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  1. Hexenx

    Ban Appeal

    I know this isn't really my place, but just wanted to give some insight on this, usually when the slot of the GUID comes up blank, it means either the CoD4 Client is cracked or the GUID is cracked.
  2. Hexenx

    Clan App. Sammas09

  3. Hexenx

    Ban Appeal

    I've watched through all demos and I don't see any proof of Wallhack in this demo, I've known Synke for a very long time and know how skilled he actually is considering he used to play competitively in scrim matches and stuff like that etc, it would not make sense of a ex member who has been around since the very beginning to start hacking. The demo for Killhouse I would not consider, considering that all the shots that we're made, we're basically through the spawn points, and anyone is able to do that. I'd like to know as well, because I noticed in the Killhouse demo when the command to check what admins are online was run, you did not appear on there, the same thing with one of the other demos.
  4. Hexenx

    Misiko_Jones is team killing

    I'm not a WaW Admin so I don't know much about the game, but I will say, instead of making a video, could you please make demos and upload them to the link that is in the report template, we can have an Admin PM you with how to do that if you do not know already. We also need the GUID of the player, with GUID's for WaW not being public, when in game, just do !calladmin [name] [reason] and we'll be able to obtain the GUID and post it to your reports.
  5. Hexenx


    Player has been Banned. I'll upload this demo for you to the correct place, but as I mentioned above, please remember to upload them to the link in the report template. Thanks for the report
  6. Hexenx


    @tgk Could you please remember to upload your demos to the link that is in the report template. HERE
  7. Hexenx

    WH for sure

    358* eknyS, is a very experienced player and has been around for a very long time, he was also a very important member of the Clan a while back. I believe he is clean though.
  8. Hexenx

    Xephodias's Clan Application

    Please follow this template for making your Clan Application: Clan Application Template Thank you
  9. Hexenx

    Won't be on much

    Best of luck with the renovations, we'll still be here when you return
  10. Hexenx

    WaW HighJump

    I don't play WaW, but I do say when you stated this, You will need to upload demos for us to look at before accepting you, and when becoming an admin or a moderator you need to record all of your bans and have them uploaded.
  11. Hexenx

    biometrix possible wall hack

    I do find this player suspicious, Would like to hear from other admins.
  12. Hexenx

    I see you - wall hack and aim

    These things happen, nothing to be sorry about. With that being the case, this report can be locked and moved. Thanks for the report.
  13. Hexenx

    I see you - wall hack and aim

    Is this player you?
  14. Hexenx

    I see you - wall hack and aim

  15. Hexenx

    biometrix possible wall hack

    Demos from Mediafire: Demo_1 Demo_2