenx


    Player has been Banned. I'll upload this demo for you to the correct place, but as I mentioned above, please remember to upload them to the link in the report template. Thanks for the report
  14. Hexenx


    @tgk Could you please remember to upload your demos to the link that is in the report template. HERE