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  1. Hi babes. Yesterday this guy was using aimbot and wh on TDM. Name: gerc GUID: 9e0c2479 Reason: Aimbot and wall hack Proof: Demo uploaded Have a nice day, and a nice week and a nice month. Why not a nice whole year? pollo
  2. pollo

    My time to go

    I'm sorry, really sorry to read this. On the other hand, if you have made this decision it must be the right thing for you in this moment and I respect that. Hope to see you around anyway. pollo
  3. Hi babes. Yesterday this guy was using all the cheats pack on TDM, i have been specting him a lot because it was strange sometimes, it was like his cheats lagged or his machine had not enough power to cope with that stuff. His name was skrab but he left as soon as a votekick started, he joined back after some minutes and used the name Hawk for a little to switch another name like sbozzo. He has been votekicked successfully. Name: skrab GUID: 26c7c85b Reason: aim, wh Proof: Demo uploaded See you all in game, pollo
  4. Hi babes. Yesterday this guy was using the full cheating pack on TDM, his name was initially something like ALOSH but as soon as people started calling him out he changed name to CharIes trying to disguise as another player online. Mind that he spelled the name with a capital i in the place of the lowercase l, this says a lot about how stupid he is. To check if I get his name right I kicked him after recording the demo, he did not came back probably thinking he got banned or not knowing the difference between kick and ban. Another proof of his foxiness. The demo is really short but it's sufficient, I think. See you in game, pollo Name: CharIes (ALOSH something) GUID: e27ba240 Reason: Aimbot and wall hack Proofe: Demo uploaded
  5. HI babes. A couple of days ago there was this player using aimbot and wall hack ont TDM server Name: aslan GUID: 6d9fda41 Reason: Aimbort and wall hack Proof: Demo uploaded See you in game, bye. pollo
  6. pollo

    Morticia aimbot on TDM

    I suppose capital letters make no difference, or do they?
  7. pollo

    Morticia aimbot on TDM

    Hi, probably all this misunderstanding is caused by me posting the report the day after the recording. The screenshot I took to grab the GUID is dated 2018-10-05 13.29.22, so 5th of Oktober around lunch time 1:30 pm. I beg your pardon, my pasta was in risk of getting overcooked and i had to disconnect to save the world. Once it was on my table I forgot about everything else till the day after when my internal pastameter went down. The lack of pastasugar brings up in mind all the bad things this world has so I remembered about this guy. See you in game pollo
  8. Hi babes. This guy was using aimbot on TDM, there was not many players online and most of them left frustrated by him so the demo is boring and no many kills in it but I think it's quite clear by his aiming that he is using aimbot. ZIG joined for a while so he may be a witness. Name: Morticia Guid: f79803a1 Reason: Aimbot Proof: Demo uploaded Se youn in game, pollo
  9. Hi babes. This player named ruzwan was using aimbot and wh on TDM some minutes ago, Jasper joined but after few seconds the cheater left because players called a votekick. I don't know if it can be usefull but he wrote something in chat and it was made by strange simbols so someone with another alphabet like russians. The demo is short but I think there is enough. Name: ruzwan GUID: c94804a4 Reason: aimbot and wh Proof: Demo uploaded Back to game, have kill Jasper a lot Bye, pollo
  10. Need info to write the bill lol
  11. Hi babes. Dr. Play-Doh I'm glad you are trying to learn how to spot cheaters, good for you and good for the server if you will get it but I have a couple of things to say. Your learning process should not affect other players reputation and in game time. Talking about me as an example, you are totally free to record me every time you want but, please, keep your mouth shut. I have to deal every day with asinine people who accuse me of using cheats, wh and even aimbot, so you telling in game chat things like "pollo seems to know exactly where players are..." is not helping me and starts the show. Yesterday you just ruined the little time I had to play because my blood got hot and I lost focus. Please respect people you don't know by keeping your mouth shut and asking admins about them. Another thing, you can't learn to bust cheaters by specting and recording. Talking about me again, because i was there when that happened to me, or at least I supposed i was there If you don't understand what I do and how I do it that does not mean I am cheating, walkie-talkies are black magic for wild people living in the deep of the rain forest but they are a pretty simple thing for an engineer. If you know very well the game and how people play it, if you have UAV on most of the time, if you know very well the map in every corner and every spot, if you know spawn points and how they rotate and so on, you will know most of the time where you can find enemies to shoot at. Blue boxes, as an example, do you think I need wh to know that someone will probwably hide in there? In a crowded map nine times out of ten shooting a blue box is a hit, no need to see anything. I'm probably mean because I target weak players, not so experienced and not so smart players tend to go in the same spots in every map and follow the same paths, many players don't go more than few steps far from the spawn so they are all easy targets. So, most of the time I don't know where enemies are, I just predict where they could be and I nail it because weak players are predictable. Most of the time I fail with players like Lucky, Fwizard, Jasper and many many more strong skilled ones becasue they are much harder to understand and predict and way more funny to play with and also I have never been accused of cheating by a skilled player. Sorry for the long post. pollo
  12. Hi babes, I was also online when this player put up the last show. I also vip kicked him, three times at least, and I have some screenshot, same things as posted by Buck, just a differente name. I'm posting just a couple with some more wise words. Bye, pollo
  13. Hi babes. This morning we had this xDutchRobxD player using wh on TDM. Players, before leaving due to frustration, tried to votekick him but failed many times because his team mates voted "no" to keep him in and win games as he was the only one scoring points. so sad. Name: xDutchRobxD Guid: 4544022f Proof: demo uploaded See you all in game, pollo
  14. Hi babes. Here is another guy using wh, it is sad when people clearly just started to play a game and already use cheats, just sad. This guy doesn't even know common maps but he has already wh and golden ak. He doesn't care to hide his wh or probably he is not aware that players can spect and record him. sad. Name: Dove GUID: b96c0193 Proof: Demo uploaded See you in game pollo