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  1. First of, I think @i-G.Jo7 found a way/glitch in using his knife with a WH. That now is patched and no longer working for him 🤣 As I had to update to Catalina for professional reasons, I can't run COD4 on this device anymore. As we are still in lockdown at the cabin, I can't use my game Mac that is still at home. Hope to get it solved soon in a way I will however check the forums. Stay safe!
  2. Locked and moved. Good work @i-G.Motorizer !
  3. i-G.Jazz

    Creative Art

    🤣😂😝 😂😝 🤣😂😝 😂😝
  4. Happy Birthday sweetie. ❤️
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    Sad to see you go marsi but I know you will be ok. Keep visiting us time to time. You did a awesome job for us as admin, please staysafe and don't hesitate to join a game at any moment! Thank you Mars for all. Jazz
  6. Interesting question but to be honest, I would not run Windows on a intel Mac. You will face issues of some kind. Just get a pc for gaming and have the Mac separate for other things. Just my thought.
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    [AZK] ZnoyK

    Well done @i-G.BiggiE !
  8. Thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck Although it might be a joke; 'you killed COVID-19' it is ok. Problem is when the same player kills you or someone else, the joke changes to: 'killed by COVID-19' Therefor, not allowed for me. Thank you for bringing this on.
  9. Update for @lisa Never push please, it never works in your benefit. That said, 3rd Time getting banned, yes, that must be caused by something. After watching the demo, I must say I completely lost my trust in your fair play. That's just my personal decision only. Others will make their own. Hang on and have patience. A fair decision will be made. Jazz
  10. Happy Birthday Mate! Go get some huge waves and have fun today (surfing)
  11. I must confess that I sometimes listen more to the wise words coming from my grandfather than from my dad's. Wait, my dad also is a grandfather since I got a kid.. Hmm... Never mind. Never doubt a older one's vision and advice.
  12. Congratulations @i-G.Jo7 ! Welcome to the madhouse 😛
  13. Always enjoying having you in game! +1 from me.
  14. Welcome aboard @i-G.Smitty68129 , congratulations!
  15. Congratulations and welcome aboard @i-G.>kill'em all<. !
  16. Wow, really enjoyed reading @Jo7 Your English is better than mine lol I always enjoy a game with you, skilled, slicy and bloody mess. Enjoyed your introduction and great full you shared so much. Please keep slicing Salami of me, my daughter needs spreads every day for lunch at school. Glad we have yet, another musician in the house! Almost everyone here is a musicians. We really should start thinking of a band 😛
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    091 wh

    Closed and moved. Thanks, great work!
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    @MikkamAKkamo Please don't rush things as it will work the opposite way. Let us do our job, we will give you a fair conclusion. Thanks.
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    @lisa Please have some patience. It will be sorted out very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, especially with those years of experience. Just hold on as some others need to give a yes or no first. Thanks for understanding.
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    @MikkaMakkaMoo I gave you my first opinion. If you feel like you want to defend your play style please do. I'm all ear.
  21. Happy Birthday Ducky mate! Cheers!
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    I did watch both demos. The first one (longest one) has some suspicious kills. I understand why you got banned in game. Your gameplay looks like pro gaming, good aim and knowing what spots to look at. Nevertheless, I'm on a Mac so I can't review in slow-motion but your actions to me are very fast as if you are using aim and or wallhack. That said, I want others to give a opinion before I can make a final decision.
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    Please have some patience @lisa We will review it and make a decision.
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    Demo 1 Demo 2